• This Is Why I Don’t Travel With Friends ft. @TheAMaazing
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    This Is Why I Don’t Travel With Friends ft. @TheAMaazing

    Sultan: Those of you watching at home, how do you eat your cereal? Sultan: Okay *stammers* it’s a- it’s a- it’s a big conversation that a lot of people have, some people put the milk first, some people put the cereal first. Sultan: Which one are you? Answer in the comments below I will read it like right now but before we get to that- Maaz: *throw up noises* Sultan: *laughs* Maaz: *louder throw up noises* Sultan: Before we get to that; Maaz, please tell the viewers how you eat cereal. Maaz: …What? *laughs* Sultan: Or do you want me to do it? Maaz: No no no I’m good, no…

  • Han Solo -Taking Flight for his Friends | Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures
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    Han Solo -Taking Flight for his Friends | Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures

    You got your reward and you’re just leaving then? That’s right, yeah. Why don’t you take a look around? You know what’s about to happen, what they’re up against. They could use a good pilot like you. You’re turning your back on them. What good’s a reward if you ain’t around to use it? Well, take care of yourself, Han. I guess that’s what you’re best at, isn’t it? [growls] What are you looking at? I know what I’m doing. [narrator] In the Galaxy of Adventures, a true hero returns to help his friends. -[blasters firing] -[explosions] [Han] Luke! Yahoo! What? You’re all clear, kid! Now let’s blow this thing…

  • THE TIME TRAVEL | Angry Prash
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    THE TIME TRAVEL | Angry Prash

    (Plane Sound) Brother! hmmmm Why are we suddenly going to Africa? Aye just had a thought, we didn’t go anywhere from a long time, so this time Africa Very good Brother, you are great! hmmmm After four years I have managed to impress a girl! what Africa, for her I can even go to the moon Brother tell me one thing? Say! the wheels of the plane are in the air yeah? then if we apply breaks, how will it stop? (music) Ayee! get the plane down, Get the plane down now! Sir! SIr! What happened? you tell me I will help you! do you think our life is like…

  • Pink Panther Travels Back to Ancient Egypt! | 28 Min Compilation | Pink Panther and Pals
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    Pink Panther Travels Back to Ancient Egypt! | 28 Min Compilation | Pink Panther and Pals

    (clock chiming) (clocks ticking) (boing) (suspenseful music) (light music) ♪ ♪ (growling) (barking angrily) (static noises) (robot voice) HYPESE 9000. DESTINATION HOME, COMPLETED. (soft beep) (barking) (birds chirping) (grunt) (growl) WHEW. (growl) (intriguing music) MM. MM, MM. (growling) RAWR! (triumphant music) ♪ ♪ (clattering noise) (gasp) (loud grumbling) (growls) MM. PTHHSSP! (boing) (soft upbeat) ♪ ♪ (beeps) (robot voice) HYPESE 9000. (static noise) (odd robot music) GO BACK IN TIME. DESTINATION… 100 MILLION YEARS AGO. (suspenseful music) (silence) (loud robot voice) ALARM CLOCK. (loud beeping) (sigh) (ping noise) (waking grunt) (growl) (chomp) (growling) (tapping feet) HEH? MM. (crickets chirping) (growl, stomp) (cheers and applause) (whimper) (groan) (suspenseful music) ♪ ♪…

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    10 Lucky People Who Survived Close Calls

    As your helicopter ever landed in an active volcano maybe you’ve been hit by two nukes and lived both times here are some true stories of people who survived the impossible and in some cases got even more lucky after they survived I’m Charlie and today we’re going to be looking at lucky people who survived close calls if you want to get lucky why not subscribe and press the notification bill to coming up first we have lotto landing in 2016 one Indian man was dubbed the world’s luckiest man Mohammed Bechet Abdul Kadir boarded an Emirates flight the 62 year old grandfather got onto the airplane but then…

  • This song is about your life
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    This song is about your life

    Tun tutnuntutntu I have no idea what i’m doing X.X Life is really HARD T^T *O* I just want to sleep OH YEAH>:D UH owo AND eat some snacks in my BED ^.^ Life was so simple when i was a BABY D: … Can i just be a BABY? 🙁 *Thinking of text* I just want to sleep PLEE->:V W*O*W ^ *Depression*

  • 5 TICKETS TO HELLFIRE (Must Watch)
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    5 TICKETS TO HELLFIRE (Must Watch)

    Hellfire, is not a place you would wanna be at, I mean it’s too hot over there man,, Did you know, that there are many things you and me might be doing on a regular bases, that are considered to be tickets to hellfire? So I would recommend that you watch this video and share it with friends and family so they can all benefit inshallah. So let’s start with Ticket number one to Hellfire. Riba, allah has clearly forbidden Riba in Surat al Baqara, he said “Allah has permitted trading and forbidden Riba,” so what does Riba mean? Riba can be done in many ways, for example, let’s say…

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    A quick reminder Streamy nominations are open until July 27th And you can submit a new vote every 24 hours nominate your boy at the link in the description or you’re gonna have to deal with Wilfur and he’s not a very nice boy when hes angry Thank you. At the end of this video, I will be giving away a free drawing tablet So stick around for that, but in the meantime me and wilfer have to go back in time a little bit Are you ready wilfer put your helmet on safety first? It’s not gonna make you look stupid. I promise Trust me. You’re gonna look fine,…

  • Guinea Pig vs. The Law in “That’s the Ticket” – (Guinea Something Good Byte-Sized #25)
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    Guinea Pig vs. The Law in “That’s the Ticket” – (Guinea Something Good Byte-Sized #25)

    [intro music]>>JOE: Can you believe this?! I got a speeding ticket just because I was driving 80 miles over the speed limit!!>>GEORGE: I can definitely believe that happened, yes.>>JOE: I’m gonna take this to city hall! They’re not gonna get MY money without a fight!!>>GEORGE: But you were speeding. And you admit it openly and without reservation.>>JOE: That doesn’t mean I should pay money to the government as punishment and disincentive to speed again in the future!!>>GEORGE: That’s exactly what that means.>>JOE: WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON HERE??!!>>GEORGE: Clearly the government.>>JOE: SELL-OUT!! You’ve sold out to the MAN, man!! Whatever happened to your IDEALS??>>GEORGE: Still in-tact, as evidenced by how…

  • VIATA ÎN DUBAI: Prima zi de muncă
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    VIATA ÎN DUBAI: Prima zi de muncă

    Dude, after the first night in Jabana all i could have thought was: -Oh f*ck…. How do i get back home? -Columb (name of his friend) what the hell should you do because i can’t stay 11 months here He was like: -Dude do they have beer here, palinka (Romanian / Balkan drink) At least some tuica de curmale (another romanian drink) -Columb.. i don’t think so.. it’s clear that this place isn’t for us Anyway, at 7 o’clock in the morning or, maybe earlier, Ardeleanu, one of those three from last time, comes to our barrack and says: -We’re going to work on the field. Come with us, maybe…