StudyTravel News 17.10.19
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StudyTravel News 17.10.19

Hello and welcome to the StudyTravel News
Video. I’m Matthew Knott. And I’m Nicola Hancox, bringing you
the latest news stories. The headlines this week:
US schools increasingly looking to Latin America EF to open new boarding school in California Capital School of English re-enters junior market And much more including industry conferences,
new programmes and charitable initiatives. Yes indeed. But first, English language providers in the USA
are being urged to look towards Latin America for growth in international student enrolments,
and EnglishUSA is holding its first overseas mission to Brazil and Colombia next month. At the recent EnglishUSA Stakeholders
Conference, IIE highlighted the Open Doors data for 2018, showing that those two markets
increased for IEPs in 2018, while most of the other top ten source countries declined.
Latin America was the only growth region for Intensive English Programs with an eight per
cent increase. The US Department of Commerce also noted
growth in Argentina, Chile and Peru, and highlighted opportunities in the small but expanding Central
American markets of El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Panama. Embassy representatives
from Brazil, Colombia and Mexico also outlined scholarship schemes and government plans to
boost English skills. The EnglishUSA mission next month is being
supported by EducationUSA and the Trade Department and was fully booked within minutes. Jennifer
Phillips, Director of Wisconsin ESL Institute, is participating in the event and said that
demand for US destinations appeared to be continuing in both markets. Staying with the USA, EF Education First has commenced construction on a new EF Academy
boarding school in Pasadena, California. Due to open in 2020, the EF Academy Pasadena
will be set on a 16-acre campus on the site of the former William Carey International
University, and will have a capacity of 975 students, EF said. The school will offer a curriculum leading
to the International Baccalaureate Diploma as well as some elective credits for partner
colleges. Next up, UK ELT provider Capital School of English in Bournemouth has announced a
return to the young learner market in 2020, with a new residential programme at the Bournemouth
University campus five minutes from the main school. Spencer Fordham, Managing Director of
Capital School, advised elements of the school’s Future Success programme which partners with
local businesses and a first aid certificate will be incorporated into the young learner
course, which he said promised to be one of the most innovative in the market. And now for a round-up of some of the other stories this week: South Africa-based ELT provider Cape Studies
has launched a new high school programme in partnership with Generation Schools in Hermanus,
available for stays between three and 12 months. Cape Studies also announced a new volunteer
project with the Yellow Brick Road charity, which educates children in a refugee camp
near Bethlehem. International students in Hawaii contributed
an estimated 217 million dollars to the state economy in 2018, according to the latest annual
research by the government. The 41 schools responding to the survey welcomed 14,300 students,
with Japan being the most prominent market. Russian language provider Liden & Denz
has unveiled a new Russian and Archaeology summer camp programme for 2020 in partnership
with the University of Novgorod. Language school association English UK
explored the student experience in a new conference last week, examining issues such as providing
a welcome for all, classroom spaces, supporting vulnerable students and learning outside the
classroom. Staying with English UK, the association
has announced the 2019 grant recipients for the Eddie Byers Fund, which will support six
projects to assist refugees and vulnerable children through language learning. And finally, Bellerbys College Brighton
and the University of Southampton have partnered to launch a new specialist engineering course
for selected international students who have excelled in maths and physics. More on all of those stories online of
course, as well as photos from the recent Quality English missions in St Petersburg
and Kiev, the TEN agent workshop in France, and the recent Fedele workshop in Valencia. Thanks for watching! See you next week. Goodbye!

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