Showing you where I lived in Tokyo | Travel Vlog

thats it thats the opening is this video Japanese? english? Which is it? I’m not sure can i speak Japanese? when i do it in english, Japanese people say it’s boring so im gonna do both today but isn’t it annoy6ing to put subtiles? yeah but i do it everytime what are we doing today? today so for peope watching overseas hey isn’t it too loud here? okay yeah shouldn’t we do this somehwere else? just wait a minute please GENIUS right i am aren’t it? oh french toast! its good! its really good! but this isn’t the place “chomp chomp” craft german beer modern german food “meguro river” river RIVER do you know what kawa means? “yeah i understando japanese” what does kawa (river) mean then? it means ocean right? no it doesn’t “were you just in Nakameguro!?” Im NOT wait did they change it? hold up it was here right? it should have been here wait… wait im so confused you always say “i wanna eat” like kuuitai (which is rude japanese) no no what i say is “i want to eat yakinikuuu” i want to eat yakinikuuu! what? what pronunciation is that supposed to be? its yabatan san no its NOT yes it is! no its like this i want to eat yakiniku!! yeah thats it you eat on a bed bed? yeah on a bed? its like eating in a room i was totally thinking of going to that place but you know I didn’t know if they were open yet or not so yeah (im a liar) whats fUUNY? which one? excuse me ill take the daily lunch what does it mean by vanilla ice cream? it means you can choose either ice cream or a drink okay ill do tea then “omgggg there’s ice cream!?
” “ill take a tea” it looks so good but i didn’t know this one was fried too i accidentally got all fried food i love fried food okay yeah i love it too but i was thinking maybe ill go for some healthy stuff today whatever what did u get? i got… tamagoyaki and friend chicken cutlet and you got plain ol tamagoyaki!? how boring! but i love it.. and beef stew and well pork miso soup i forgot what i ordered salmon its sugar eggs isn’t it? keeki hime is actually kind of picky with veggies well.. i dont really like raw fish she’s picky! is this just.. but in america, at least we can bring them home in Japan you can’t you can’t? i dont think so.. oh really.. but it’s a waste of food so.. i think it’s better to bring home the leftovers i had a Japanese friend tell me but apparently Japan is the number one country that wastes food he was Japanese but he was super passionate about that stuff he said he wants to change those things thats nice lets change it you slide it to the side you are a genius man my Japanese friend taught me this wow amazing RIGHT what is that what? what? its lotus root! can’t you tell by looking? i can’t people are gonna say this is gross since im showing this one of my japanese friends told me when she was younger, and she ate pizza with a boy she was embarrassed to leave some on her plate like the crust she was embarrassed if she didn’t eat all the crust cus its gross she took my photo! 123 how cute! cus i saw it no u didnt i saw right here these pictures always make my face so white the other day ghost you look like a ghost lets get them to take our picture lets get them to take ours shes so annoying i know call them for me you call them! you’re closer!

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