• Flight of the Aerospike: Episode 1
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    Flight of the Aerospike: Episode 1

    Hi, I’m Liz from ARCA Space Corporation, and today we’re introducing a new weekly series about what it takes to fly an aerospike. The aerospike is a type of rocket engine that maintains its efficiency from ground level all the way to space. This makes it ideal for rockets that need to reach space in only one stage. The aerospike is one of the defining features of ARCA’s Haas 2CA rocket. In our case, a linear aerospike. Other variants of this rocket engine have been extensively tested by NASA and Rocketdyne over the last 50 years. But an actual space flight with this type of rocket engine has never been…

  • How your immortal consciousness will travel the universe | Michio Kaku
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    How your immortal consciousness will travel the universe | Michio Kaku

    We physicists are now looking into the brain itself. And we can see blood flow. And we can even see thoughts, thoughts as they’re being created. And we can now show that certain old wives’ tales are correct. Every parent, for example, believes that their teenage children suffer from brain damage. It’s partially true. Scanning the prefrontal cortex of teenagers, you find that it’s not fully formed. And that’s why they take risks, because they don’t understand how dangerous certain things are. Another old wives’ tale is, when a man talks to a pretty girl, he starts to act stupid. Absolutely true. We have brain scanned men talking to pretty…

  • A Theory of Flight | Better Worlds
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    A Theory of Flight | Better Worlds

    From the ladies in the beauty shop to the guys holding down the sidewalk in front of the Quik Mart, Carlinda’s name was on everyone’s lips. Story was, she got fired from her job designing rockets for rich folks. Now she was back in the neighborhood… plotting her revenge. Carlinda and her team are building an open-source rocket to go to Europa. Everyone wants to go there. There are domes there filled with plants, most of them extinct on Earth. There are no days hot enough to kill you, and the air is always safe to breathe. There’s no way I could afford to go there on my own. Only…

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    Sound Transit- How to use a ticket vending machine

    Using a ticket vending machine is quick and easy. With easy simple on screen instructions, just touch the screen to get started. You can buy a one-way ticket, an all-day pass, or even purchase or re-charge an ORCA card. Just pay with cash or card and you’re on your way. Help screens are also available to guide you through every step of the way. Ticket vending machines are located at all Link Light Rail and Sounder train stations. Riding is easy in the Puget Sound region with Sound Transit. For more information about using ticket vending machines, go online.

  • Welcome to the Annual Meeting of the Global Future Councils 2019
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    Welcome to the Annual Meeting of the Global Future Councils 2019

    (Music plays). (Music plays).>>Your highness, Excellency is, ladies and gentlemen, first of all, I would like to extend my gratitude to his Highness the rule of Dubai, his excellence Mohammad Abdullah Al Gergawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs and the Future of the UAE. For this great tradition and partnership now entering its 11th edition. Also, welcome to all of you, the Council members, this is the well’s biggest brainstorming that lace intellectual groundwork for our annual meeting pressure that lays our incident — climate change, globalisation, trade was, a looming recession and geopolitical tensions are straining societies and risk the prospects of future generations. But the cohesive, peaceful and sustainable…

  • We need to track the world’s water like we track the weather | Sonaar Luthra
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    We need to track the world’s water like we track the weather | Sonaar Luthra

    We need to build a weather service for water. Yet, until we collectively demand accountability, the incentives to fund it will not exist. The first time I spoke at a conference was here at TED, eight years ago. Fresh out of grad school, little did I know that in those few minutes onstage, I was framing the questions I was going to be asked for the next decade. And, like too many 20-somethings, I expected to solve the world’s problems — more specifically, the world’s water problems — with my technology. I had a lot to learn. It was seductive, believing that our biggest water quality problems persist because they’re…

  • Is Time Travel Possible? | Sadhguru
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    Is Time Travel Possible? | Sadhguru

    Questioner: Namaskaram Sadhguru Sadhguru: Who is speaking? Questioner: If time is relative can we time-travel? Sadhguru: (Laughs) So you want to go into the past or the future. Is n’t this the biggest problem in the world? people are time-travelling within themselves? They are trying to live what happened ten days ago, or they’re trying to live what may happen day after tomorrow, hmm? Time-travel is the biggest problem, don’t seek it, it’s already a great problem. Now that’s not what you are asking you want to know what happened in the past or you want to know what’ll happen tomorrow. When he said, “Mere bare me kuch bolo (Please…

  • Time Travel Documentary | In The Steps of Time
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    Time Travel Documentary | In The Steps of Time

    – [Narrator] To find some time machines we went round the world, from the USA to India. We had more than hundred meetings with different people who told us very much about time machine. All stories, time and countries were different. Some of them were unbelievable and fantastic, some interesting and exciting. Today I would like to inform you about it. Your opinion would be changed and you will accept the science in another way. We will not say you the names of these people, it will be a secret because they share with us and gave such kind of information which can be fatal for them in future. (clock…

  • 5 Fastest Methods of Space Travel
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    5 Fastest Methods of Space Travel

    Space; I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but it’s pretty big. So, when you’re choosing how to get somewhere, your choice of transport is rather important. For example, if you wanted to drive the 400,000 km to the moon, it would take you about six months, so long as space traffic was okay. In August, they announced the discovery of a new planet orbiting our nearest neighbouring star, Proxima Centuari, that has the possibility of being habitable. The big question is; can we realistically get there and when we do will it be made of cheese? Because as tasty as that would be, it’s not very practical. Proxima Centuari is…

  • Top 20 Rappers With the Most Expensive Booking Fees (2017)
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    Top 20 Rappers With the Most Expensive Booking Fees (2017)

    – [Narrator] If you haven’t noticed, the rap business has changed. You probably know this because you and all your friends likely haven’t paid for an artist’s music in a minute. Due to torrenting, streaming, and music sharing, basically the internet, records just don’t sell like they use to. So with record purchases more or less going the way of Blockbuster rentals, those who make their living through music have had to find another way to make money. The answer: touring. Here are the top 20 rappers with the most expensive booking fees in 2017. His name may be related to the famous film company, but Kodak Black is not…