• 9. Insect flight muscles
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    9. Insect flight muscles

    Most insect species have wings as adults and are able to fly. Unlike birds and bats, insect wings are not modified fore limbs, but are extensions of the cuticle of the meso- and meta-thoracic segments. These two thoracic segments also have prominent muscles used for generating the wingbeat Flight muscles of bats and birds attach directly to the wings, and pull the wings up and down. In insects, only dragonflies and damselflies have muscles attached directly to the wing and these muscles only produce the downstroke for the wingbeat. In all other flying insects, both the downstroke and upstroke of the wingbeat are produced in response to contractions by muscles…

  • Learn British English: At The Restaurant (UK) – Reservations, Booking, Ordering, Paying and Tipping
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    Learn British English: At The Restaurant (UK) – Reservations, Booking, Ordering, Paying and Tipping

    Hello there and welcome to B1 with Benjamin. Today, we’re going to look at the Restaurant situation. At the end of this video you’re going to be able to know how to make a booking, what to do when you get to the restaurant, and all the little tiny things that you need to know when you’re there. Okay, so if you’ve ever been to a restaurant in the UK and not known if you’re doing the right thing, by the end of this video you will! Let’s go straight into it! First of all, the normal way to make a reservation is over the phone. Now, you can call…

  • Hollow Bird Bones – Adaptations for Flight
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    Hollow Bird Bones – Adaptations for Flight

    Bird flight is beautiful, right? Like, wouldn’t it be amazing if humans could fly? The answer is unfortunately, no. Because birds have so many compromises built into their bodies to enable them to fly up in the sky. Things that make them lighter, stronger, or more rigid. Let’s take a tour through bird bones and I’ll show you what I mean. Many bird bones are thin and delicate, which helps save weight. And many of their bones are hollow. Hollow bones should technically be lighter to allow the bird to lift themselves into the air (more on that in a minute). But you know what mammals do on the inside…

  • Booking a Room at USQ Library
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    Booking a Room at USQ Library

    Male Voice: So it turns out I can’t have a group meeting at my house. Female Voice: You guys do know that USQ’s library have rooms available for students? Male Voice: Wait, really? Female Voice: Yes, you can make a booking from the library’s website. It’s really easy. USQ has a variety of rooms to suit your study needs. From rooms that have access to computers, internet and technology which is suitable for any situation including workstation on wheels and projectors for presentations. The best thing is that these rooms are not only available in Toowoomba there are plenty more at other campuses.

  • Flight of the Luck Dragon – Kinetic LEGO Model
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    Flight of the Luck Dragon – Kinetic LEGO Model

    Hey everyone, Jason here. Earlier this year I posted some modifications to the dragon dance set to smooth out the motion and since then I have been experimenting with the mechanism a little bit more, but instead of continuing to modify that set I thought I would just build my own dragon, and if you’re a fan of The Neverending Story, you might recognize Falkor, the Luck Dragon from that movie. I’ve also included some imagery from the movie into the model, including the ivory tower, the Southern Oracle and the black section on the stand represents the Nothing, which is the evil force that is overtaking the world, and…

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    What If You Travel Beyond the Oort Cloud? | Unveiled

    What If You Traveled Through the Oort Cloud? Humanity dreams of one day visiting distant star systems and potentially habitable planets. But to do so, not only will we need to devise a way to travel much faster than we’re currently able to, we’ll also have to navigate through the mysterious Oort cloud. So, what awaits us in the darkest confines of our solar system? This is Unveiled and today we’re answering the extraordinary question; What if you traveled through the Oort Cloud? Are you a fiend for facts? Are you constantly curious? Then why not subscribe to Unveiled for more clips like this one? And ring the bell for…

  • Perpetual flight: The incredible technology behind non-stop drones | Fatema Hamdani
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    Perpetual flight: The incredible technology behind non-stop drones | Fatema Hamdani

    So when we look at UAV platforms (or drones as we call them commonly) there are multiple different types of platforms. There’s rotary devices or multi-rotor. And then there’s fixed-wing UAV platforms. Fixed-wing cover the larger use cases where you’re talking about flying them anywhere from 2,000, 16,000 going up to 35,000 feet, which is the regular airspace under which aircrafts operate as well. And fixed-wing UAVs are categorized by their size and weight starting from Group 1 which is the smallest going up to Group 5, which are the larger ones which carry way larger payloads and might also be used for offensive purposes that might carry missiles and…

  • UB’s ‘flight simulator’ for teachers
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    UB’s ‘flight simulator’ for teachers

    [ UB’s flight simulator for teachers ] [ Rebekah Lamb, Enterprise Charter School ] Normally, the classroom teacher will take control of the classroom and won’t give it fully to the student teacher, so this helps it so that the student teacher has the full role of classroom management without the classroom teacher interfering. [ Richard Lamb, Associate Professor, UB Graduate School of Education ] Working here today at Enterprise really helped us understand the challenges that the teachers face every day in the classroom and gives us the opportunity to make use of the creative and innovative ways that they work with the children here at Enterprise. [ Elisabeth…