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SINGAPORE Travel Guide: Iconic Attractions | Little Grey Box

Hey you guys Phoebe here from Little Grey Box
with Matt behind the camera and today we are in beautiful Singapore
wrapping up our amazing #squadSQ adventure with Singapore Airlines
Today we are going to be uncovering some of the very best things to eat see and do
around the island (music) At 165 metres tall the Singapore Flyer
is Asia’s largest observation wheel It is a great way to get acquainted with the
island. We can see everything right down the East Coast Parkway where I used to
live, we can see the whole city all through here and then behind us
Gardens by the Bay. Now cost-wise you’re looking at around 33 Singaporean dollars
per adult, of course, less for children just jump on the website to
check your current prices but today and over the next few days we’re going to
be using something called the Singapore Explorer Pass You should have a look
at that as it does allow entry to a large number of attractions and I believe
it is directly tied to Singapore Airlines so have a look at that and see
if it’ll work for you but now we’re going to sit back and relax and enjoy
these views (music) All right so we have grabbed a post
Singapore Flyer snack, some beautiful raspberry gelato from Gelatisimo
down here. I wouldn’t say it was budget-friendly it was about five ninety
or six ninety Singapore dollars per one but heck you only live once right we’re
on holidays let’s enjoy it and now we know that there is a little family of
otters who live in the wild under the bridge down here we’re gonna go see if
they’re Alright so they aren’t here right now unfortunately for us, being
wild animals you can’t predict when they’re going to be here. If you are
lucky enough to see them when you come here just observe them from up here on
the bridge from a safe distance they’re absolutely gorgeous and then
leave them as you found them (music) So I’m kind of kicking myself that I got
Gelatisimo because I didn’t realize that one of my favourite things would be
here at the start of the Helix Bridge Behind me you’ll see a guy, an uncle, and
he is serving up ice creams you guys He chunks off a big slab and sticks it
either between bread or wafers and it is a Singapore classic this stuff will
cost you between one and two Singapore dollars at the most
and it is fantastic (music) So the 280m long Helix Bridge connects
Marina Bay and Marina Centre Now it symbolizes life, renewal,
longevity all that kind of stuff and that is really the vision that they had
for the Marina Bay area. It’s a great way to move around the city and get yourself
over to Gardens by the Bay Matt and I have strategically come out at
this time because it is so, so hot in Singapore if you do try and do all of
your activities especially outdoor ones like this in the middle of the day
you’re going to come up short so I would recommend doing some of your sightseeing
either early in the morning or leaving it until later in the day and the great
thing about that is that Singapore shops and activities usually they are open
until later because they know that it’s hot So one other really great thing about
these Singapore Explorer Passes is that you often get to jump the ticketing queues
because you aren’t lining up to buy tickets you’re lining up to redeem them so
this que is always a little bit shorter if there’s anyone at all! (music) We are here at Gardens by the Bay and when you visit there are two gorgeous indoor gardens you really should see Now a pass to access both the Cloud Forest
and Flower Dome should cost you somewhere around SGD$28
per person and it is money well spent We are starting here in the Cloud Forest
now you can see behind me there is a thirty-five metre tall waterfall it is
absolutely beautiful it is one of the largest indoor waterfalls in the world
now this whole indoor area is climate controlled it is lovely and cool and you go all
the way up to the top and then work your way down slowly and that is exactly
what we’re going to do right now (music) (lovely waterfall noise :>) Next up is the Flower Dome, the largest
glass greenhouse in the world this one is a bit of a favourite of mine although
I do love them all but I just love the different gardens you’ve got the
Australian area over there with beautiful bottle trees succulents behind
us there’s orchids everywhere it is a great place to explore as well as the
Cloud Forest so make sure you do both (music) Now, of course, the iconic Supertree Grove is a
must-visit the towering tree-like structures range between 25 and 50 meters in height and
they’re actually equipped with technologies that mimic the function of
real trees similar to the way they photosynthesize or collect rainwater for growth
Every night at 7:45 and 8:45 pm there is a coordinated music and light
show which we are about to catch but you can also take a walk along the
Skyway which is a suspended pathway between two of the larger trees. You do
need to buy tickets for that but when Matt and I saw the queues we were like
nup, that’s a bit too long for our tastes so we’ve just found the spot up high
where we’ve got some great views and it looks beautiful I am really
looking forward to this light show (music) Good morning you guys! It’s my birthday! Oh my goodness So we have woken up this morning and
Matt said get ready I’m taking you out and he has taken me to one of my favourite spots
in Singapore, a place called Dempsey This area has loads of really great restaurants and
cafes so I’m really happy that we’re here and he has chosen one that I have
never been to before a place called PS Cafe. I have woken up
with a birthday hunger and a need for coffee so let’s go inside and give this
place a try and get this day started (music) I’m so tired, I really need a coffee So it is a bit of a tradition every year on Matthew’s birthday that I make him a
stack of pancakes it’s usually a tower of pancakes about yay high?
and he does his worst on them usually, he eats a lot of pancakes
this year it’s my pancake breakfast passion fruit curd, I love a good curd
fresh blueberries, I love blueberries this I This, I think is some kind of banana jam
let’s jump on in and give this a try yum They’re really good (birthday baller music) So we are spending the day on Sentosa
Island today and it is a world of fun over here now to get from the mainland
over to the island we decided to catch a cable car we caught a Grab, which
costs around $10 from Dempsey down to Harbourfront jumped on the cable car
using our Singapore Explorer Passes so the return ride is free or included for us
and now that we’re over here we’ve got loads of activities to choose from, but
we’re gonna be starting at Universal Studios because I love roller coasters
and if you didn’t know it’s my birthday! So we’re gonna roller coaster it up
let’s get in there and have some fun (music) Wow! and just like yesterday we
have jumped a big queue for tickets using those Singapore Explorer Passes
so entry for us is included, so good if not I believe the ticket
prices around $79 per person Oh my god I’ve seen it
I’ve seen it, I’ve seen it it’s the Transformers ride,
it’s the best ride in this mother (music) That was awesome! Oh my gosh, that ride is so good
I can’t even explain it it is amazing your heart just drops, you’re screaming, you can’t
help it. 10 out of 10 would recommend Now you guys, the line to get
on that ride was 90 minutes long Matt and I skipped it by going in the single
rider lane so sometimes we don’t get to go together but who cares we still get
to get off and talk about it and we get to skip that really long line
so I would recommend doing that otherwise, you can buy an Express Pass
where you skip the lines altogether another great investment if you’ve got
the cash now it’s time for another ride Let’s do that, let’s do that
I wanna go on that roller coaster (music) So the really good news is that it is
dark and air-conditioned inside the aquarium so again our Singapore Explorer
Passes allowed us to get in the but I do believe the ticket are around the
SGD $38 per person for adults there’s lots of stuff to wander around
lots of different exhibits but Matt and I are having a really nice time it’s a really
great way to beat the heat as well (music) We are staying at Swissotel the Stamford
which is located right above the City Hall MRT station. 10 out of 10 the best
hotel bed I’ve ever experienced and the views I’m about to show you
they just cap off an incredible hotel now the awesome thing for Matt and I is
that we are staying in this room for the Singapore National Day Parade
It is Singapore’s 54th birthday, my 32nd today what’s up it’s Leo season and down
here we are going to be able to see all of the parade there’s gonna be flyovers
there’s going to be fireworks it’s going to be amazing. In all the time I’ve
lived in Singapore and visited I have never once had the privilege to see it
so I am so excited to finally get to experience it. But you guys
I cannot recommend this hotel enough if you are looking for a
central place to stay in Singapore that is just absolutely incredible this is it
and it’s a little bit more pricey I understand it’s not going to be in
everybody’s budget but if you do have the budget and you can stay here,
please do cause it’s awesome We are all dolled up because we are going out
to dinner with the rest of #squadSQ So Karl from Singapore Airlines is taking
us out for an awesome thank you dinner enough chat let’s go I heard there’s a
five-course degustation happening and that is perfect for, for my birthday cause if
you didn’t know, today is my birthday! (music) Thank you! Is this edible? (group singing)
Happy Birthday to you! Good afternoon you guys, it is Luke here
from Backstreet Nomad. Phoebe’s having a little bit of a rest this afternoon so
I’ve taken over. Matt and I, we’re gonna go for a little wakeboard on this
cable park out here so why don’t we go check it out (music) Well, that was really fun. We’re pretty
spent now but if you’re in Singapore you’ve got to come here, especially if its
your birthday month they’ll give you 20% off How good’s that! (music) (music) All right you guys I hope you had a
great afternoon with Luke and you enjoyed what I enjoy about
Luke which is his deadpan delivery and amazing sense of humour
it’s so dry it’s fantastic So right now we are on the balcony of our hotel
room on the 48th floor of Swissotel the Stamford because it is National Day Parade! (music) I cannot think of a more spectacular end
to our video and our whole #squadSQ trip The National Day Parade far exceeded
any and all of my expectations and if you are ever so lucky
to be here in Singapore for it make the most of it enjoy it because it
is something to behold you guys and I just have to say such a huge
special, big thank you not only to Swisshotel but to Singapore Airlines as well for
bringing us on this journey for the second year in a row and allowing us to have this kind of
an opportunity, Matt and I eternally grateful and appreciative for moments
like this in our lives that we would never have otherwise so
thank you from the bottom of our hearts and thank you so much also to everybody
who supports us on this journey all the people that watch these videos
our friends, our families, our loved ones thank you so so much
you guys just keep us going and with that, this brings our #squadSQ
adventure and this video to an end I really hope you’ve enjoyed it you guys
now if you don’t already be sure to subscribe and say hello in the comments below
Have a great weekend and I will see you next week Love ya! (music)


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