• Climate change makes flight times longer
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    Climate change makes flight times longer

    when we think of global warming we usually thinking of the fact that it’s getting warmer at ground level but in fact the temperatures are changing higher up in the atmosphere too including where planes fly at 35,000 feet the atmospheric winds and temperatures up there are very strongly tied together and therefore the winds are changing in response to the temperature changes our new study finds that the jet stream winds along the flight route between London and New York are getting stronger because of climate change for example the getting 15 percent stronger in winter and this increase in the jet stream winds is going to have impact…

  • Элджей & Era Istrefi – Sayonara Детка
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    Элджей & Era Istrefi – Sayonara Детка

    Baby, you know me i’m always busy Thinking about my business even when my eyes are closed You deal my number again but no one answers I no longer trust any promises Trafic lights, trafic lights, and i ride home In a pink i8, delighted and young Don’t cry on my phone, all will be fine Now i left you where i’ve taken you from Baby, we no longer know each other Stop stalking me outside my house Delete my songs and all my pictures from the phone Swallow some haldol and finally leave me alone Fly around Moscow like a superhero In a car without plates, chewing Dirol gum…