• xYottaByte Gaming

    Science 101…
    Build makeship rocket: yay
    Send rocket to orbit: yay
    Successful failure: hooray
    Land rocket: hooray
    Send rocket to moon: hooooray
    Make space station: hoooooray
    More info of moon and pic of earth: hoooooray
    Roccs: hooooooooray
    More roccs: ^^^^^
    Earth finishing a full revolution around the Sun: WOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  • Ronaldo Luis Gonçalves

    Did you eject the module before the explosion? "time video 20:06" Shouldn't a safety test reflect real situations?

  • Michael Sparks

    Amazing stuff to take in watch and learn! Awesome
    stuff and much can be the same kind of thing as watching the first moon landing. This is all new stuff, I just hope we learn more and more without to many set backs.

  • Buddy Heidemann

    NASA progress…1960's landing with parachutes, 1980's landing by flight, 2020's land by parachute, one step forward two steps backwards. Can't wait for Starship !!!

  • Elizabeth Smith

    26:35 who else started hitting alt-. out of habit when they said they were below 500m in order to get the capsule to the surface of the water faster?

  • korea준

    Hi, I hacked into a site, so I learned a lot about it, because it's going to be a cross-country fight, or a disruption to people's lives, so I'll tell you a few things. 
    I knew that external life brought resources to the Earth, and that it worked with external life, and that the speed of the Earth's rotation was increasing.

    I'm going to report these to the Korean broadcasting company.

  • Mike Greene

    24:10 watch and listen and think. They know you won't think….sigh n smh. Is this live?
    28:12 what are we looking at? Is this what the broadcasters and ppl cheering seeing, also? Is this a mounted camera that can't rotate?
    28:28 did we watch it hit the water?

  • bluegold21

    13:00 That graphic showing the trajectory is badly composed. The ocean is darker than the land. The idea that land is darker than water could only have come from a land lover. Someone who's experience of water is only glittering lakes. Or at least looks at "drawings" in textbooks written by patrons of the aforementioned demographic.

  • Efrain Morales

    I don't get why would anyone unlike this video. Maybe 263 watchers unlike the video because they're flat-earth believers.

  • Tmillchr

    Oh look! Billionaires flaunting their search for an off-Earth sanctuary to avoid the impending mass extinction event. Pointless; there will be nowhere to run, rich or royal.

  • Huy Dinh

    *NASA: paid SpaceX B$2.5, Boeing B$4.3 for the crew program
    *SpaceX: successful pad abort test

    *Boeing: semi successful pad abort test with 1x failed parachute

    *SpaceX: successfully demonstrated crew module's ability to dock and complete mission

    *Boeing: module lost time, ran out of fuel, failed to dock

    *SpaceX: successfully and beautifully tested in-flight abort ability

    *Boeing: we don't do that here

  • DDavid Mac

    From Goddard to Von Browne. Was incredible. I know in my heart that we have Anti gravity propulsion and clean energy that can solve all our carbon problems and unite the world away from the less then one percent that is Munitions the ways of war first, Then Minerals, Then Money which has become the false god and goal in this system of mass consumption without renewable sources being implemented. Petroleum is vital from all the products that are produced from it. Carbon fuels our planet can no longer handle. So the need to give the world Zero Point energy is now. And Anti Gravity will solve so much of our Problems that i would not be surprised that in a short time after its given freely our world will enter the golden age. Peace and be safe

  • Ed Rosenberger

    Absolutely an outstanding test run SpaceX employee's….you all ROCK1 Also thank you NASA for all your help in this effort. I only wish our countries political system had people as intelligent and dedicated as SpaceX and NASA people! Gosh, the wonderful things we could do…..

  • florin4k4

    Everything worked so flawlessly that you almost forget all the things that could go wrong. Back in the beginning days, half the rockets exploded on liftoff. We have come quite a long way and there is so much more to go

  • Break Down From Maximum Height

    why do i keep waking up to this gettig played on my feed. im not even subsrcribed to nasa. This is the 3rd time. Weird.

  • Kelly Gordine-Whakaruru

    What happens when something mulfunctions in the first 10- 20sec?. Does the dragon capsule break away shown here? Is it enough time for parachutes to deploy.

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