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    U.S. may cut off travel to COVID-19 “hotspots”: Trump

    the US may cut off traveled to countries most affected by Kovan 19 to prevent further spread of the virus those heading to the state from South Korea are to go through a stricter health checks before takeoff and after landing huijeong he tells us more the u.s. is not considering cutting off domestic travel due to a corona virus outbreak but may do so for covin 19 hotspots we’re watching Italy very closely South Korea very closely even Japan very closely and will make the right determination at the right time we’ve cut it off as you know with numerous other countries they are the hotspots right now the…

  • Feature Discovery Series Episode 6: Airports
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    Feature Discovery Series Episode 6: Airports

    Hi everyone and welcome to this new episode of the Feature Discovery Series, I am as Sven Mestas, Lead Game Designer at Asobo Studio. In this episode I’m going to talk about airports in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. First I’ll begin by presenting how we are covering the various types of airports both geographically and by scale Then I’ll explain the work pipeline to treat each of these airports from Bing aerials to their final state in flight simulator Finally, I’ll present to you airport life and talk about services, ground traffic, and air traffic The previous version of Microsoft Flight Simulator, FSX, simulated more than 24,000 airports. The…

  • Time Travel Part 2 | Finally
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    Time Travel Part 2 | Finally

    The rocket is blasted no rocket is take off, even one it’s blasting every time what happened? i thought to inform you you forgot to connect a wire what? tell me everything now i can do it this useless didn’t go still? give me a chance how? how it is possible? did you take that money from dad which i asked for? you go there i’m preparing for my exam exam got over. what for you are reading now? you won’t understand newton’s law. he wrote a big theory and derived a formula… …since an apple fall on his head formula is small it seems it’s not small. only i…

  • ENCERRADOS en el UAE TOUR | Juan Flecha
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    ENCERRADOS en el UAE TOUR | Juan Flecha

    Hi everyone welcome to the UAE TOUR. Being precisely: Abu Dhabi Crown Plaza Hotel, the one that has been closed today next to the one from the cyclists not far from here, only a few meters the riders has been tested for the virus The anecdote: it is the first time since San Remo Blitz in 2001 that police closes a hotel and doesn’t allow anyone to get in or out. In this hotel there are around 400 guests here are not able to do much ater the raced has been cancelled due to the two cases the rumours are that the ones that got the virus are two mechanics…

  • Velis Real Estate Tech Partner Program – Meet our Partners | Dubai
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    Velis Real Estate Tech Partner Program – Meet our Partners | Dubai

    The importance of technological innovations on the real estate market and new digital solutions supporting tenants are growing. We see a high demand for proptech solutions, thus we decided to become a Velis’ partner. The most important aspect is that their products – Singu FM, Singu Guestbook, and Singu Smart Security Desk are in line with our mission to provide solutions that are special, innovative, and strategic.

  • Trump says travel restrictions to and from S. Korea, Italy “not right time”
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    Trump says travel restrictions to and from S. Korea, Italy “not right time”

    responding to the growing spread of the virus US President Donald Trump held a press conference at the White House on Wednesday over his government’s response to the outbreak are yinz omen kosis more asked about whether the u.s. is going to restrict travel to and from South Korea and Italy president Trump said he may do that at the right time but that’s not now speaking at a press conference at the White House on Wednesday he added they are checking many people coming in from South Korea Italy and China which are among the worst-hit countries at the moment the US State Department earlier issued a level-two travel…

  • How to plan for Bali || Air Ticket || Hotel || Food
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    How to plan for Bali || Air Ticket || Hotel || Food

    What to say? What the hell you are talking about? Hello everyone, I am Nigar Sultana Urmi from YTTB today I have come up with a brand new topi In this video we are going to reveal our next Travel Destination Guess What? can you guess what will be our next Travel destination Let’s give a hint there will be hills, mountains, sea,rice field, forests, temples, swings i think you got it Its bali for this tour we are planning 4 months prior We decided on that time which airlines we r gonna choose And we booked the air ticket also on that time And we got a great discount…

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    Travel with Ray – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    This is our hotel, it’s called Signature Hotel 4 Stars Santa Claus! But why is he in brown clothes? This place is huge! We can’t even walk from one place to another Yes, it’s really huge here Everything is so far apart Can you see Huawei 5G logo? These looks like Chinese Restaurants The one before They seem to care a lot about high protein, gluten free Yes, they are emphasize a lot on their health Yes, very much into health This is their Metro Actually there is still a lot of opportunity for growth in Dubai right now They want to double their population within the shortest time Why?…

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    There are a few poisonous snakes This place looks very promising I wish I had a camp I would have loved to stay here atleast for a night A few people live here I could have interacted with them This is my kind of place this is quite deep very dark. cant see anything using mobile’s torch They have put a block this place is interesting i have to climb this hill while exploring such deserted areas you might be concerned for safety issues till now I have found that the locals are good If you are afraid of animals… while travelling solo.. I asked this question to many people…

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    [Subtitle]여자아이돌한테 사생팬인척 계속 스토커처럼 위협했더니(카라 허영지) [상현아웃겨줘]

    Hello, I’m Park Sang Hyun. So far, I’ve been on my YouTube. A lot of famous people came out. in the comments Sanghyun has good connections. There are a lot of comments like this. the climax of my connection The main character of Malka is coming out. Did you see Iron Man? I’m an Iron Man fan. Who’s Iron Man? Robert Downey Jr. You know that, right? I know that. Today’s main character is You may be surprised. You’ll see from the dance, right? girl idol Heo Young Ji from the old days onward We know each other. Youngji has a very good personality. Today’s Malka. Youngji is kind to…