• Bucket List: Aircraft Carrier
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    Bucket List: Aircraft Carrier

    [RINGTONE] Commander Flanders, you got any good news for us? Got some good news. You guys got the green light for three days on one of our aircraft carriers in the Pacific, USS Nimitz. I’ve looked over your list, it’s very ambitious, but we’re going to do our best to help you check those things off. OK. Should be a good few days What about maybe me getting in an F-18 and soaring in the skies? Wow, uh, it could be tough to do on the carrier, but we’ll see what we can do. All right, Commander Flanders. We appreciate it. We’ll see you guys in a few weeks. Welcome…

  • Is JETSTAR any good? Adelaide to Sydney Economy 4K Trip Report – Airbus A320 – feat. Dennis Bunnik!
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    Is JETSTAR any good? Adelaide to Sydney Economy 4K Trip Report – Airbus A320 – feat. Dennis Bunnik!

    hello and welcome to Adelaide Airport and later this morning I’m going to be flying back to Sydney with Jetstar in an A320 but before that, let’s check out this aircraft behind me. It’s a Vickers Vimy bomber and back in 1919 this flew from Great Britain through to Australia, or Darwin in particular, to win a 10,000 pound competition. There are four Australians on board and took them 28 days. Now it’s interesting to compare this with now where you can fly that same distance in a new 787 dreamliner with Qantas nonstop from London through to Perth in a lot more comfort in over about seventeen hours. We…

  • Boeing’s First Flight-Worthy #Starliner: Meet the Team!
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    Boeing’s First Flight-Worthy #Starliner: Meet the Team!

    I think what’s really incredible is this entire team that’s been building this spacecraft for years is saying you know we’ve done it! You’re dealing with a idea of what the spacecraft should look like. And it’s a pretty darn good idea right? But you still haven’t built it yet. So this is this is really the first build. This is the the first flight unit. We’ve started from scratch. We’ve built an entire new spacecraft with an entire new team and and people that have never worked in this particular design before. We’ve taken a design and we’ve built it. Anytime you build something by hand and it’s a…

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    Why Ultra-Long Flights Are Better Than Short Ones

    Long-haul flights. You know, those marathon adventures that fly you half-way around the world, are terrifyingly boring, and tire you to no end. Actually your rear end gets tired too! But see, nowadays, long-distance travel is nothing like it was years ago! And the experience of flying 20 hours straight might turn out to be much more enjoyable than you expected! So, let’s say you need to get from Singapore to New York, which usually takes about 19 hours. Chances are, you’ll travel the distance of almost 10,000 miles on an Airbus A350-900-ULR (which means “ultra-long-range”) operated by Singapore Airlines. This plane has been designed specifically for flying super-long routes.…

  • The Secret of Flight 5: Stability and Control
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    The Secret of Flight 5: Stability and Control

    (light music) (air whooshing) – [Narrator] The Secret of Flight, a series of programs on aerodynamics. Program 5: Stability and Control. Your host is Dr. Alexander Lippisch. – Today we want to talk about stability and control of an aircraft. You know, it is often said that if you have an engine with enough power, even you could fly a barn door. Now, I must doubt that. Well, I couldn’t make the experiment with the barn door right in here because I fear the barn door is too small for this place. But I could probably take the cardboard as a model of a barn door. And we can try…

  • In-flight WiFi
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    In-flight WiFi

    You can do some pretty amazing things with the internet. Share pictures of this cute thing. Look up what actually goes in a seafood bisque. But doing a grocery shop while flying through the air – now, that’s a boss move. Ah, don’t forget the ginger. Stay connected with in-flight wifi on Virgin Australia.

  • Florida Light Sport Pilot Flight Schools
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    Florida Light Sport Pilot Flight Schools

    Florida light sport pilot flight training schools click on the link below the YouTube video or scroll down if you’re viewing the Florida light sport pilot flight training schools page in our site to view a list of Florida light sport aircraft pilot flight schools or information on how to fly safely and the inspiring reasons to learn to fly a light sport aircraft mouse over the learn to fly tab on the your journey through flights site find a light sport aircraft flight school today and learn to fly in ellis et aircraft do learning to fly is a fun pastime that is enormously rewarding and engaging flight training…

  • FLIGHT ATTENDANTS GET SICK TOO! Vlogmas Day 4-5, 2019
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    FLIGHT ATTENDANTS GET SICK TOO! Vlogmas Day 4-5, 2019

    Good morning everyone welcome back to another episode of vlogmas A lot of you asked me with my job as a flight attendant how I don’t get sick all the time And the truth is I have a pretty strong immune system But I do get sick every now and again like right now I am pretty stuffy and I feel like I have a lot of fluid in my ears, so I do get sick I just don’t really show it on my channel too often today is also one of the worst days that I could possibly get sick too because I am also fasting I Cannot eat…