[S2 – Eps. 26] An afternoon with an unusual surviving glacier
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[S2 – Eps. 26] An afternoon with an unusual surviving glacier

It’s just every time I think, okay I’m going to walk a bit more and then you hear the cracking of the ice and I’m thinking maybe another piece is going to break off! Good morning internet, it is 07:59 in the morning and welcome back to the channel. This is for breakfast today pretty nice, they have quite a big buffet over here, so I was already expecting quite a nice breakfast given how nice this place looks Look, I’m sitting on a chair, with like sheep fur everywhere, look at that super fancy Anyway, today is going to be I think a long day because I am riding to El Calafate today to see the glacier, El Perito Moreno, and I think kilometer wise it’s about two hundred twenty kilometers I think to El Calafate but from there it’s still 75 kilometres to the glacier and back and I think, so my plan is to go to El Calafate, find a place to stay, put my bags down there, so my bags are not on the bike and then go to see the glacier and then come back. So that’s the plan for today, depends a bit how fast I’m going and the weather and all of that but I think it should be really nice, it’s a beautiful place I’m looking forward to seeing the glacier So, breakfast and then go Okay, let’s have a quick look on the map. In the last video I was riding around here in Torres del Paine National Park This is kind of an artist impression there is no roads indicated so I don’t really know, but I was kind of riding somewhere around here and today, so I’m super close to the border with Argentina and today I’m going to cross the border and then I think I can catch a little bit of dirt road over here and then I’ll reach El Calafate and the glacier, Perito Moreno is over here, so that’s like 75 kilometers from El Calafate Alright, so Before I do anything else we’re going to cross the border which is super close to here, so first cross the border into Argentina You know, actually it is snowing at the moment I don’t know if you can see it, there are tiny snowflakes They are the tiniest little snowflakes But they are definitely snowflakes Can you see them? Probably you can’t see them, so you’re gonna have to trust me on this one I don’t know what the temperature is, maybe 15 degrees or something It’s not cold but Yeah, tiny little snowflakes I forgot to put in the navigation where I’m going Here is the border I think Judging by all the buses Wow, it’s a little busy And, welcome back in Argentina! That was the border well, it took quite some time, especially on the Chile side, just because that huge line of people coming out of the tour buses but luckily I managed to overtake the buses in No-man’s land so on this side it was a lot quicker See, there is Torres del Paine from the last video Ha! A petrol station I need that Because there was no petrol in Torres del Paine So I’m going to get some here Oh, that’s a nice petrol station! Maybe I should stick one of my stickers here too See if there’s anybody there Look at all the stickers! Ah! Hello How are you? Good Oh, thank you Ok Only cash ok Only cash ok. Yes There we go Itchy Boots was here. Thank you So I’m going to catch a dirt road from here So, these are some of the frustrations of taking pictures for instagram and recording for YouTube It’s too windy, my tripod does not stay I just noticed that I lost my GoPro stick The one I use to record like that and from the back It fell off. There was no camera attached on it! But the stick.. I lost it I just drove back 15 kilometres.. nothing So yeah, I don’t know, I’ve been on this road for 50, 60 kilometers I think So I’m not going to drive all the way back Maybe even if I do that, I miss it still It’s gone. Gone! What to do Find a new one! So for now, no footage from those angles Such is life, unfortunately You loose stuff, on the way. It’s part of the game Today is not going very fast It is still 112 kilometres to El Calafate and it’s now 12 o’clock So but first finish this part of the dirt road I’ll keep my eyes out again maybe I missed it while riding back But I think it’s gone! Let’s go! Wow, you know, from the distance this really looked like a person well, it’s clearly not anyway I’m back at the main road Ruta 40 to El Calafate El Calafate Hosteria Do you want me to pick the bike now? Yeah? Ok yeah! Is it here okay or you want it there? Here is ok? Ok What a cute room! So it’s about 2 o’clock now I’m going to a place to have a lunch They told me about a cafe where they make sandwiches Sounds nice And I already took the bags off so then I’m just going to ride a light Dhanno up to the glacier to see Perito Moreno. I’ve been to that glacier before, so it’s not the first time I’m going to see it but it remember it very well from the last time and it’s really mighty impressive so I really don’t mind going again It’s a 75 kilometer ride from here but guessing how big of a tourist attraction it is it’s probably all paved, so it’s not a long ride This is the place that got recommended to me, so let’s check it out. El Bar Sandwiches, waffles Can I sit down? Yes? This is looking good! Look how skinny Dhanno is without all the luggage and how filthy as well But I can keep on cleaning her after every ride but there’s no point, the next day as soon as I hit a dirt road she is filthy again I should be able to fit through the door Just fits! Thank you! This is not the grey fox, I think this is the Patagonian fox It’s definitely not scared Beautiful Wow, look at it! I think it was a good choice to come here later in the afternoon because on the way up I passed so many buses leaving this place I mean, this is a very touristy place and I think if you come here earlier on the day it’s extremely crowded but now it’s super quiet Look at this glacier Isn’t it great! It’s a long walk way that they’ve built here see. Every now and then, there’s big chunks of ice that fall off would be cool to catch one on camera but that doesn’t happen all the time and by the time I have the camera ready it’s already in the water but maybe we’re lucky, who knows So this glacier is more than 200 square kilometers It’s huge, I read that it’s almost the same size as the city Buenos Aires The same size is this glacier I think it’s really difficult to truly capture how big this glacier is It’s absolutely unbelievable You see all these people, everybody is standing here, hoping that a big piece will break off and fall Got that one! It’s just, every time I think, I’m going to walk a bit more and then you hear the cracking of the ice and I’m thinking maybe another piece is going to break off. It’s just so spectacular when a big chunk just falls off It looks quit small from here but I’m actually quite far away still but the pieces of ice that break off, they are massive Alright, let’s go back to El Calafate Bye Perito Moreno! And I’m back in my cute little room Wow, it was a really long day, it is now 19:00 hours so I spend quite some time at the glacier I mean, it’s just incredible to see It doesn’t get old, you can just watch this glacier all the time pieces break off because this glacier actually moves 1 to 2 meters every day, then pieces break off and actually this is one of the few glaciers in the world that are not reclining but it’s actually stable or even growing I think and yeah, just a wall of ice of 60 meters high, I mean just incredible Oh and one more fact that I forgot to say that glacier, Perito Moreno was named after a Argentinean explorer, Francesco Moreno, I think and he managed to keep this part out of Chilean hands, so that’s why this is part of Argentina Yeah and it’s funny with these things because I was thinking, so 9 years ago I traveled from Mexico down to Ushuaia and back up to Brasil So a large part of the route that I’m now doing with the bike, I’ve already done it, but that time I was backpacking. So many places, also Ushuaia I was already there before, I was here before Torres del Paine, I was hiking there before, but just with the bike, it’s just a completely different experience because now I mean, the glacier Perito Moreno, I remembered it very well I remembered that it was very impressive but actually the road towards the glacier was so fun to ride, I really enjoyed it. Whereas that part I cannot remember because I was sitting in a bus and probably I don’t know, chatting to other people or something So those are just small things that I really appreciate in a different way now that I’m doing it on a motorcycle So anyway, that was that I hope you liked this video, if you did please give me a big thumbs up and subscribe down below and then I’ll see you in the next video!


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