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    Margaret River Wine Region Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    The Margaret River region juts out from the south-west coast of Australia, into the waters where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet. Mother Nature was in very fine form the day she put this place together. The Margaret River Region, or Margs as locals like to call it, is place of abundance. It’s a playground, a place of stunning beaches and over 50 world-class surf spots. It’s a pantry, a place that wherever you go, something delicious is being put before you. It’s a garden, where ancient Karri forests give way to coastal heath carpeted with thousands of species of orchids and wildflowers. The Margaret River region runs down the…

  • Lanzarote Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
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    Lanzarote Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    Lanzarote is the easternmost island of the Spanish archipelago known as the Canary Islands. Lanzarote was created by volcanic forces millions of years ago and its people have embraced the beauty of its stunning landscape in unique and creative ways. Over the generations, many myths have abounded about the Canary Islands. Its original inhabitants believed the volcanic mountains to be the home of the gods, while early scholars believed the area to be the uppermost mountains of the Lost City of Atlantis. With its spectacular landscapes, organic architecture and striking beaches, Lanzarote is perhaps the most magical of all the Canary Islands. There is no better place to begin your…

  • New Jumeira Beach | Lamer Dubai,United Arab of Emirates
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    New Jumeira Beach | Lamer Dubai,United Arab of Emirates

    shout-out To this handsome guy if you’re watching this video please comment down below and please I’m begging you please let’s do the 24 hours challenge if you’re watching yes you Paloma Blanca middle surpass say in it I like a sobre in it ah-ha-ha-ha so two years are going deeper to develop give Asha a tomato before she go three internet connection Oh Santa Sabina 3 connection so guys will hum to lemare jumeirah beach road so while I shampoo my own can say dito sa ma ma COO black sobbing sobbing gun so yan yeah we don’t know how to win bow huh first Eve so supposed to…

  • Surfcasting  Peixe GRANDE Pesca de noite na praia
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    Surfcasting Peixe GRANDE Pesca de noite na praia

    Éláááááá !!! THATS IS A FISH ON!!! Ehehexxx i Just fell !! Just fell!! I already hooked a little spotted seabass Good! Must be almost 1 kilo (700gr) So buddy How are you, are you here today ?! I’m here every day Are you ok? Im fine! Shake hands I was at home pacing around, I’m going, not going should i go, should i not… toke a chanse and came I just cauth a small spotted seabass Was it? the wife will believe me now Oh oh! Quite a Nice one! Not to bad i guess! If only they were all this size !! Well… -see you later… yeah see…

  • FIRST TIME IN INDIA! – Chennai/Goa Travel Film 2019 | TaneshhVlogs
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    FIRST TIME IN INDIA! – Chennai/Goa Travel Film 2019 | TaneshhVlogs

    That’s all for the room. So what we’re going to look at is.. Neegal Kaette Paadal (TV Show Name), you ask da If you look here She is cleaning and applying Kolam also known as “matter” (movie reference) If we take a video of that, it’s a “matter video” Amma! Damn hot! What is the name of this area? What is your name sir? Velan Huh? Velan. Annachi! Annachi! You can go that way, Annachi! Ji, you go, ji! You go, ji! You go ji! It’s scary da! Let me talk la dei! Since your face cannot make it when trying to purchase the sim card it would not be…

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    Thailand trip • 100% GoPro footage • 2.7K • 2016 • Travel • HERO4 Silver • HD • SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/jamiesweden In 2016 we took a GoPro HERO4 travelling through Thailand and Singapore on an amazing 4 week adventure. The trip was filmed entirely on the GoPro Hero 4 Silver, with a FeiyuTech G4 to help stabilize the footage. As you can see the Gopro HERO4 produces some great quality video. I decided to shoot at 2.7K and 30fps and for diving 60fps (so that i could slow the footage down slightly to reduce shakiness) I Edited the movie on Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects. If you haven’t got a…

  • We Missed Our Flight! | Ep 3 #Croatia2017
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    We Missed Our Flight! | Ep 3 #Croatia2017

    Which way to the par-tay? What’s happened is, we’re four days late currently, through bad behaviour. Last night, we lost each other. Still have no idea where Luke is. We, erm, we woke up this morning and we’ve missed our flights. LAUGHTER I’m going to… I’m going to piss myself. We are, at the moment, homeless in Novalja. We’re going to see what’s going to happen. I’m going to Sonus later, and I think these boys are going to sleep rough. YELLING Sonus! We are waiting for our bus at 5am. So seven hours. We’re literally just waiting to walk there. Me and Joel went back to the hostel and…

  • 🇧🇿 Travel Tips: Belize, Caye Caulker | DIY Travel | #seeittobelizeit 🇧🇿
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    🇧🇿 Travel Tips: Belize, Caye Caulker | DIY Travel | #seeittobelizeit 🇧🇿

    If you want to detox from social media and relax in an irie atmosphere there’s one place in Central America you have to visit. See it to belize it is the hashtag everybody uses on Instagram and Discover how to BE seems to be their latest campaign Belize is located next to Mexico and Guatemala and most travelers that visit, come from these neighboring countries just like I did. I took a bus to Belize which costs around 30-40 dollars and once you cross the borders you pay approx 40 dollars tourist tax. I stayed 2 nights in Belize city before taking the water taxi to Caye Caulker a small…

  • Vlog #21 Ramadan in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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    Vlog #21 Ramadan in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Thanks for watching another vlog of NNinWonderland. Just arrived in Dubai. Today Iam going to Barasti beach. I used Careem. Do you know it? Careem operates in Dubai and Bangladesh. sort of like Uber. This is still on my list. Today it’s closing season. We have a VIP reservation. Let’s go inside and see what’s there! Goodmorning! It’s a new day. She needs her coffee, then she will speak. Ofcourse she laughing again. I am her intern. We are going to Dubai mall. Last day of shopping with 90% discount. I wanna get a golden bikini. And then we’ll see. Look what I’ve found!! There is even a train going…