• Riding Down A 55-Foot Waterslide + Olympic Bobsledding In Austria  | Travel Dares S2 Ep 3
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    Riding Down A 55-Foot Waterslide + Olympic Bobsledding In Austria | Travel Dares S2 Ep 3

    Aj Caldwell: Yeah! Caroline Aghajanian: On this episode of “Travel Dares,” Aj: I’m taking Caroline to Area 47, where we’re going down a massive, 55-foot waterslide. Caroline: And I’m taking Aj to a former Olympic bobsled course, where we’ll see how fast we go. Come join us on our adventures on this episode of “Travel Dares.” This is “Travel Dares,” the show where we do daring activities all across Europe, empowered by my Marriott Bonvoy Boundless card. Aj, where are we? Aj: We are in Innsbruck, Austria. Innsbruck is located in the heart of the Alps, and it’s perfect for anyone looking for an adventure. And speaking of an adventure,…

  • 20 Things to do in Vienna, Austria Travel Guide
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    20 Things to do in Vienna, Austria Travel Guide

    in this video we’re showing you around Vienna after spending a few days in tirol the capital was our next stop and what a change of scenery we sought snow-capped mountains for some of the most elegant streets in all of Europe the end of the city of imperial palaces countless museums and grand coffee houses and it was a feast for the eyes we can already tell you that one week was not enough to see it all but in this video we’ll do our best to show you some of Vienna’s highlights we figure today we would go out for cake it’s going to be our lunch so…

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    hey guys so guess where I am take a wild guess let’s see if you let’s see if you get it right I am in Vienna Austria and the reason why I’m being so quiet and mysterious in the way that I’m talking right now is because I’m staying in a random lady’s area twinbee I book – singular rich he’s still here guys she’s here in the other room and I swear guys she hates me this lady hates me I don’t know what I did I don’t know what did want to shake her hand and instantly she gave me that look now that look that people give…

  • VIENNA – Luxury Travel Guide by Alux.com
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    VIENNA – Luxury Travel Guide by Alux.com

    We’re in VIENNA! We travel, to find more of ourselves.. Let’s see what we can uncover in the most livable place on Earth! But first, the basics! And by basic, I mean a Sachertorte an apple strudel and a Viennese coffee. Speaking of coffee The Austrians claim that the Italians stole the Cappuccino from them here, they call it a Melange. the Sachertorte is the most popular Viennese desert and you’ll find it everywhere. As for these two We just got them because we needed some color in the shot. Nonetheless we enjoyed our quick stop time to go. St. Stephen’s marks the city center This is basically their symbol…

  • Salzburg Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
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    Salzburg Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

    The Austrian city of Salzburg is situated on the northern edge of the Alps, close to the border of Germany. Surrounded by lakes and mountains, and straddling the banks of the Salzach River, few cities can match Salzburg’s fairytale setting. Few places can match its musical heritage either. Salzburg is the hometown of one of the giants of classical music, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Its stately homes, churches and hillsides provided the settings for one of cinema’s most-adored musicals, The Sound Of Music. And today, its exquisite architecture provides a dramatic backdrop for operatic and classical performances all year round. Just as a glissando provides the transition between two musical notes,…