Summer Sleepover Morning Routine | Hannah Meloche

Hey guys happy Meloche Monday so today I’m here with my best friend Ellie and We’ve just been filming nonstop, vlogging everyday Grindin Seriously so since you guys wanted a summer morning routine I thought it would be fun to switch it up and do a sleepover edition But yeah Make sure you go subscribe to Ellie’s channel and check out her videos Make sure you give the video a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t already And follow us on our socials Let’s Just Get Into the video So i’m normally the one to wake up first at a sleepover whether its my house or someone else’s Actually it kind of depends but anyways when we wake up It’ll probably be around 9:30 10:00 and we’ll just go on our phones take some Snapchats. Add me if you haven’t already and just Chit Chat until, we wake up I also pulled Ellie’s vlog camera out because she’s letting me vlog On It for the week so I started a vlog and then I literally dragged Ellie out of bed because she is not a morning person whatsoever Then I watered my plants because this is at my house and its just something I have to do every single morning Because I kill all my plants and these ones are not dying. Then if we have time we’ll probably like clean up a little bit of our mess from last night And then head upstairs for some coffee So I made Ellie and I lattes and Ellie got the water for us So we can wake up and drink that and Just Chit Chat what we’re going to do for the day And really just what our plan Is I vlogged a little bit more and then We just chilled on our phones. After we had woken up we went downstairs and got ready for the day, took showers, brushed our teeth, washed our face, and then I made Ellie and I some breakfast, which today it was some healthy smoothies And after those were made, we went in the car and filmed but heres a sneak peek At Thursday’s video My sunrise on the darkest day Do a dance, ready? Yeah Despacito *music* Okay, guys so that was it for the summer sleepover morning routine I hope you enjoyed watching it as much as We did filming it. Make sure you subscribe to Ellie’s channel already, Already? Make sure you check out Ellie’s channel if you haven’t already and our vlog channels of course alright that’s it for today and I will see you guys in my next video Bye! You’re really not a morning person!

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