She is a Travel Legend | EP 01 | Amrita
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She is a Travel Legend | EP 01 | Amrita

Hi, My name is Amrita. I am an architectural graduate. Just graduated in July. Now on the hunt for a good job. I am here as a rider or rather Talking about my interests a traveller I love traveling. Being an architectural student, architecture and art fantasizes me I am a die hard fan of traditional things. Old books, philosophies, and anything that preserves yesterday interests me, be it even old utensils, basically anything archeological. I like travelling alone, or with a small group of friends. But traveling alone is what I prefer more. architecture has changed me a lot. 5 years back if u ask me about my trips, I used to travel but never alone and not much with friends either. The changes that accompanied the 5 year graduation journey has made me fall for the love of travel. During my course, there were case studies, analysis and I started travelling for it. For the purpose of research I started travelling and exploring different places. That is how I started liking the whole idea of travelling. Now travel has been a solution to every kind of issues. If I feel a bit low or disturbed, a trip lifts me up. 5 years back, I was never allowed to travel anywhere. But again architecture played the magic. During the first year, when sir directed to go for a case study, and I presented the same at home. My father was like, he will send a car. But later they started realising it would not be possible to come along always,have to leave me with friends. Obviously the pampering of parents. Now things have changed all that they say is be safe , travel and come back. It was a gradual change. I think it’s common in most homes it is out of their love, care and protection, they hesitate to let their kids travel But once you go and prove yourself, they will let you go anywhere. Just take the initiative and atleast travel to nearby places, try exploring what you have never seen It will definitely bring about a change in you. Carry along a small bag which will be easy to carry around and also clothes that can be reused, which will dry easily. If we have a structured plan, then may be we could carry everything but when we go for a quick unplanned trip, it will be difficult to carry a heavy bag so it’s better to reduce the number of clothes we carry and carry only the necessities. It’s better to carry what we require rather than carrying many things which we wouldn’t even be using. if we plan properly it will easy to carry Exploring Calcutta was an experience, i know something bad going to happen i just go for a walk it has so many old buildings, rich in art I reached there during the day time. But there was some instinct in me that pulled me back from there. i feel like some problems in there As we move forward through that area, the streets become smaller and the way people stare makes us concious. but that place has something in it. I stil feel it was a right decision I took at that point to come back probably if I had moved further into those streets I might have lost my way. . When I returned to my stay, my friends in the pg told me it was not the right time to explore that street. Since I don’t belong to that place, they advised I must be a bit more concious. During my second year, as part of my research study, for research i read different things I happened to read about an old village in Karnataka And something in me pulled me towards it and I took it up as my research topic. I read about that village in a yathra magazine. I was not the person I had been, when I returned from that place. That is the kind of changes it brought in me I stayed for around 2 weeks in that place. The kind of experience I reaped from that place is unforgettable. May be I wouldn’t have had this experience if I had been there as a group. My guides there was a small group of kids, who spoke in tamil. I am not fluent in Tamil Still I spoke to them They took me around on a cycle These kind of small experiences are so close to heart and unforgettable to me. Travelling is a huge heap of memories. There is nothing that can replace travel. I am so happy about the changes it has brought in my life ! To be honest initially I was afraid. Because that is what we were taught from our childhood if you go out, there will be a circle of issues that will follow That is how we all commonly think. When we go somewhere, what our parents immediately think is how many have been there, and what all issues they have faced. they just ignore the good that happened there That is kind of negativity that pops out first. If we know how our mind thinks, we can easily tackle our thoughts. What we need depends on our choice, so nothing else matters I was insecure years back how I would catch the right bus, how I would read the boards on buses but that was 5 years back. In Kerala the boards might also be written in English, but when we travel to Karnataka, it is all written in Kannada. I was worried how I would read those boards and I used to feel people staring at me. But it all changed through travel. If you are someone who would love to travel and see the world around you, you must come out and I assure all your insecurities will fly away. I was afraid to travel alone first Now I don’t have any kind of fears, there is some kind of confidence in me used to act bold, but inside I was scared. before I was a scared and insecure person But that has changed tremendously. I feel I will manage things easily now, I wouldnt be that girl who used to worry about the bus and lost somewhere I wonder about return bus. and i felt like i trapped there alone the battery charge in the phone,the power in my battery backup I was insecure for small things now I change drastically now I don’t have phone I’m sure i will return home I have learned to even manage money now. before I check money every time I tensed up for small thing before I have learned to even manage money now. now I change drastically. Earlier there were too many questions I used to face from home. They never used to leave me out, I would never blame them it’s purely Out of their love, Everyone used to question a lot. But when I chose architecture, parents had to leave me since I was going for my case studies. So slowly parents started feeling that she will travel and come back safe, If we depend on the society’s approval, nothing will ever happen, so as now if parents are fine, then I am fine. don’t leave them like to much scene created it’s like sin And it’s always easy to convince our parents its hard to convince all of them easy to convince our parents they are our parents we can convince easily. I like 2 wheelers and when I turned 18 I went and took my learners. I had the plan to get a scoote a convincing my father but that didn’t happen. My dad had a Yamaha RX 100 then, and he told me to ride and learn in that That’s how I learnt to ride a bike. When it was sold, I started riding bullet. initially i used to ride to buy households from Ernakulam and small small things. later started going to cousin’s homes in Thrissur and all. 6 months back, I was riding through Kadavanthara when a lady on the same bullet came opposite both of smiled and later she took a U turn and came behind me thats how I joined a riders group in Ernakulam I could meet like minded people in that group, there is age gap in the group, but then we all share common interest. I get to many good experience with them. now I’m in rider group I haven’t travelled outside Kerala on bike, but have gone for small trips in kerala. Have travelled with the group also. That’s like a different aspect of travel. Different dimensions of travel. Everyone asks about the safety while travelling, talking about my perspective whether we travel as a group or alone or with family, We must be concious We must not ignore the surroundings we must observe and look at what is around us. I don’t feel going alone would cause issues, because I have faced issues when I have travelled with my family as well So it’s not about whom we are with. For an eg, once when I was going abroad. I felt something moving on my hand, initially I thought it’s some insect when I returned I also feel the same thing I was not so aware of the surrounding or rather I was ignorant but suddenly when I turned around, I noticed it was a hand rather I was ignorant i like sit in window seat I was enjoy the view I’m never expect about that situation because first time I face these type of issue At that point, nobody could react, neither me,more people with me all that I could do was make my brother sit in that seat. Just flipped seats. When I boarded the flight, I just went reacted and came back. my cousin even my family they don’t react that issue. I’m the only one to came up to react no words coming because of my anger I slapped him and came back Now when I look back at it, it’s a funny and happy moment. So this is just an example of how we must be concious if we are with or without our family. ( BG MUSIC PLAYING ) going outside Kerala, I prefer a slow pace, on any vehicle that I get. I kike to travel that way. If we plan too much, it usually doesn’t happen, so its better to make quick plans though there is pain in it but it will bring so much of happiness. So I prefer trips like those. I did my internship in Culcutta. It was like each day I target some place and go there. That brought so much of confidence and positive energy. The experience in Culcutta and knowing it’s soul is something that comes into my memory now. I feel it as a luck Similarly one night suddenly thought of going to Vishakapatnam, Telangana side. I din’t even have the tickets slept at the dormitory of the railway station, but all those are real good memories. Planned trips are almost forgoten, when I go Thailand that was structural planned trip but these unplanned ones are more sweet memories. When I think of those unplanned trips I feel proud that I have conquered atleast a small portion of my desires and dreams. Atleast a few among my to do list is accomplished ! that’s bring me happiness to me. Explore nature, Explore your soul Trek n Explore


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