• VIATA ÎN DUBAI: Prima zi de muncă
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    VIATA ÎN DUBAI: Prima zi de muncă

    Dude, after the first night in Jabana all i could have thought was: -Oh f*ck…. How do i get back home? -Columb (name of his friend) what the hell should you do because i can’t stay 11 months here He was like: -Dude do they have beer here, palinka (Romanian / Balkan drink) At least some tuica de curmale (another romanian drink) -Columb.. i don’t think so.. it’s clear that this place isn’t for us Anyway, at 7 o’clock in the morning or, maybe earlier, Ardeleanu, one of those three from last time, comes to our barrack and says: -We’re going to work on the field. Come with us, maybe…

  • VIATA ÎN DUBAI: Începutul
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    VIATA ÎN DUBAI: Începutul

    Yo, in college I had all sorts of weird jobs I’ve already told you about the majority of them. From making questionnaires door to door, to picking up children on the streets for commercials an shows Lying to fools for Gigel (name) and up to being a cashier in a supermarket All these were jobs that I had in college But, they were just temporary jobs Obviously, i did not look at any of those as a career It was just a way to make some money Especially because the hunger was just as big as a house But as soon as i graduated college I said, ”Well, i’m now…

  • This TICKET is for YOU Fargo
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    This TICKET is for YOU Fargo

    Laidies and Gentlemen may I present to you, some good news! Hello Tell them ! I… am… … sick of being in my house … *applause* You’re probably asking yourself, why is it good news that I’m sick of being in my house? And it’s because… I’m going on tour! I know most people, when they announce tours, they make all these plans, they do all these tour dates. That’s stupid. I’m just gonna show up some place. I was looking at my calendar, and I’m already gonna be in Fargo North Dakota the weekend of July 21st So July 21st, I’m announcing my first show “You are some sort…

  • Domics: Racist Flight Attendant
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    Domics: Racist Flight Attendant

    (Awesome Domics intro music) I don’t know if she was racist, but I’m saying she’s racist. Last Christmas I gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave— [laughs] Just kidding. Last Christmas, I went to Las Vegas with my family, and on the flight there, we had this really ditsy flight attendant. More like “flight atten-DONT!” “Ha hah!” [high five] We also had this friend that worked at the airport, so she hooked us up with front-row seats, which was awesome, because there was soooo much leg room. Now I’m sitting there with my sister, and we’re just chillin until the plane takes off. Everyone was settling…

  • A Theory of Flight | Better Worlds
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    A Theory of Flight | Better Worlds

    From the ladies in the beauty shop to the guys holding down the sidewalk in front of the Quik Mart, Carlinda’s name was on everyone’s lips. Story was, she got fired from her job designing rockets for rich folks. Now she was back in the neighborhood… plotting her revenge. Carlinda and her team are building an open-source rocket to go to Europa. Everyone wants to go there. There are domes there filled with plants, most of them extinct on Earth. There are no days hot enough to kill you, and the air is always safe to breathe. There’s no way I could afford to go there on my own. Only…

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    Our world is a deep ocean that holds both friend and foe there’s evil running wild suffocating the drowning ones in the horizon there’s a bright light for those who seek the way victory is gained by the brave and from the ashes we will rise no matter how much they try triumph lies in the hands of good Emara will accept the challenge and defend the weak she will not let them hurt the rights of the innocent Emara she is courageous and daring Emara is the emblem of a hero Emara is a beacon of light and a symbol for hope Emara she is courageous and daring Emara…

  • Speeding Ticket
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    Speeding Ticket

    Pre-video Dom: “This video has been brought to you by NordVPN. Use the code DOMICS at NordVPN.com/DOMICS for 66% off a 2 year plan. *Intro music* Dom: “With all of the videos I’ve made about driving and my complaints about other people’s abilities behind the wheel, you’d assume I’m a pretty good driver with no record.” “Haha, wrong. I am a filthy hypocrite. (Good you admitted it) Last year I got a ticket for speeding ( SANIC GOTTA GO FAST) in a school zone, which, if you didn’t know, is an automatic fail on your driving test. Actually looking back, I technically wasn’t in the school zone yet, and I…

  • Gulliver’s Travels (1939) – Full Length Animated Feature – 2347
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    Gulliver’s Travels (1939) – Full Length Animated Feature – 2347

    Gulliver’s Travels (1939)Based on Jonathan Swift’s Immortal TaleProduced by Max Fleischer Directed by Dave FleischerI, Lemuel Gullivergive thee a faithful historyof my most interesting adventurein the South Sea.On the 5th day of November, 1699,having reached latitude 30 degrees,two minutes south,a storm of great fury suddenly…All’s well! All’s well! # All’s well! What’s a rainy day? # # Never mind that cloud. # # Behind that cloud you’ll find a golden ray. # # All’s well! Laugh your fears away. # # See the light ahead. Right ahead. # # There’s a moonlit night ahead. # # Everyone, come on have fun. All’s well! # Why do they make me sing…