• How to register for a reader’s ticket at the National Library of Ireland
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    How to register for a reader’s ticket at the National Library of Ireland

    Welcome to The National Library of Ireland. To access Library material in the reading room you will need a reader’s ticket. To register for a reader’s ticket you will need to fill in this form which you will find on the computers in the Reference Room in the main reading room. Start by filling in your name, surname first Then complete your address and phone number If you are staying in Ireland temporarily you may fill in your temporary Irish address here. Put in your date of birth in the form day hyphen month hyphen year Fill in an email address, then repeat your email address to confirm that there…

  • Concorde’s First Flight: Supersonic Travel (1969) | British Pathé
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    Concorde’s First Flight: Supersonic Travel (1969) | British Pathé

    Toulouse! Concorde 001 made her most important public appearance back-end first. She was being nosed out of her hangar by a tractor on the day for which Britain and France and the rest of the world had waited so long. The great supersonic jetliner was going to fly. A year late, millions of pounds over the estimated cost and still a very big question mark. These were Concorde’s first claims to fame. But on this day, a lot of those question marks would be answered. For Concorde 001, this was the chance to prove she was the Superbird everyone had hoped and worked for. 193 feet long, 38 feet tall,…

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    My Parents Are Rich But Left Me Without Money

    Hello, guys! I’m Justin, and I recently bought a new cell phone. Nothing unusual, you might think, but for me this purchase is very special and here is why. Around a year ago my dad was promoted at work and we had to move to another city. Our new family income brought a new social status for all of us and our parents decided that the first thing to do was to get me into a new and better school. Together we chose the one, which definitely corresponded to their plans for my further education. It was a boarding school for boys, mostly from wealthy families, but I was ok…

  • Group Study Room Bookings
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    Group Study Room Bookings

    This Library video will demonstrate how to book a group study room From the Library homepage click on Services, Then Group Study Room Bookings Read through the conditions and then click on I agree and wish to make a booking Then choose your campus Bookings can be made up to 2 weeks in advance During STUDY HALL, make sure you book at the right time say 2pm in the afternoon, and not 2am in the morning so click on the room and time that you would like to book, You will then need to sign in with your Western ID You can make a booking from 15mins to a maximum…