• Alien Shooting – RENO 911!
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    Alien Shooting – RENO 911!

    [indistinct radio chatter] – Sheriff’s department! – Sheriff’s department! Frisbee! (Garcia) ‘Chandler, Ross, Joey’ ‘Oliver, Greg, get in the house!’ ‘Get in the house!’ (Garcia) ‘How are we doin’ today? How are we doin’?’ We got a call down there at the department uh, some, uh, aircraft takin’ off from, uh, Reno airport’s been receivin’ some, uh, fire, some, uh, bullet rounds. (Frisbee) ‘What airline was it?’ (Garcia) Uh… Doesn’t really matter, Frisbee, honestly… I don’t shoot at airlines. Alien aircraft. (Garcia) ‘You only shoot at alien aircraft?’ What I think is alien aircraft, ET stuff. (Garcia) Uh-huh, how would you distinguish that from regular aircraft? It’s got aliens in…

  • Prepared for Terries – Key & Peele
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    Prepared for Terries – Key & Peele

    [low music in headphones] ♪ Yo. Hey, yo. Hey, yo. Yo, yo. Excuse–Excuse me? Oh man, oh man, oh man. I’ll tell you one thing, if 9/11st were to happen up on this here plane, psht, don’t worry. We got this. Oh. Okay, I have no idea what you’re talking about. He said that if them terries is gonna try something up in here today, like the bounce, boogie, and bump, that we got this shit on lock. Terr–Do you mean terrorists? – Oh yeah. – Hells yeah, baby. He ain’t talking about Teri Garr. And I certainly ain’t talking about no terry cloth. I mean, if a terry up…