• Oumy la fondatrice | Le CEEDD
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    Oumy la fondatrice | Le CEEDD

    The CEEDD is my child, it’s my baby, it’s my second family I am Oumy Seck The President of CEEDD My goals at CEEDD is to make sure that these women manage to find a decent job based on their skills I want them to be confident and they know it’s possible A woman, as long as she does not work, she can not be autonomous Who knows Senegal knows that it is a country where sharing takes a large place and I want to share my little experience intellectually with women who have not had that chance to be educated Men tease us a little bit by saying that…

  • MALAYSIA, The Reserved Side Of Asia – Travel Documentary
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    MALAYSIA, The Reserved Side Of Asia – Travel Documentary

    In the southeast of Asia the territory of Malaysia extends both over the point of the Malyan Peninsula and the island oh Borneo It occupies a privileged position between the pacific and inidan oceans and enjoys over 4500 kilometers of coast line The country has a constantly warm and humid equatorial climate Malaysia is recognized as an area of biological mega diversity By reason of the richness of its flora and fauna only about 20 countries have this status Malaysia owes much of its biodiversity to its tropical forest which covers 70% of the country but which is undergoing intensive exploitation the country is trying to find a balance between…

  • Colosseum tickets – NEW RULES! – How to Skip the Line, S.U.P.E.R., and more!
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    Colosseum tickets – NEW RULES! – How to Skip the Line, S.U.P.E.R., and more!

    Hey it’s Elyssa from Romewise, your go-to guide to Rome. And today I am coming at you from the Colosseum and I’ve got my sunglasses on. Sorry but I’m staring right into the sun because I came here in the middle of the day to show you what it’s like to just show up at the Colosseum and buy your tickets without booking ahead. Guess what? You might not get in. The rules have changed, and I am here to tell you what is new, how to buy your tickets, how to skip the line and what happens if you don’t book ahead. Ready? Here we go! This is the…

  • Welcome to Blue Bay Travel!
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    Welcome to Blue Bay Travel!

    You’ve found us! We’re Blue Bay Travel and were the UK’s leading experts when it comes to holidaying in the Caribbean and Mexico. Our channel helps you to discover some of the most exciting destinations on the planet. Whether you’re planning an escape or just curious, our videos give you the best advice on accommodation, ideas of what to explore and everything in between. Hit subscribe and add to the chat on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Start watching you’ve lots to explore.

  • Kadia la femme semencière | La Ferme des Quatre Chemins
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    Kadia la femme semencière | La Ferme des Quatre Chemins

    For me, La Ferme des Quatre Chemins, it’s a place which is the future of tomorrow My name is Kadia Camara and I am the seed woman at La Ferme des Quatre Chemins At 18, I met a woman She convinced me to do farming Before, I did not want to Because for us in Senegal, farmers are poor people For me, it’s important to work Moreover, if you work, you are already autonomous I am independent I like being free without people always conditioning me to what I need to do I got married at 18 With my ex-husband it could not work because he did not want me…

  • Miss Camel Beauty Contest
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    Miss Camel Beauty Contest

    an Amazon good or diamond will get the ban Amazon [Music] [Music] the SUV may have replaced the camel as the primary form of transportation across the m6 but that doesn’t mean that the animal has retained a special place in the nation’s home so special in fact that camels have their own beauty contests which started over a decade ago this one in Abu Dhabi which happens over Christmas is kind of like the Grand Prix of camera beauty contests attracting hundreds of camel owners from across the region who trekked for months across the desert with their camels sheiks kings and other autocrats arrived by helicopter it’s a…