• 9+ Years of World Travel & Working Online – Couple Shares Experience
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    9+ Years of World Travel & Working Online – Couple Shares Experience

    >>MAT: Hey everyone in this video, we’re gonna meet up with Kristen and Siya. A couple that’s been traveling for almost 10 years now and that figured out a way to make a full-time living out of their travel lifestyle. We actually featured them in another video last year, about their experience living in an Airstream trailer which is the home base that they go back to when they’re not traveling. But in this video, Kristen and Siya are going to talk about how they’re able to make an income from traveling, how they got started and how they’re helping others to live a similar lifestyle. This video is sponsored…

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    Hey guys, so now we just reached Hongkong and now we’re in our hotel room Our hotel room is pretty unique It’s some sort of Victorian style like the old British style and most of the colours are in gold We’re in Hongkong now because we’re invited to Cosmoprof Asia 2019 The event is tomorrow and the day after So now, what are we gonna do babe? We’re gonna rest for a while and later strolling around Okay, I wanna eat dimsum too! Now we’re going out to have dinner andd…. I wanna have some dimsum We have to learn the local language too What is “terima kasih/thank you”? “Thank…

  • Halloween in Korea 2019
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    Halloween in Korea 2019

    Hi!!! Hi guys!!! How are you doing friends!!!? Very good!!! We are in Hongdae!!! For enjoying Halloween Jasmine!!! and he became Aladdin! prince Ali but poor “see” so now we are going to a party in Hongdae and then afterwards we are moving to Itaewon so we will show you guys how it’s Halloween here in Korea Let’s go to Itaewon!!!! Yeap, we are going to Itaewon Hey there, how are u doing? **I am not Abu.. I should be Ali** You are not Ali.. you are Abu Hi!!! a lot of people right a lot of people Very cool… Very cool!!! They are recording us!!! Very cool, very cool!!…

  • Austin#01:第一次去德州 | IneS
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    Austin#01:第一次去德州 | IneS

    This is my first time recording voice with Airpods, I don’t know how it’ll sound Now I’m at the airport, finally getting to my gate I’ve been taking my time the whole day today until I’m calling an Uber to the airport Cause usually, it takes 30-40 mins from my home to JFK I was planning to leave at 4 for my flight at 6:45 it should be okay so I call my Uber at 4 i waited for 20 mins Then when I get on the car I checked on google map how long it’ll take to the airport it ended up taking me an hour The traffic was…

  • Not your average wedding proposal video
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    Not your average wedding proposal video

    – Hi, my name is Chris, and its almost been about a year since I got engaged. Lizzie is my fiance, we’ve been together for seven years and we’ve almost been engaged for one year now and she’s just smart, talented, beautiful, just the frickin’ whole package, man. (laughing) (soft guitar music) So we’re in our house right now, in our condo that we’ve almost lived in for the last year, and the day that we took possession of the home was the day I proposed, and I knew it was the one day that Lizzie would not know that I would propose to her, ’cause she was like, “Oh,…

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    Nombreux sont ceux qui adorent faire des bisous mais qui ne possèdent pas la bonne technique. Pour éviter de commettre des erreurs ou pour rectifier le tir parce qu’il n’est jamais trop tard, Voici 12 conseils pour un bisou parfait : La vitesse du bisou : Faire des bisous la bouche rigide n’est pas bon du tout Pour éviter cela, il faut se détendre et changer le mouvement pendant le bisou ou éviter de le faire d’une manière mécanique ou artificielle. Commence lentement et change de vitesse ensuite. Essaie aussi de lui mordre légèrement les lèvres. Le bisou parfait, c’est celui qui commence lentement et devient de plus en plus…

  • L’Ontario en train et arrivée à Winnipeg, Manitoba!
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    L’Ontario en train et arrivée à Winnipeg, Manitoba!

    Day 1 in the train Hey friends, we are in Toronto! This is the first stop and we got a pretty cool welcome from the musician behind us. Day 2 in the train We’ve got our teas. What did you say? We have our teas. Onanoté? What’s that Onanoté? We have a tea. We. Have. Our. Tea. Anyway, we’ve jut stopped in Capreol, which is near Sudbury. And it’s about 10 am… 10:30 or something like that. And uhm… If you didn’t know already, we won a 500$ gift certificate with Via Rail. It was a CBC (Radio Canada) giveaway. We used this gift certificate to go as far as…

  • Iris Mittenaere et Kev Adams réconciliés ? L’acteur sème le doute
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    Iris Mittenaere et Kev Adams réconciliés ? L’acteur sème le doute

     C’est en septembre 2017 que les fans de Kev Adams et d’Iris Mittenaere ont découvert qu’ils étaient ensemble À l’époque, le magazine Closer avait dévoilé des photos du couple s’embrassant passionnément Invité par la suite dans l’émission “Au Tableau”, Kev Adams avait confirmé être en couple, sans en dire plus sur l’identité de la jeune femme : “J’ai une copine, ça se passe très bien, je suis heureux avec elle, mais je ne préfère pas crier à toute la France ‘Voilà c’est elle ma copine’ Parce que je sais qu’après on va venir m’embêter et venir l’embêter elle aussi”. Malheureusement, l’histoire d’amour entre les deux tourtereaux s’est finalement terminée Kev…