• Adam Levine’s New Girlfriend
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    Adam Levine’s New Girlfriend

    Just like the rest of us, our first guest was heartbroken to hear that Adam Levine got married. Take a look. – I don’t want you to be too sad, but I was gonna tell you, Adam Levine got married. – No. – He did. – No way! [crying] [laughter] No, he didn’t, Mommy! Mommy, he didn’t. – [laughs] Oh, man. [applause] I know. So, please welcome three-year-old Mila and her mom Emily. So you’ve been wanting to marry Adam for a long time? – Yeah. – He’s, like, your boyfriend? – Yeah. – Have you ever talked to him or anything? – Mm…no. – Well, you will, I mean,…

  • “Peanut: Can you hear me now?” | Arguing with Myself  | JEFF DUNHAM
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    “Peanut: Can you hear me now?” | Arguing with Myself | JEFF DUNHAM

    – You know what else pissed me off today? – What? – Tried using my cell phone. – Having trouble? – Just like the stinking commercials. Can you hear me now? How bout now? Now? Now? Now? Now? (Audience laughs) – You know when you don’t hear in those commercials? – What? – The other end of the conversation. (Audience laughs) (Peanut sputters) (Audience laughs) (Peanut makes static sound) (Audience laughs) – What the hell is this (bleep)? (Audience laughs) – You know what cell phones sex is? – Nope. – Can you feel me now? How bout now? (Audience laughs) (Peanut laughs) – Stop it. (Audience laughs) – This…

  • Bubba J | All Over the Map  | JEFF DUNHAM
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    Bubba J | All Over the Map | JEFF DUNHAM

    (Festive music) – So what do you think about Dublin so far? – Oh, uh, duh, this is the land of beer. – That’s right? – I know we’re going to Israel soon, but, while we’ve been here in Dublin I’ve seen pubs everywhere, so I’m pretty sure this is the Holy Land. (crowd cheers and claps) (Bubba J giggles) And this is the biggest Alcoholics Anonymous meeting I’ve ever been to. (crowd laughs) (festive music) – So Bubba J, do you know where we are exactly? – No, no (garbles). – Abu Dhabi. (Bubba J giggles) (crowd laughs) – What? (crowd laughs) – Abu Dhabi. – You’re drunk (giggling).…

  • Walter |  All Over the Map  | JEFF DUNHAM
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    Walter | All Over the Map | JEFF DUNHAM

    (upbeat guitar) – Isn’t England where Mary Poppins is from? – Oh, it took place in London. – Oh yeah, okay, yeah. You know I dated her for a while (audience laughing) – You dated Mary Poppins? – Yes, I did. – No. – Yeah, I did. We were very young. – Oh really? – Yeah, okay, yeah. I was the first guy to get into her chim chim cher-ee. (audience laughing) Kinda ruined things going into the moment of passion she started screaming some weird word. It was like, super California refrigerator ex the delicious lotion, something like that. Pretty kinky chick, I’ll tell you that much. – [Walter]…

  • It’s a 12 Days Ticket Giveaway with ‘Danger Word’!
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    It’s a 12 Days Ticket Giveaway with ‘Danger Word’!

    There’s a brand new episode of my Game of Games tonight on NBC. There are a lot of drops and a lot of spills, and that’s just the people at home watching with their kids. And right now, we’re going to play one of my favorite games, Danger Word. All right, if you see your name on the screen, get down here. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CHEERING] Hi. How are you? Good. Hi. Nice to meet you. Hi. Hi. [CHEERING] All right, step on over here. All right, which one are you? I’m Keesha. Hi, Keesha. I’m Riley. Hi, Riley. Where do you all live? How do you know each other? We…

  • Phoenix Takes Flight
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    Phoenix Takes Flight

    At just seven years old, our next guest flew halfway around the world to play the piano for us. Here to perform Flight of the Bumblebee, all the way from Hong Kong, please welcome Phoenix Lee.>>[APPLAUSE]>>[MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE]>>That was amazing.>>Thank you.>>Now, were you nervous doing that?>>[FOREIGN] >>[FOREIGN]>>I was a little bit nervous, but I’m so happy to be in this beautiful big television station.>>[LAUGH] that’s sweet. So you have, that’s a beautiful dress too. There’s a name for that dress, right?>>[FOREIGN] >>[FOREIGN]>>That’s a long name.>>[LAUGH] >>It is called qípáo, this is my favorite dress, I put it on just for you.>>Well thank you so much. I put this on just for you.>>[FOREIGN]…