Royal Caribbean vs Norwegian Cruise line: Battle of the cruise lines
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Royal Caribbean vs Norwegian Cruise line: Battle of the cruise lines

[Bell dings] Royal wins. Yeah!!! Ahoy there Cruisers! B: We’re going to put two of the biggest cruise lines in the world against each other. B: Royal Caribbean versus
D: Norwegian Cruise Line D: But first don’t forget to subscribe. B: Okay then. B: So let’s break this down to make it really easy. We’re going to break it
into different categories such as; best ship, best cabin, best entertainment
and best value for money. Then we’re going to give
them a point each. So you can either give Norwegian a point
or Royal Caribbean a point. To make this fair, because both lines
have new ships and old ships, we’re just going to compare
this on the new ships. So for Royal Caribbean thats the Oasis class
and Quantum class. For Norwegian that’s the Escape class. So the Norwegian Escape, Encore,
Bliss, Joy, Getaway and Breakaway. So let’s start with who has
the best ship. Well, Norwegian all together have 16 ships. Including the older ships and Royal Caribbean
comes in at a much bigger fleet of 25 ships. What we also find, as well, is that we think Royal Caribbean ships always tend to look inwards. So things such as the Boardwalk area and the Central Park area are through the middle the ship with cabins looking down onto it. Whereas Norwegian Cruise Line tends to look outwards. With the wonderful Waterfront area. Which is the wrap around promenade deck with a bars and restaurants on it. But then again the Royal Promenade in the center of the ships also really fantastic. With loads of shops and dining. So that’s something that Norwegian definitely doesn’t have. You can’t beat the fact that the Central Park and the Boardwalk areas are fantastic spaces. Really well themed with the
actual live plants and the live – I was going to say animals but there
is no animals! B: Live Animals!
D: [Laughs] Royal really does pip it with the
innovation of what’s on their ships. The water parks on NCL for me are slightly more terrifying with that drop water slide. They are probably a little bit scarier. So it’s subjective. It’s really hard isn’t it to
pick who’s the best out of this. In terms of what’s on there for kids. Well they’re both very similar for kids clubs. But we think maybe the new Royal Caribbean ships maybe pip Norwegian Cruise Line for the kids facilities. Right, shall we vote then B: [imitates a drum roll] B: I’m not looking, I’m not looking! B: Ready? 3, 2, 1… [Crowd cheering] B: Oh we both voted for Royal.
D: We both voted for Royal. Yeah they probably a little bit more
innovative. Norwegian Cruise Line however are really catching up fast. With new things like the motor cart racing track and things like that. So yeah. Royal or the win I think for the ships. B: Next category is who has the best cabin.
D: Oooooh! Well let’s talk about Norwegian Cruise Line first of all. So we think these are much better for solo travellers because they have a lot of Solo
cabins on their ships. Really big areas with the whole solo lounge as well which is fantastic. I mean that solo lounge it’s possibly – I think one of the only ones you get at sea. It isn’t great. We’ve had a look in it. It’s a nice big space and it’s great to meet other solo cruises like yourself. There’s loads of different categories of cabin. They don’t have the virtual balconies which Royal Caribbean have on most of their new ships. So that’s definitely a plus for Royal. When it comes to suites Royal Caribbean
does have some fantastic sweets. Probably the most impressive. With the kids suite and dual duplex Suites which is dual level which look fantastic. But what Norwegian do – extra special – is the Haven area which Royal Caribbean don’t. So this is a separate area for suite
guests. With their own pool, outdoor areas, restaurants and lounges. It’s like a ship within a ship. But Royal don’t do this. But then Royals still do have perks for their suite guests. Such as the VIP seating at the shows and the restaurant that’s just for suite guests. Plus the innovative Royal Genie. Your personal butler that is supposed to anticipate your every needs. You also get this on Norwegian with the concierge service. But when it comes to families there is a massive range of cabins on both ships. But, I do think Norwegian just pips it. They have some amazing family cabins which sleep up to 5 or 6 people and have adjoining room cabins which are fantastic. Something Norwegian has is
the spa suites. These are a standard cabin but with access to the thermal suite on-board. D: And other spa things like that.
B: Thats really good. So that’s an extra added option for cabins. Shall we have a vote? 3, 2, 1… D: Norwegian?
B: Norwegian! It has to be Norwegian for them catering for solo travelers and the amazing suite area with the Haven. Round 3 So which ships have the best entertainment onboard? Norwegian Cruise Line has Broadway shows as well as Royal Caribbean cruise line. On Norwegian you’re going to find
shows such as “Rock of Ages”, “Kinky Boots”, “Jersey Boys” and “Million Dollar Quartet”. And on Royal Caribbean you’ll find the Broadway shows “Mamma Mia”, “Cats”,
“We Will Rock You”, “Grease” and more. So, I think they’re the probably just
about the same. It’s really tough to to figure out which one’s best. Norwegian Cruise Line has extra shows such as the Cirque show. But these are in an extra cost. Which is a little bit – you know – you have paid for your cruise and then it’s an extra cost on top of that. B: Wine Time the musical it’s called isn’t it?
I forgot whats its called. D: Happy Hour: The Musical
B: Happy Hour: The Musical B: Wine time the musical? They both have a really good selection of
game shows and trivia during the day. What Norwegian do really well is having
comedy clubs onboard which are great. They have some really good comedy clubs with visiting comedians and visiting acts. Same with Royal Caribbean. But I think Norwegian aims a little bit of an older audience with their deck parties. D: So like the “White Party”
B: Oh the deck parties are so fantastic. They are so much fun.
Really elaborate. You have glow parties, white parties and themed parties. Really good stuff. So across the ships you can find loads of
music. We’ve liked the live bands in the pubs and the bars, solo guitarists, all sorts going on. What Royal Caribbean do really well is that they have 2 theaters on the newer ships. So on the Quantum class and the Oasis class. The amazing big theater at the front
showing those Broadway shows and at the back you have the aqua theater. Where they put on spectacular aqua shows with amazing aerialists jumping in the pool. Obviously on the Quantum class ships you have the same theater, but then you have the 270 at the back. With the big robot moving
arms and those spectacular shows. B: So, shall we vote then?
D: Time to vote! Let’s pick. 3… 2… 1… [Cheering]
[Bell rings] B: Ooh I can see we picked the same one. D: Did you pick the same one?
B: Yeah, Royal Caribbean. It’s so, so close guys. I think it JUST has to be Royal Caribbean. I think the Broadway shows are very similar in the main theaters. I think they’re on a level. But then, for me, Royal just pips it by having that extra venue. So having the 270 – 360 – 180… D: What’s it called?
B: The 270 theater B: And the Aquatheater
D: Or the Aquatheater depending on whcih ship you are on. I think it just gives it that
little edge over Norwegian Cruise Line. Shall we have a go for the next round? Round number four? Round number 4. Let’s take a look at who has the best activities onboard. Let’s look at some of the features
on Norwegian Cruise Line ships. On the newer ships you have those amazing go-karts which are just
fantastic. As well as water slides – really thrilling water slides, climbing walls, child specific pools, laser-tag, outdoor screens, ropes courses, mini-golf and some fantastic themed parties. On Royal Caribbean you have the
dodgems, the North Star, iFly, FlowRider, they also have climbing walls and an ice rink on the ship which is also a laser-tag arena. When it comes to innovation we reckon that Royal Caribbean just piping them at the post. Ooh let’s go. 3… 2… 1… B: We voted the same again.
D: Royal Caribbean again. I think they just pop them to the post. The RipCord by iFLY and
the amazing FlowRider. The North Star and the zip-line and the
Abyss slide. D: Yeah
B: I think they just pip them dont they. But Norwegian Cruise Line are catching up. So, shall we do the next round? Round number five and it’s a big one guys. It’s who has the best dining. Do you wanna talk about Norwegian? So, they have the freestyle dining concept. Which means that you can dine wherever you want, with total flexibility and no set time dining. You do need reservations however
for the speciality restaurants and there are plenty of speciality restaurants to choose from. With tons of options from Italian to Asian to seafood and everything in between. We do think they are better for 24-hour
around-the-clock dining with the included pub onboard that’s
some great food options. Whilst on Royal Caribbean you do have some places which are open most of the day Its usually restricted just a pizza or sandwiches. But with the pub on Norwegian you can order main dishes which is great especially if you’ve been partying all night and what a midnight snack. So, with Royal Caribbean they have fixed
and flexible time dining. But with the flexible time dining we found that some ship still make you make reservations for a certain time which kind of goes against the whole flexible thing. There is a larger choice of
speciality on the bigger and newer ships and reservations are always required for
speciality dining just as Norwegian. What we really like about Norwegian is
the alfresco options on The Waterfront. So you’re able to eat outside. You don’t tend to be able to do this with the main speciality restaurants on Royal Caribbean ships. So that is definitely a pip in Norwegians cap. Shall we vote? 3… 2… 1… Norwegian! Yeah, I think Norwegian. Both of them are about the same quality through all of their restaurants and buffets. But we think with the outside dining,
that’s a definite plus for us. On the beautiful Waterfront at sunset. So who has the best value for money? Now, this is a really important one for us. Let’s talk about Norwegian first of all. Well, lots of the restaurants and some of
the activities are an extra charge. Just like on both cruise lines. But what Norwegian do, which is fantastic, is continuously run there “Free at Sea” program. Now this is where you can pick two or three items, completely for free. Usually these include the drinks package – which is always worth the most money – and dining package, Wi-Fi or onboard credit. where they give you some money you can
spend onboard. So while we’re Royal Caribbean don’t run the drinks promotion all the time. They do occasionally offer 30 percent of pre-cruise purchases before you sail which you can use against the cost of a drinks package. Especially here in Europe. We’ve been looking at some of the prices of cruises and Royal Caribbean do usually come in a little bit cheaper. Because I think Norwegian obviously factor in the “Free at Sea” charge at the beginning. Royal Caribbean don’t have as many paid extras on some of their ships as Norwegian do. All the entertainment, or most of the
instrument should say, is included in the price of your cruise. With Royal Caribbean you will not find as many discounts as you do with Norwegian when booking or extra offers like the ones that we mentioned earlier. B: Oh it’s a really tough one this shall we vote?
D: Yaaaaas 3… 2… 1…. D: Norwegian
B: Yeah I think it depends on
where in the world you are. I think Norwegian with their “Free at Sea”
package is so fantastic I don’t think you can go wrong. Do you? No, especially if you are a drinker and you do enjoy and use the drinks package it is going to be the best value for money. But if you are maybe traveling with a family who’s going to be doing all the onboard activities it could add up. So maybe Royal is better for you. So its a tie overall! Which I think is a really – I think that quite
fair because both of the cruise lines have massive downsides and have massive upsides. I think you just merge them both into one cruise ship taking the best bits from Norwegian and the best bits from Royal Caribbean. Could you imagine it’d be fantastic! So an Oasis class ship with the waterfront and that amazing dining. With the “Free at Sea” as well. B: Amazing
D: Ben’s building cruise ships now B: Im going to build a cruise ship!
Ben & David cruise ships. D: Could you imagine
B:Cruising the world! So guys that it for this episode. Please give us a subscribe and hit that bell
button to be notified when we upload a brand new video. If you’d like to support us further please consider supporting us on Patreon. Big thank you to our cruise captains Amy and Tris! So that’s it till next time. Happy Cruising! Dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, Smackdown! It is like bats isn’t it! Royal vs. Norwegian


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  • Susan Diekmann

    Hi, guys! My score was a tie, but I really prefer looking outside rather than in. I haven't tried the mega ships of RC for that reason.

  • Tammy Anglesey

    Very nice comparison, thank you! I don't really want to try the mega-ships. They are stunning but just too big. Maybe I'll change my mind one day. I have to vote for NCL.

  • spacegreycoralred

    Gee a tie, big surprise from two guys that constantly suck up to all the lines, just so they can get free cruises…. totally biased. Not credible.

  • Laura Gwillim

    Hello guys! Great video as usual 🤓 The 2 classes for the newer NCL ships are Breakaway class: Breakaway and Getaway and Breakaway Plus class: Escape, Joy, Bliss, Encore. The free at sea is what got me to go with NCL. I was just on the Breakaway last month. The best design feature on the 2 classes in my opinion is the waterfront and the thermal suite. We had a spa mini suite with access the the thermal suite which we used after port and to detox 😜 from the previous night’s indulgences! Sadly, the Joy does not have a thermal suite. It was replaced with the Galaxy Pavilion virtual reality gaming center 😢. I’ll be on the NCL Star in March for a 9 day southern Caribbean then on the NCL Joy in Feb 2021 for a 12 day Panama Canal. For 2022 the plan is Alaska on the NCL Bliss! Isn’t cruising the best vacation ever? 🛳⚓️

  • Crazycattraveler

    I love you guys but FYI, Royal does have solo cabins too. Plus they even have solo balconies. Great vid though.😁

  • Just M

    Great comparison video! I agree with your votes for all categories. But I’ll add 2 other categories, customer service and games/onboard programs. For me, NCL will win both.

  • Steven S

    I was watching yesterday "Cruising with Wheels" and Frank says people confuse them with you two on cruises? Isn't that funny! This was a great video because NCL and RCCL seem to try to out do each other with their newest ships. But being from the U.K., why did you use U.S. money in your clips? LOL

  • Neil Bechtold

    Hello Gents! I always look forward to getting a notification for any new video of yours. I just booked a studio cabin for the NCL Encore for the first full week of January 2020…so i'll let ya know how the solo coordinator works out for that week. I also, per your recommendations, used my free at sea choice and took the drink package. Even though it doesn't include the specialty coffees etc that the premium plus package includes, the studio lounge provides complimentary coffees so it should be great (i'll bring my own hazelnut creamer though). Finally, I plan on trying to purchase a Thermal spa pass for the week and maybe a day or two at Vibe. Keep up the great videos!

  • Deborah Bolton

    Thanks for the great video and I love Norwegian Cruise Line. I don’t care for the humongous chips that have all those extras on them. Like go carts and ice-skating rink zip lines etc. And when I’m in a balcony cabin I want to look out on the ocean, but I do ask for pools for adults and hot tubs. The really I’m on a cruise ship to get to a beach.

  • Gena Finley

    Thank you for this comparison. We have only ever cruised on Royal Caribbean and were considering Norwegian Cruise Line for our next cruise. I'm glad to know we'll have a pretty similar experience on Norwegian.

  • Dan Carey

    Another great video! I think they tie too. I would pick the cabins on royal as they seem bigger than ncl and but ncl's new ships as i find the new royal ships just too big.

  • frank rotondo

    Enjoy both lines but NCL a bit more since it’s very casual and really no dress code also many free dinning areas to use , the 24 hr diner in atrium is grand also love the Bliss and also love RCCL Oasis class but NCL a bit cheaper to cruise

  • RedNekLvr22

    Have you two ever done a video for gay cruisers? There are special considerations to look at when cruising as a member of the LGBTQ community plus the gay charter cruises out there. I was on Carnival Victory as a solo gay traveler back in July, and while the staff was wonderful and very gay friendly, there were certainly moments where the awkwardness and isolation was very palpable. Just thought you might be able to speak on these issues in a video soon.

  • joecichlid

    As others have noted, the larger RCL ships are lacking in areas to view the passing waves. But their smaller ships offer quite a bit. It is a trade off, lots of sea viewing or more activities aboard it seems. For me, the Radiance class of ships is my favorite because of the large amout of windows and decks to view from. Ideal for those Alaskan cruises!
    Also, some of the RCL ships have private areas from time to time for Suite Guests. They also have a private lounge for complimentary hors d'oeuvres and cocktails at dinner time.
    I haven't been on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship yet, but I hope to sometime soon. With 45 cruises on RCL, the perks make it hard to go for another cruise line. lol

  • Melissa Millstein

    You guys are the best! Just got off a RC cruise to Canada and New England and loved it! It was a mid size ship and still had a great variety of activities with being cost effective. We are doing Ovation to Alaska next summer can’t wait to compare what they have to offer on a newer ship. Norwegian sounds great too. Guess I’ll have to book another cruise hahah.

  • Kate PM

    I am equally split between the two for the same reasons. I prefer the larger ships for the entertainment value but find that for some ports the larger ships have to dock far away. We had to bus about an hour from our port to Stockholm on the Getaway.

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    Having never sailed Royal Caribbean my winner was NCL. Ben build that ship and I am definitely booking for the first cruise 😂😂

  • Tom DeSimone

    This is very subjective and a matter of opinion. I have cruised both Norwegian and Royal. I have found Royal to have better quality and selection of food. I have found Royal more economical too. The Norwegian Free at Sea are not really free. You pay gratuities for the drinks and dinners. I like Royal better but Notwegian cruises are great too.

  • Nikki B

    How long has NCL had the free at sea deal going on? Another plus is their free and discounted airfare. I got round trip non stop flights from SFO to MIA for $299 in July which is a steal! I prefer the formal night and knowing my regular server and table mates in the dining room with Royal.

  • Ian Gill

    First Royal Caribbean cruise in 172 days, no I'm not counting. I must admit I keep looking at the drinks packages and coughing but lets see. I got an email from Marella telling me the line artists for the mini cruise start of September, I believe you are both going on that one, I am sure you wont be using the free all inclusive drinks!! As we are on the Explorer mid month please dont drink it dry! The ship isn't brand new but the service should be great.

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    Love the video boys 🙂

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    Royal Caribbean does have a area for suite guests only. They have the coastal kitchen and they have a separate pool area for suite guests as well on Oasis class ships. I know cause I stayed in one and utilized those areas

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  • Ashley Jefferson

    This is a very ill informed review. Norwegian literally never offers their free at sea program on their newer ships. At least not when sailing from The States. And it’s interesting how you name all of Norwegians newer ships and none of Royals. IDK guys.

  • MidWest Katie

    Your video told me enough about both RCCL and NCL to second guess booking with either cruise line. Maybe they would be great if I took my kids or grandkids, but for just my husband and myself they look overwhelming. I don’t want to be exhausted at the end of my cruise. Thanks for your informative video!

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