• Climate change makes flight times longer
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    Climate change makes flight times longer

    when we think of global warming we usually thinking of the fact that it’s getting warmer at ground level but in fact the temperatures are changing higher up in the atmosphere too including where planes fly at 35,000 feet the atmospheric winds and temperatures up there are very strongly tied together and therefore the winds are changing in response to the temperature changes our new study finds that the jet stream winds along the flight route between London and New York are getting stronger because of climate change for example the getting 15 percent stronger in winter and this increase in the jet stream winds is going to have impact…

  • Dreams of Flight
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    Dreams of Flight

    Excuse me. Excuse me, sir? I need some water. It’s for my pills. They’re anti-anxiety pills. I’m afraid of flying! Excuse me. Excuse me, sir? My seat isn’t reclining. Can you fix that? Excuse me! I specifically chose not to be sat next to fat people. And I never got my Sprite! Bitch. Excuse me, can you help me get my back up? Um, can you help me? Can you. Excuse me? This always fits normally. It goes right in. Hey! Excuse me. My family isn’t sitting together and we’d like to be. We’re actually in the middle rows but we want to have an aisle to ourselves. Do you…

  • Concorde’s First Flight: Supersonic Travel (1969) | British Pathé
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    Concorde’s First Flight: Supersonic Travel (1969) | British Pathé

    Toulouse! Concorde 001 made her most important public appearance back-end first. She was being nosed out of her hangar by a tractor on the day for which Britain and France and the rest of the world had waited so long. The great supersonic jetliner was going to fly. A year late, millions of pounds over the estimated cost and still a very big question mark. These were Concorde’s first claims to fame. But on this day, a lot of those question marks would be answered. For Concorde 001, this was the chance to prove she was the Superbird everyone had hoped and worked for. 193 feet long, 38 feet tall,…

  • Emirates A380-800 Dubai – London Heathrow landing
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    Emirates A380-800 Dubai – London Heathrow landing

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to London Heathrow, where the local time is 11:25 and the temperature is six degrees celsius. For your comfort and safety, please remain seated with your seatbelt fasten until the aircraft has come to a complete stop and the seatbelt sign has been switched off. For those of you who would like to use your mobile phones, it is now safe to do so. Before leaving the aircraft, make sure to take all your personal belongings with you. Check your seat pockets and the overhead locker. If you are transferring to another flight and need assistance, please contact the airport services staff meetings flight. I would…