• Lake Tahoe Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
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    Lake Tahoe Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    Filled with over 39 trillion gallons of pure Sierra snowmelt and pushed a mile into the Californian and Nevada skies, Lake Tahoe is the USA’s largest alpine lake, and one of the country’s oldest, year-round vacation playgrounds. Lake Tahoe has forever drawn travellers to its shores, from the Native Americans who call this place Big Water, to the trappers, timber cutters and pioneers who followed. In the 1870s, an awestruck Mark Twain wrote, “to breathe the same air as angels, you must go to Tahoe”. By the time the 20th century rolled ‘round, lodges, taverns and casinos had sprung up all around Tahoe’s shoreline catering to legions of weary city…

  • Flight Path 2018: Episode 3
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    Flight Path 2018: Episode 3

    Hello and welcome to “Flight Path.” I’m Chris Jones, chief marketing officer at McCarran International Airport. From its beginnings is a small airport to one of the nation’s busiest today, McCarran has grown into a vital part of the Las Vegas community. This year the Department of Aviation proudly celebrates McCarran’s evolution as it approaches a new milestone — its 70th anniversary. Here’s a look back at where we’ve been and where we’re going, with some stories from some of the people who’ve been here for parts of the journey. McCarran Field was dedicated December 19, 1948. The site, a privately run airfield from 1943 until 1948, was newly named…

  • Flight Path 2019 Episode 4
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    Flight Path 2019 Episode 4

    Hello and welcome to Flight Path. I’m Chris Jones, the chief marketing officer at McCarran International Airport. Las Vegas is one of the most recognized travel destinations in the world, and McCarran serves as the gateway for nearly half of all visitors to Southern Nevada. To stay on top of the latest developments in the aviation industry, the airport engages with airlines and travel professionals during annual conferences. Here’s a look at how these events help expand McCarran’s reach around the world. We are so excited to be back in Las Vegas and we’re so honored to have them and McCarran International Airport as our host this year. The Clark…

  • LAUGHLIN NEVADA Travel Tips and Things to do
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    LAUGHLIN NEVADA Travel Tips and Things to do

    hey guys we’re here we just checked in we are in Laughlin Nevada let’s go check out a roll all right I hope you guys liked our room tour and we are starving because we just did a five-hour drive from San Diego so we are gonna get something to eat right now let’s go we just had some delicious in-and-out and we’re from San Diego so we have in-and-out over there but for some reason we wanted to here definitely hungry we had a five hour drive and we just wanted to eat real quick but uh usually it was packed yes very very packed so now we are…

  • Golden Eagle Flight
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    Golden Eagle Flight

    Todd Katzner: (Int.) Golden Eagles are some of the largest raptors in the world. They have a whole Arctic distribution, which means they’re found all over the northern hemisphere, in Europe and Asia and North America. They have one of the largest distributions of any bird in the world. I’m Todd Katzner. I work for the USGS Forest and Rangeland Ecosystems Science Center. And I’m a research wildlife biologist. We’re studying Golden Eagles and the problem that we’re trying to solve is that Golden Eagles can be killed by wind turbines. Todd Katzner: (live audio) ..and we’re getting some good video of it. Tony Suffredini: Sounds good Todd Katzner: (Int.)…

  • No-Shave November, Reno Style – RENO 911!
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    No-Shave November, Reno Style – RENO 911!

    Uh, I got this in last night. The State of Nevada is trying to, uh, pass a referendum where, uh, state, and, uh, local government employees cannot have moustaches. ‘Has anyone seen this? Prop 5-5-1?’ – ‘They’re uh…’ – That is [bleep] I find that [bleep]. – ‘Take away our moustaches.’ – That ain’t fair. They will take my moustache from my cold, dead upper lip, my friend. I ain’t coming into work without a ‘stache. Junior, you was born with that moustache, wasn’t you? Hell, yeah. It’s my daddy’s moustache. Or he had a similar one. ‘I don’t want to work here without a moustache.’ ‘I really don’t.’ I…

  • Is Wiegel Dating a Serial Killer? – RENO 911!
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    Is Wiegel Dating a Serial Killer? – RENO 911!

    (Dangle) ‘Good morning, people.’ Well, apparently, the Hells Angels who own that brothel out there, out on 80… They’re doing a program, uh, hand in your gun for a, uh… [clicks tongue] Uh, ***. – ‘Hand job?’ – Yeah. “Hand guns for hand job ***.” That’s what the poster said. Yeah, they wanted us to sponsor that, you know but, uh, up there said, “Unh-unh.” [knock on door] – Hey, guys. – Can I help you, sir? Uh, just the lady out, out front said that maybe I could talk to Trudy for a second. The lady out front was wrong, sir. We are in a meeting. She is working…

  • Alien Shooting – RENO 911!
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    Alien Shooting – RENO 911!

    [indistinct radio chatter] – Sheriff’s department! – Sheriff’s department! Frisbee! (Garcia) ‘Chandler, Ross, Joey’ ‘Oliver, Greg, get in the house!’ ‘Get in the house!’ (Garcia) ‘How are we doin’ today? How are we doin’?’ We got a call down there at the department uh, some, uh, aircraft takin’ off from, uh, Reno airport’s been receivin’ some, uh, fire, some, uh, bullet rounds. (Frisbee) ‘What airline was it?’ (Garcia) Uh… Doesn’t really matter, Frisbee, honestly… I don’t shoot at airlines. Alien aircraft. (Garcia) ‘You only shoot at alien aircraft?’ What I think is alien aircraft, ET stuff. (Garcia) Uh-huh, how would you distinguish that from regular aircraft? It’s got aliens in…