Suitcase reviews of Samsonite, Away and Calpak
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Suitcase reviews of Samsonite, Away and Calpak

-When I’m looking
for a suitcase, I really want to make sure
that it spins so that I can move with it
pretty easily in all directions. -And something that —
It has to wheel. It has to be sturdy.
I can, like, pick it up and, like, literally run
through the airport. Rahh!
-I want it to be, like, easy to spot
on the baggage carousel. -I’m personally a fan
of soft-sided suitcases. I’m an overpacker and I want
to be able to just, like,
get as much in there as I can and just, like,
stuff it and sit on it. And I feel like with a hard
case, you can’t really do that. -I do not want a suitcase to be,
like, hard to pull and I don’t want the handle to
be wobbly when I’m pulling it. My current suitcase handle
is wobbly, and that’s an issue. Because of, like,
the hard exterior, it seems like it would hold up. It feels like this could last,
like, a good, long time. It could take some beatings.
-Ooh! It’s so lightweight.
I like that. It doesn’t look like
it would be. I don’t know if it’s the color,
but I was just like, “Oh, this is gonna be, like,
a stone or something.” But it’s really, really light. They have these little
side legs, too, which could be
a little difficult if you’re trying to, like,
squeeze it into a tight space. But I like that, like, if you’re
flipping it over here, it’s not just laying
directly on the ground. -I think this is definitely
a very high-durability suitcase. You know, the strap doesn’t feel
like it’s gonna come off, which has been a problem
before for me. Pretty sturdy. I don’t feel like this is gonna
crack on me anytime soon. It’s got nice wheels
that I can just wheel around. -It pivots really well. -And the wheels are nice. Look at them go. I really don’t like
when this wiggles a lot. I mean, I’ve never really
encountered a suitcase that’s, like, sturdier than
this, per se, but I wish it was. -I don’t feel like this is gonna
break on me anytime soon. The handles are pretty durable. -At full extension, it seems,
like, a little flimsier. But, here, it feels like you can
really, like, run with it through the airport. I don’t love the handles. They just kind of feel
a little weird to pick up. There are so many parts that
I don’t even know what to do. There’s, like, a combination, and then there’s a place
to put a key. If I was very concerned about
the security of my suitcase and I wanted to lock it, I would probably be happy
that there’s so many locks here. -It looks nice.
I’ve never — I don’t think I’ve ever
locked my suitcase in my life. But I suppose that if you check
your bag and you want to be safe,
looks like it would do the job. -The zippers — they’re okay. You’ve got, like,
these little bits — right? — that stick out,
which I think is meant to go in and secure —
Oh, yeah. It’s for the lock.
Okay. It’s recessed
inside the suitcase, which I guess helps keep it
a little more durable. But then, also,
I have fat fingers, so that’s just
a little bit harder for me to just go grab the zipper
and open it up. -Okay, there’s a lot of zippers.
What? It’s a puzzle. I don’t understand
what’s happening. -They seem to zip pretty easily. They seem durable. ‘Cause I feel like every time
you’re trying to zip your suitcase
really quickly, you inevitably take the wrong
zipper and you’re like, “Aah!” You know, I’ve never understood
that whole, like, second-zipper situation
on all suitcases. I’m like, “What is this really
doing for us?” -It doesn’t look like has any,
like, outside pockets, which I really prefer, ’cause, sometimes, like, I want
to keep my passport nearby, want to keep
my boarding pass nearby. -I just remembered how
passionately I feel about this. The suitcase that I have now,
that I love — this compartment, like,
zips toward the bottom, so if you ever want
to get something out, like, everything
has to spill out. So I like that
this is from the top. I also never really
understood these. So, these guys in suitcases, I’m like, also,
“What are you doing?” I like that there’s a zipper
in the bottom, because I actually have recently
started, like, packing shoes under in there,
like, in between the bars. -It looks expandable
a little bit, which is good, which is part of my issue
with a hard suitcase. It just doesn’t look
that big to me. So, this is, like, maybe, like,
a shoe pocket, which is handy. -I think I fit —
I fit more than I expected. Just the top case
being really shallow and not fitting a lot here,
this definitely — The top half fit a lot more
than I was expecting. This thing — that just makes it
really easy to put everything in there,
pack it up, and then flip it over,
which has been, like, a problem for me is that
whenever I pack stuff in the lid and I flip it over, it moves
and it kind of falls out. And I have to kind of repack it. -Seriously, what does this do? I guess that kind
of compresses stuff. -Yeah! That really, like,
gets everything in there. More than I expected would fit
in this suitcase. It still wouldn’t be
my suitcase, though. It wouldn’t be my first choice. -Pros for the bag —
tons of space inside, really good compartments
and zippers, swivels all the way around
really easily, so I think you could
definitely move quickly with it. My only con would be
that it’s a hard shell. I can’t get over that a little
bit, but maybe I need to. I’m not really enamored by,
like, those locks and battery chargers
and all that stuff. Like, if it gets around and it packs a lot,
then I’m interested, so I thought
it was really effective. This was really, really roomy. It wasn’t, like, one side
was shallow and one side wasn’t. Like, they were both
really deep, and it was really easy
to get everything in there. I would definitely consider
buying it. -I think this is a pretty
effective suitcase. It takes a little bit of
studying to figure out all the parts,
but it’s not too bad. It moves pretty well. It has a lot of compartments that make, like, good use
of the space that there is. I wouldn’t buy it, because
I’m still a soft-suitcase fan. -It is, you know, very durable,
very easy to pack. A lot of room on the inside,
and I really like that. The handles are pretty durable. It’s got nice wheels that I can
just wheel around. And there are no outside pockets
for you to keep, like, stuff you want nearby,
which I really prefer. The zippers — they’re sort of
recessed into the groove, and it just makes it
a little hard to get. This is very straightforward. It gives you all the space
that it’s sort of encompassing and tries to keep
everything else out of the way. I don’t know if I would make
this my go-to, but it’s definitely —
Like, I — Do I get to keep this after? Like — Oh, okay.


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    Wow. The key for the lock is for the TSA so they can bypass your combination lock. How are these people doing a review on luggage if they have no clue what to look for. Like the internal straps are a godsend when you have to open the case without stuff falling out. Please next time get people who actually know their stuff

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