• We’re Going to THAILAND! 33 Hour Travel Day
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    We’re Going to THAILAND! 33 Hour Travel Day

    In a matter of hours I’m gonna be on a plane to Thailand and I am stressing out. Everything’s packed, everything’s ready but I still feel like I’m forgetting something. I should be fine and yet I’m panicking. Justin: Got your passport? Claire: I think so Claire: I hope so, I better. Do you have your passport? Justin: Yes Claire: Wallet? Justin: Yes Claire: Do I have my wallet? I haven’t actually called the uber. Justin: Me neither. Claire: BAHAHA ok We are going to Thailand and I’m anxious. Justin’s ready. Justin got four hours of sleep I got no sleep. It is 3:00 in the morning, it’s about 3:00…

  • How 𝘕𝘖𝘛 to travel Europe #5 – This episode was too eventful to name
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    How 𝘕𝘖𝘛 to travel Europe #5 – This episode was too eventful to name

    – [Man] It’s okay, it’s okay. (light music) – You rejoin us at a difficult time. We’ve been out hitchhiking in the blaring sun for the past seven and a half hours now. The last five of which was spent marooned here in Hungary, who’s people we were beginning to take a mild disliking to. Meanwhile, over at the Austrian border, Sam was stood in his garage staring vacantly at the two shiny bicycles that he’d found for us, thinking what a shame it would be if they never got to star in the final chapter of our journey. Then, the phone rang. Really? Oh mate, that’s incredible. Are you…

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    What’s up, guys? You’re watching Vagabrothers. Welcome back to our road trip across the north of England. In this episode, we’re exploring the Lake District, climbing its highest peaks, fishing its lakes and rivers, and sampling the best of Cumbrian cuisine. Let’s go. All right. Well first up we’re at Honister Pass. We’re at Honister Mine, and we’re going to be doing some pretty fun stuff today. It’s the last functioning slate mine in England. So we’re going to the climbing technique of Via Ferrata to go along the face of the mountain and then into the mines. Supposedly, it could get kind of hairy up there I think we’re…

  • How 𝘕𝘖𝘛 to travel Europe #4 – Gin and Potatoes
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    How 𝘕𝘖𝘛 to travel Europe #4 – Gin and Potatoes

    – You can use my camper van, if you want. (gentle upbeat music) – It was crunch time here at the service station. The journey up to this point had been epic, but the bottom line was we’d only traveled 220 miles in three and a half days, with roughly 700 to go, and all six challenges still to do. This next few hours was all about getting as far as possible. No lift today would be disastrous. And after a few minutes, it already felt like a possibility. The guy over there has told us it ain’t the best place to hitchhike. In fact, he said it’s pretty bad.…

  • Warner Brothers World 2020

    Warner Brothers World 2020

    hello hello everyone today we are going to If that your first time to visit my channel please don’t forget to Subscribe Like and leave your comment below in the video Now I am going to show you all warner bros world , we will play together we already take tour and I will show you everything, I could not take videos while I am playing best thing which is I like so much I could not know that I can do it. I decided to challenge my self and to play and I did it I take a video It’s not clear that much you will know why we…

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    Adventure Travel Destinations: Seniors Adventure Travel Tours

    As a Senior this is perhaps the most important time of your life.. It’s the right time to enjoy the world. To see nature from the artic polar bears to Africa’s magnificent wildlife of elepahs and lions…. Its never to late for a Safri. It may be time to take a break and getaway to the Caribbean’s most romantic islands, St. lucia’s Marigot beach club — or to voyage far away to different cultures & lifestyles. Even closer to home offer new things to explore. Visit a seaside fishing villages in your own country or come to Nova Scotia and walk about Halifax waterfront the seaports and farmers markets with…