• Teacher Toolkit: Tickets Reward System (High School)
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    Teacher Toolkit: Tickets Reward System (High School)

    The ticket system is a reward system that I use to recognize students’ positive behavior in the classroom. If they’re being respectful to other, working really hard, showing great effort, I can give them a ticket and really honor that hard work for them. It doesn’t interrupt the class time for me at all. It’s just simple to just give someone a ticket. I can be talking while doing it. I don’t have to interrupt them if they’re working. What I like about the tickets is I can use them to encourage ongoing behavior, but if there’s a specific challenge that a student is having, I can really target that…

  • Flying towards a mysterious weather phenomenon
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    Flying towards a mysterious weather phenomenon

    (engine humming) – [Narrator] It’s dawn on a Tuesday at Travis Air Force Base in Northern California. We’re here as guests of the Air Force. They’re sending a plane somewhere into the heart of the North Pacific to study a weather phenomenon called an atmospheric river, and we’ll be riding shotgun. – …head if we have to disembark the plane when we crash in the water, not that we will. (gentle music) – We’re getting on that plane which is a WC-130J Super Hercules with the Air Force to meet an atmospheric river over the North Pacific. They’re going to be dropping scientific instruments about halfway through to measure the…

  • Geography Now! KUWAIT
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    Geography Now! KUWAIT

    Everybody welcome back to a brand new episode of Geography Now, thanks for your patience. I know you’ve been, Ku-waiting. Heh heh heh heh heh heh… (slap) (Music) It’s time to learn geography, now! Everyone I’m your host Barb’s. Yeah, we got a whole new set of intros, outros and transition slides. , Ken made them. Follow him on instagram. Give him a round of applause. Now when we cover Arab countries, I try really hard to explain how each of them is unique and distinguishable from the others? I mean clearly a Yemeni will be pretty different from a Lebanese person, so what makes Kuwait stick out? Well, let’s…

  • The Ionian Revolt Part 3 BATTLE OF LADE (497-494 BC)
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    The Ionian Revolt Part 3 BATTLE OF LADE (497-494 BC)

    It is 497BCE, Onesilus is preparing to face the might of the imperial army of the Persian General Artybius, near his kingdom City, Salamis. The battle that will follow will decide the outcome of his revolt against the Persians and the future of the whole Island of Cyprus. The two armies arranged to face each other on a flat plain, Onesilus took post in the centre of his formation opposite to the Persian general. Apparently Artybius’s warhorse was trained to fight against enemy troops and that was something well known to Onesilus, so together with his shield bearer he devised a plan to deal with it. The battle began and…

  • Turkish Grammar: Forming compound nouns (plane ticket, office door)
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    Turkish Grammar: Forming compound nouns (plane ticket, office door)

    Now we’re going to talk about compound nouns in Turkish A compound noun is just two nouns which are grammatically linked to form a single phrase or unit of meaning like, “plane ticket” or “Kitchen door.” Let’s look at how we form them in Turkish. It’s really very simple so we’ll start with “plane ticket.” Start with the Turkish word for plane, “uçak” And we leave it alone. We don’t have to add any endings to “uçak” Now we move on to the second half of our of Compound noun. “Uçak…bilet”: Turkish word for ticket “Uçak…bilet”. We want to say…these two words right now are not connected we want to…

  • Does Time Travel Already Exist? | Unveiled
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    Does Time Travel Already Exist? | Unveiled

    What If Time Travel Already Exists? Back in 2009, Stephen Hawking threw a party for time travellers, complete with a buffet, balloons, and chilled champagne. He waited for his guests to arrive, but ultimately no one came… After all, he’d sent out the invitations only after he had thrown the party. Hawking saw this as proof that time travel didn’t exist, but couldn’t deny throughout his career that it may be possible. This is Unveiled and today we’re answering the extraordinary question; What if time travel already exists? Are you a fiend for facts? Are you constantly curious? Then why not subscribe to Unveiled for more clips like this one?…

  • Brian Greene:  Time Travel is Possible
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    Brian Greene: Time Travel is Possible

    We know a lot about time. We know that time in some sense is at rock bottom that which allows change to take place, right. When we say that time has elapsed we notice that because things now are different from how they were a little while ago. That’s what we mean by time elapsing. But is time some fundamental quality of reality or is it something that our brains impose on our perceptions to organize our experience into some coherent framework that allows us to survive. I mean I can well imagine that we have been under evolutionary pressure over the millennia to organize perception so that we can…

  • English Listening Comprehension – Reserving Tickets to a Play in English
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    English Listening Comprehension – Reserving Tickets to a Play in English

    how are your English listening skills first you’ll see an image and here a question next comes a short dialogue listen carefully and see if you can answer correctly we’ll show you the answer at the end a woman is calling on the phone to reserve tickets for a play which two seats did she get hello this is black friars Playhouse can I help you I’d like to get two tickets for King Lear at 5:30 this evening do you still have any tickets available we do have a few seats left but I’m sorry to say we don’t have any next to each other if you don’t mind…