SHANTI VLOG: Rehearsal at Zinteco, new EDM program & booking for 2019 (Eng Sub)
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SHANTI VLOG: Rehearsal at Zinteco, new EDM program & booking for 2019 (Eng Sub)

Today we’re going to shoot vlog about our rehearsal. There were no problems till we got involved with EDM. That’s what it is! Now we can’t rehearse in the basements, just like normal undergroud people. We need to rent big spaces to test the sound… You will see everything for yourselves! I’m plugging in… We forgot to remove the table for Altar from our rider… But Uma hasn’t brought anyone with her. One two, one two People always argue what mixing desk is better… My opinion – it’s the one you’re familiar with! Now we’re trying to find out how to do a playback – by six, for or two channels. We’ve dwelt at six channels. Of course, it makes technical rider more complicated. But it makes sound better for the audience. Guys say that it sounds cool anyway without comparison. Yes, it’s working… “Working…” While Chaban is tuning his bass… Today was the day we could set up all of our devices. Cause we’ll be touring a lot in 2019! My daughter has grown up… And now we can be on the road again… Bo: And here appears a ”booking” sticker! So invite us to play the shows, we’re ready! We finished our rehearsal. It was an important one, that’s why we were had been searching for the space that imitates the concert hall. We made a lot of conclusions, fixed some things… So our program will become even better now. Usually there is no opportunity to do that at soundcheck before the concert. Cause you have another priorities: you need to set up quickly to rest a little before the show. Now we have done everything we needed. I think it’s important to do such a big rehearsals. I mean with concert hall sound. You’ll hear everything for yourselves soon! We’re ready! See you at the concerts!


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