• TRAVEL TIPS: 16 Tips for Surviving Long Flights (While Pregnant)
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    TRAVEL TIPS: 16 Tips for Surviving Long Flights (While Pregnant)

    (lively music) – Now, if you are a traveler like me and you’re pregnant, very pregnant like me, this video is definitely for you. (upbeat music) Hey, I’m Kristen Sarah and this is Hopscotch the Globe. If you’re new to this channel and you love to travel, you wanna know how to travel cheaper, easier, more efficiently, if you love food, if you love culture, if you love people, if you love community, that’s what this channel is all about, so subscribe and join the travel tribe. I’m just over six months pregnant now and I’ve been traveling nonstop since I found out. One of the most popular questions or…

  • 10 Ways to Look and Feel Fresh After a Long Flight
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    10 Ways to Look and Feel Fresh After a Long Flight

    – Flying can suck sometimes. You got the red-eye flights. You got the overnight flights. You got the really, really long flights. You got the long layovers. None of this sounds appealing, right? And then, they leave you sticky in some places, dry in other places, and just overall jet-lagged when you finally arrive at your destination. After 15 years of travel experience, I have, I feel like, mastered the art of feeling fresh when you finally arrive at your destination so you don’t smell and look like a stinky gym bag. (upbeat music) (dinging) I want to thank Kleenex brand for sponsoring this video. They have recently come out…

  • 28 Budget Travel Hacks When You’re Broke AF
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    28 Budget Travel Hacks When You’re Broke AF

    – Whoop! Hello and welcome to Hopscotch the Globe My name is Kristen Sarah. If you are new to this channel, welcome to the tribe. On the channel, you can expect lots of travel hacks, advice, inspiration, tiny house living inspiration as well. If you like all that, don’t forget to subscribe and click that notification bell, so you don’t miss out when we release a new video. (upbeat music) Using the incognito window. Websites have a cheeky way of knowing what they’ve quoted you in the past and will hike up the price when you return back if you have not booked yet. In order to make things competitive…

  • 31 Solo Travel Hacks
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    31 Solo Travel Hacks

    – This video is all about solo travel hacks. Because, let’s face it, sometimes people aren’t as cool as you, and they don’t wanna travel because who knows why, but you are gonna go anyway, and experience a trip of a lifetime. Here’s some hacks for you. (upbeat music) Hostels, my favorite type of accommodation. And the reason is the community. It is filled with travelers. People who are traveling solo, like you, people who are traveling on a budget, like you. Just like-minded people who are doing exactly what you are. You are 100% guaranteed to meet other travelers who have already traveled around the area you’re currently in.…

  • 27 Travel PACKING HACKS – How to Pack Better!
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    27 Travel PACKING HACKS – How to Pack Better!

    (fingers snapping) (beatboxing music) – I’m leaving on a trip tomorrow, and I need to pack. I always leave it to the last minute, because I got it down to a ‘T’ and because of the travel hacks that I’ve learned over the years, made up over the years of many travels and I wanna share them with you guys. So, let’s get packing. Roll your clothes instead of folding them. It actually saves you space when you roll your clothes all together instead of folding them and putting them on top of each other. Mark your suitcases ‘Fragile’ even if it is not, because the people who are handling…

  • 32 Airport & Airplane Travel Hacks
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    32 Airport & Airplane Travel Hacks

    Hey travelers, my name is Kristen Sarah of hopscotch the globe and if you’re new to this channel Welcome welcome to the Travel tribe this Amazing community of like-minded people who just want to get out and explore this beautiful planet I’ve done quite a few hacking videos lately so be sure to check those out after this video We got packing hacks and we got Solo travel hacks among many other tips and advice on how you can travel better and travel longer and travel cheaper I have spent days even months in airports over The last 13 plus years of traveling the world pretty non-stop over those years…