Riding the Metro in Budapest, Hungary : Using Ticket Machines in Budapest Metro
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Riding the Metro in Budapest, Hungary : Using Ticket Machines in Budapest Metro

I’m Dante Mena, the author of the Adventure
Hungary travel guide, and here on behalf of Expert Village. And we will learn a little
bit more about how to get around in the city using the public transportation system. Once
again, here we are in one of the metro entrances. And one of the things which we must always
remember is to get those tickets. If you haven’t got a pain star, or a local office, that you
can see, then at every metro station you will also be able to find one of these ticket machines.
The ticket machines are really handy. Yes, it can get complicated because the language
is in Hungarian. And, although there is Hungarian, if you will look at the machine there’s a
British flag. And that tells you that the language is also in English. You press the
button, and – bingo! – you have English. This will tell you the cost of the tickets, and
of course, you can always pay by coin, by bank note, or also by credit card, including
debit card. We place our card here, and you can see that there is a keyboard with a sequence
of numbers, and you can also see that all of the major credit cards are honored at each
of the stations of the BKV. Once again, don’t forget that you can also use paper money.
Now that does not necessarily mean dollars. In fact, the insertion slot for the paper
money on the Hungarian machines are for the Hungarian forint. So you must carry Hungarian
forints with you in paper notes to use in these machines at these slots. As you will
note, at the bottom of the machine, you can see a window for change. And you can see the
name change there, of course. And on the opposite side, you would pick up your ticket. The ticket
will be dispensed after you insert the money into the machine or after your credit card
is accepted by the machine after you press the code. Once again, have a good trip.


  • pulsar

    Once I tried to buy a ticket in a machine exactly like that.I put the proper coins in, pressed, the button, and the machine gave me nothing (neither money, or ticket).
    After that, I went to the cassa, and told that to the local staff.They said that this machine is not their business (?) and I can call the number (there was a maintenance service number on it).This is Hungary.I had to buy another ticket from the cassa.And never saw that lost money again.

  • Arten Reichtum

    A very very very good information-video.

    Are there still these ticket maschines or have the been replaced by others?

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