• Family Trip to Dehradun | #Travel #DIML #Camping #Vlog #MyMissAnand #CookWithNisha
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    Family Trip to Dehradun | #Travel #DIML #Camping #Vlog #MyMissAnand #CookWithNisha

    To escape from Delhi’s pollution We are going towards Dehradun And there will have lots of fun As the plan was all of a sudden And Anantya’s school got off…So we thought of to move towards nature So, join me and see what fun we are going to have So, do like and subscribe the video So, here I am in Dehradun at my cousin’s home Yummy chicken pizza is ready for the kids Shall we attack……yupzzz This is a small kitchen garden Where we have Brinjal, Turmeric Ants enjoying on the small buds of chikoo This is the plant of green chilli And here is the Professional Chef I…

  • Colosseum tickets – NEW RULES! – How to Skip the Line, S.U.P.E.R., and more!
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    Colosseum tickets – NEW RULES! – How to Skip the Line, S.U.P.E.R., and more!

    Hey it’s Elyssa from Romewise, your go-to guide to Rome. And today I am coming at you from the Colosseum and I’ve got my sunglasses on. Sorry but I’m staring right into the sun because I came here in the middle of the day to show you what it’s like to just show up at the Colosseum and buy your tickets without booking ahead. Guess what? You might not get in. The rules have changed, and I am here to tell you what is new, how to buy your tickets, how to skip the line and what happens if you don’t book ahead. Ready? Here we go! This is the…

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    Bonjour tout le monde! [French: Good day, everybody!] Welcome back to Vagabrothers. This is the second video in our 6 part series on Quebec and we’re in Montreal. Yesterday, we checked out the old town and today we’re checking out Mile-End, The Plateau and Igloofest. Allons-y! [French: Let’s go] Where we at, bro? Okay, so it’s lunch time, it’s Poutine Week and we are at La Banquise which is a 24-hour Poutine joint. It’s supposed to have the best in town, so… In Quebec there’s never too much Poutine and we’re gonna have a little bit more. People have always tried to, like, manipulate Poutine and make it bigger and…

  • Welcome to Blue Bay Travel!
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    Welcome to Blue Bay Travel!

    You’ve found us! We’re Blue Bay Travel and were the UK’s leading experts when it comes to holidaying in the Caribbean and Mexico. Our channel helps you to discover some of the most exciting destinations on the planet. Whether you’re planning an escape or just curious, our videos give you the best advice on accommodation, ideas of what to explore and everything in between. Hit subscribe and add to the chat on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Start watching you’ve lots to explore.

  • Flight Review: Delta One Suites on the Airbus A350
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    Flight Review: Delta One Suites on the Airbus A350

    (electronic music) – So last time I flew Delta to Asia was in June of 2011. It was the day I quit my job at Morgan Stanley to pursue doing The Points Guy full time. I actually left my cubicle in Times Square and went and flew and they had recently started flying to Haneida so I flew a 777 to Haneida, and I was like you know this TPG thing I can’t believe this is my life right now. Look at this beautiful plane! It’s like my first day of school! Wow! It smells like new airplane! So 8C I like because it’s inside, so you’re not as close…

  • Top 10 Cheapest Places To Travel In The World
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    Top 10 Cheapest Places To Travel In The World

    10 Cheapest Places to Travel in The World Planning to go on a vacation and got a budget to manage? You’ve come to right place. Traveling is not just a get-away from your regular life, it is a get away from your stress and is a way to realize how amazingly beautiful the world is! After you have traveled the nation you are living in, international vacation is next on your bucket list. But it is a myth that international trips are expensive. Let us spell it out for you- IT IS NOT! We are here to tick that one vacation off your list. Here are 10 cheapest places in…

  • 12 Travel Packing Tips: Howdini Hacks
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    12 Travel Packing Tips: Howdini Hacks

    Finally your vacation is here, but the thought of packing all this into this is freaking you out. Stress-free travel starts with smart packing. And while you probably already know that rolling your clothes saves space, take this trick to a new level with this FOLD and roll technique. The key is to create even layers and maximize every inch. Start with the bulkiest items. Stuff shoes with small items like resealable plastic bags filled with socks and underwear. Then, place individual shoes along the edges of the case. Belts can also be laid along the edge. Fill in gaps with the smallest rolls of clothing- things like t-shirts and…