• Dresden like a local… Culinary-Vlog w/Matthias Schuh – Shawne & Shawn Channel TakeOver
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    Dresden like a local… Culinary-Vlog w/Matthias Schuh – Shawne & Shawn Channel TakeOver

    Oh my god that was so long. So it’s time, let’s go! Right, so we are at Braufactum – first meal in Dresden. Holy…look at the spread Matt Shawn, nice to meet you What’s up everyone? So today is gonna be a very very interesting day and this is Matt. We’re in Meissen here, this is my winery that I run together with my sister since 2016. Yes, the vineyard we’re in here now is called Klausenberg, that’s our single vineyard. Cool and what I’m, what am I gonna do today? Am I gonna like step on grapes to produce the wine? No, it’s still too early for harvest. too…

  • McDonald’s McRib is BACK!
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    McDonald’s McRib is BACK!

    Hello everyone, this is running on empty food review Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching This is running on empty food review and I am your host the report of the week So I was doing this little thing this time around kind of like I like I was casting a magic spell This time around with the hand that’s for added emphasis because this is a big release even though it is an Annual release even though it’s something that happens every year and has happened every year without fail for the last several decades it is hyped up and rightfully, so Ladies and gentlemen, the McRib…

  • Mexico City Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
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    Mexico City Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    Bienvenido a Mexico City, one of the financial powerhouses and cultural capitals of Latin America. A place with ancient roots, in recent years this mega-city of 21 million has undergone a renaissance, exploding into, a city of color! Mexico City’s color can be found on every street. It’s in the sunbaked plazas and monuments, the dappled shade and quiet of its courtyards, and in the brushstrokes of its murals and street art. It’s in the faded pastels and tile work of colonial buildings, it’s in the cantinas,… the music,…the cuisine,…everywhere there is color. If life has a color, that color would be called, Mexico City! Despite its legendary sprawl, Mexico City…

  • Ottawa Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
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    Ottawa Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    Canada’s capital is located in a valley along the Ottawa River in the province of Ontario, close to the American border. Ottawa is the country’s fourth-largest city and attracts more than 7 million visitors each year. Come to Ottawa to celebrate its quality of life, to explore its waterways and to enjoy its many cultural attractions. This modern centre for technology and science still has a deep appreciation for ceremony and history. Often thought of as a winter destination, this city comes to life during the warmer months when locals enjoy the pop-up terraces on the waterfront and have outdoor meals in culinary districts such as Little Italy. Go for a…

  • Poland | Europe’s Most Underrated Travel Destination?
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    Poland | Europe’s Most Underrated Travel Destination?

    What’s up everybody? I’m Alex a.k.a .AlexTheVagabond, and you are watching Vagabrothers. In this video series I’ll be exploring Poland, specifically the regions of Warmia and Masseria in collaboration with the Polish Tourism Organization. For those of you who are subscribers, you may be wondering where Marko is. He’s taken a little vacation back in California. So I’m bringing my fiance Carrie Rad to explore this beautiful country with me. Let’s get started. Good morning everybody. It is a beautiful day in Warsaw in the capital of Poland. Today we’re going to be leaving the city and heading out into the countryside to the lake district of Warmia and Masseria.…

  • Outlander Season 5 Trailer (HD)
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    Outlander Season 5 Trailer (HD)

    Help! It’s my fault that you’re all here fighting the dangers of the Carolina wilderness. I hope you don’t stay. When this war that you’re telling me about eventually comes, it would be safer in your time. I’ll do what must be done. You wanna go back, don’t you? Our family is here. It’s dangerous. Isn’t this playing God? [ crying ] If I am to keep us safe here, then time, space, history be damned. [ men yell ] Prepare for battle! What are you doing? [ screams ] It’s safer in the future. It’s time.

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    Here it goes! Aaargh! It’s strong! Unexpected encounters! (Kimu) Too hot. (Camera: Hata) And we haven’t got anything today The tide stopped suddenly and we couldn’t catch anything Yeah, that was too bad. We couldn’t catch anything with ice-fishing – At first it didn’t seem so bad, though – Yeah – Let’s rest a little – Yeah, you’re right After we rest, I will try and catch some squid Yeah, sure, let’s try throwing a bait I’ll try some more “hole-fishing” later. – Hey! – You know… I think I got too caught up before… – I just looked at my watch now, and it’s 1 PM already – Really?!…

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    36 Hours in San Diego | Best Locals Travel Guide

    What’s up everybody? I’m Alex. I’m Marko. You’re watching Vagabrothers, and in this video we’ll be exploring San Diego, California. We’re from here. We love it here, and in this video we’re going to show you how to spend an epic weekend in our hometown. This video is sponsored by the Google Pixel 3 phone, the perfect travel companion to help you plan your trip and capture your adventure. We’re going to be taking you to all of our favorite spots around town and the places where we can’t quite decide between our favorites, you’re going to pick through Instagram polls. We’re starting things off up in North County. Let’s…

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    This is WHY WE DO IT! Cruiser PARADISE – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 236

    It’s very special feeling to wake up and have nobody else around, just be by yourself. No other boats. No other people. There’s not really very many people– there’s really not very many places on the world you can do that anymore. But this is one of them, and it’s pretty special. [MUSIC – ONETOX, “RAMUKANJI”] [NON-ENGLISH SINGING] I’ve decided to make waffles this morning. I think we deserve a little treat this morning. Yay. Yay. Yay. I deserve a treat. Treat. [SYNTH MUSIC] Everybody happy? Thank you, Ryan. Full crew? Very good. Thank you. What do we do now? I say we go kite boarding. All right. Yay. Yay.…

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    Now it’s time for you to have fun. LOIC: How do you feel wearing it? I feel comfortable, like floating. Clothes are made a certain way but I always do something different with it. Here it’s a cape. And now it’s a dress. If you want the front to remain a cape but the back to be tightened. Multitask you see, this is the Balmain woman. Loic Prigent is here. 2 minutes, guys! LOIC: How did you have this idea? Thanks to this. LOIC: What do you mean? Frame it. We often talk about inclusivity in fashion, but it’s not just about being on social media. It’s inviting people, we…