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    FLIGHT ATTENDANTS GET SICK TOO! Vlogmas Day 4-5, 2019

    Good morning everyone welcome back to another episode of vlogmas A lot of you asked me with my job as a flight attendant how I don’t get sick all the time And the truth is I have a pretty strong immune system But I do get sick every now and again like right now I am pretty stuffy and I feel like I have a lot of fluid in my ears, so I do get sick I just don’t really show it on my channel too often today is also one of the worst days that I could possibly get sick too because I am also fasting I Cannot eat…

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    JetBlue drama: flight attendant quits via escape chute

    Flight attendant chews out passenger, quits via escape chute Runaway flight attendant Steven Slater looks relaxed following his arrest by New York police on Tuesday. He has been charged with criminal mischief and reckless endangerment and faces up to seven years in jail if found guilty of all the charges. Slater was a flight attendant for US airline JetBlue He was on a flight from Pittsburgh that had just landed at New York’s Kennedy airport when a passenger tried to get her luggage from the overhead locker. As Slater was asking her to sit down the luggage fell on his head. He asked the passenger to apologize, but instead she…

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    Hey everyone and welcome back to another episode of vlogmas if you’re new here. Welcome to my channel I’m Julia Adama space flight attendant. We all know that traveling around the holidays can be really stressful This will be my third holiday season working as a flight attendant. So I thought for this video It would be really fun to give you guys my top ten holiday travel tips tip Number one is to get to the airport early and to leave with plenty of time This might seem like a no-brainer, but you would be shocked at how many times I have heard Someone told me that they almost…

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    Top 10 SECRETS That Flight Attendant Are Hiding From Passengers

    With every profession comes its trail of secrets that are not to be spilled for the public. But airline staff has leaked some of their secrets that you would not regret knowing. So here they are and thank us later! Number 1. Did you know not all airplane faults are repaired immediately? Don’t go too far people, this does not mean you are not safe while in the air. But minor falls that cannot hamper the plane’s safety are not corrected instantly to prevent delay in flights. Number 2. Ever wondered why there are hand grips on the door inside the plane? Well in case there is an emergency, these…

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    Flight Attendant Interview Questions | Can I Still Be a Flight Attendant if I HAVE SCARS?

    Hey guys! It’s Miss Kay Krizz and welcome back to my advice channel. I give a lot of advice for people who want to be a flight attendant. I also do videos about beauty and daily life and also travel vlogs. If you are interested in those kinds of videos, make sure that you subscribe if you haven’t yet been subscribed and click on the notification bell so you would be informed if I have a new video that is out. Today’s video is a continuation of our series: Can I still be a flight attendant if____? Today’s question that we’re going to answer is: Can i still be a…

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    HAWAII VLOG! Flight Attendant Life

    I am so excited. We’re heading to Honolulu one of my favorite favorite favorite places This is by far my favorite hotel room ever I love the flowers on the wall and there’s two beds a large TV Got some dressers and then look at this view. Oh my goodness It’s just so pretty and check out this stunning bathroom There’s the bath and shower right here And then the toilet is actually like in an enclosed area. I am so excited to be here I love love. Love Hawaii. We’re super happy and just super grateful that I was given this trip I’m gonna walk to my keiki Beach…

  • 20 Questions you’ve always wanted to ask a Flight Attendant – Scoot
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    20 Questions you’ve always wanted to ask a Flight Attendant – Scoot

    Hi Amanda! Hi! Welcome to our Operation Control Center. Are you ready to answer some questions we’ve always wanted to ask a flight attendant? Sure, come on in! How long have you been a Scootee? Over 2 years How long did you train to become a Scootee? About 8 weeks What is your favourite airline to travel with? That’s a trick question. Scoot of course! How long do you take to prepare a plane for flight? About half an hour. Hey Bu Bu, do you have a question for Amanda? If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? Definitely Barcelona! Looks like our briefing is about…

  • VLOGMAS DAY 1! Flight Attendant Life
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    VLOGMAS DAY 1! Flight Attendant Life

    Good morning everyone. It is December first so welcome to vlogmas well Really? It’s gonna be my attempt at vlogmas since this is my first year having a youtube channel. I have never done this before I Really don’t know if it’s feasible for me to be able to upload every single day but I am going to do my best and Eric told me that I should name this doing my best miss and it’s 8:30 a.m So i’m going to go take Luna out to play and make breakfast And she’s ready to go Are you ready to play Luna? Yeah Time to feed this one and yes,…

  • CANCUN VLOG! Flight Attendant Life
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    CANCUN VLOG! Flight Attendant Life

    And I am just in my total happy place right now Good morning, everyone. It is currently 5:00 a.m. I am about to head to work. I’m about to start a three day trip today I am flying from Dallas to Miami and then Miami to Cancun which is one of my absolute favorite layover So I am super excited However, it is hurricane season in Mexico right now. So I was looking at the weather and it is forecasted to rain today so I’m a little bummed but I am really hoping that I will at least get a few hours of Sun there so I can Head to…

  • Flight Attendant Interview Q&A |  Retirement Age for FAs + Top Interview FA Questions
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    Flight Attendant Interview Q&A | Retirement Age for FAs + Top Interview FA Questions

    Hey guys, it’s missKaykrizz and welcome back to my Channel today I’m going to answer some Questions that you posted on my Instagram picture so I posted an Instagram picture a couple of days ago And now I’m going to answer Them okay, so let’s do this Okay so the first question that we have right here is from Mariel Austria okay, Marielle Austria where did you finish your college? A: I graduated in the university of the visayas in cebu and that’s- I graduated with course of nursing and I am also a registered nurse DLPZ as in can a married aspiring have been attendant still be hired yes,…