• The Secret To Interstellar Travel | Unveiled
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    The Secret To Interstellar Travel | Unveiled

    The Secret to Interstellar Travel As a species, human beings have a seemingly innate need to travel and explore. We’ve scaled our own planet with boats, planes, trains and all manner of other vehicles… so, now, we’re busy building all types of spaceship with our sights set on the stars. The problem? Space is a much, much bigger prospect. This is Unveiled and today we’re uncovering the extraordinary secret to interstellar travel! Are you a fiend for facts? Are you constantly curious? Then why not subscribe to Unveiled for more clips like this one? And ring the bell for more fascinating content! Interstellar travel refers to any travel through space…

  • Traveling Light
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    Traveling Light

    Vsauce, I’m Jake and it is good to have some company out here…I’ve been alone for quite some time. We’re currently headed 10,000ly away from Earth. You actually just missed Alpha Centauri, the closest star system to our own solar system at 4.37 light years away or about 25.7 trillion miles. Now, this would have taken a long time with older technology, but here in the future we can travel at 99.99% the speed of light. That is much faster than what you’re probably used to. The fastest speed a manned spacecraft achieved in your time was Apollo 10 at 24,790 mph. That would have taken over 100,000 years to…

  • Real Possibilities For Interstellar Travel!
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    Real Possibilities For Interstellar Travel!

    From special kinds of engines to new technologies that’ll literally warp us across the galaxy, join me as I show you some real potential interstellar travel possibilities. 7. How To Define Interstellar Travel You might think that the term “interstellar travel” means a lot of different things depending on your views of space and the various TV shows and movies that you’ve watched. Wikipedia defines it as such: “Interstellar travel is the term used for crewed or uncrewed travel between stars or planetary systems.” Notice how they say “planetary systems” and not traveling between the planets in our own solar system. Traveling from Earth to Mars, or even Earth to…

  • 5 Fastest Methods of Space Travel
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    5 Fastest Methods of Space Travel

    Space; I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but it’s pretty big. So, when you’re choosing how to get somewhere, your choice of transport is rather important. For example, if you wanted to drive the 400,000 km to the moon, it would take you about six months, so long as space traffic was okay. In August, they announced the discovery of a new planet orbiting our nearest neighbouring star, Proxima Centuari, that has the possibility of being habitable. The big question is; can we realistically get there and when we do will it be made of cheese? Because as tasty as that would be, it’s not very practical. Proxima Centuari is…

  • Cherenkov Radiation: What If Something Travels Faster Than The Speed Of Light?
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    Cherenkov Radiation: What If Something Travels Faster Than The Speed Of Light?

    Have you ever noticed that when a supersonic military aircraft passes overhead at a very high speed, it leaves a thunderous boom in its wake? That tremendous cracking sound actually has a formal name – a SONIC BOOM. This intense phenomenon occurs when an object – in this case, an aircraft – travels faster than the speed of sound in air. This might naturally lead to the question does light also have a sonic boom equivalent? Does anything unusual happen when something travels faster than light? In 1934, a Soviet physicist named Pavel Cherenkov observed that a water bottle emitted blue light when bombarded with radiation. This blue-colored light was…

  • Is Interstellar Travel Possible? (Time Dilation & The Speed of Light)
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    Is Interstellar Travel Possible? (Time Dilation & The Speed of Light)

    How will humans colonize the stars beyond our own solar system? Research in space travel has only recently begun to tackle this problem. But almost 100 years ago, Albert Einstein made some revolutionary claims about the types of challenges that await those who travel at high speeds across the cosmos. Particularly with regards to the way they experienced time. While most people view time as a constant, Einstein’s special theory of relativity proved that the passage of time is affected by how fast an object moves relative to its surroundings. The faster one travels through space, the more one’s perception of time changes. This phenomenon is called: time dilation. If…

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    Is Time Travel Really Possible?

    Imagine you own a watch that let’s you travel through time. One day, you get the bright idea to travel back to the 1920’s to mess with your grandparents. You press a few buttons, and suddenly you’re standing beside old Pappy who is taking in the scenery at the precipice of the Grand Canyon. Since you’ve never been the biggest fan of your grandfather, you decide to push him over the edge. Gravity does its thing, and a few seconds later, no more Pappy. But wait, if you killed your grandfather before he ever met your grandmother… you wouldn’t have been born to be able to go back in time…

  • Interstellar Travel: Approaching Light Speed
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    Interstellar Travel: Approaching Light Speed

    Is interstellar travel doomed to remain in the realm of science fiction with faster than light travel and infinite improbability drives? Never mind warp speed, is light speed even possible? Technically no Light is massless and travels a little over 1 billion km/h Since spacecraft are not massless you need energy to accelerate as you keep gaining speed, you’ll need increasingly larger amounts of fuel Eventually, even tiny gains in acceleration require huge amounts of energy Getting to exactly one hundred percent light speed would require an infinite amount of energy which is why it’s an impossible goal Before we look at how close we can get to the speed…