REVIEW // eBags Professional Flight Laptop Backpack
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REVIEW // eBags Professional Flight Laptop Backpack


  • AmandaGotSomethingToSay

    I need that backpack. I’m a minimalist with no other reason to want this than to pack more efficiently. I love travel gear so much lol

  • Faith Bell

    Yay another bag review! I’m trying to decide on a backpack to bring for a one night trip. It would hold clothes and some toiletries, and I would carry while walking around the city. Which of the ebags backpacks would you recommend?

  • Baldwin Villager

    I always enjoy your reviews! #trivago #nike #someboby sponser ma' girl, she is so talented! She tryna be somebody!

  • Kaycia Sailsman

    I love how much pockets that this bag has. There is a pocket for everything without making your bag feel bulky which is loathe tremendously. Thanks for the review! I'll definitely be bookmarking this for future purchase. 🙂

  • Dave Mauder

    Nice review! I have been considering this bag so your detailed review really helps. I'm curious, what are those blue(ish) zipper pouches you are packing in the backpack? Are those from eBags? I've been looking for some good pouches to organize cables and various other doo-dads in my bag.

  • Kristin Wright

    I just bought that backpack after six months at my new job that requires I travel two weeks a month. The company gave me a backpack but I got what I paid for it. Kept just using it until I understood better what I needed. So many compartments required! I was using ziptop freezer bags to organize cables, food and other bits. Just got the pack today and have all my crap spread out on the living room table to figure out. The main compartment will be to pack one business outfit. I've been terrified I would arrive without my checked luggage for my consulting job. But the carryon I had would not take care of even one business outfit. My daughter's friend who works at the Postal Annex I use watched me unwrap and check the bag. Couldn't find the zipper for that main compartment for a bit. Zippers everywhere. Then when I found it and revealed the main space her comment was that this bag was a portal to Narnia. You know? That is a great image. Keeping it. Thanks for a review that makes me more confident I bought the right carry on.

  • phxazjarhead

    Thank you for the review. I agree, I love all the eBags I've bought over the years. I have about six bags and they are just great and can hold a lot of stuff.

  • MadWatchStudios

    Would you recommend this over the Ebags weekender pro? I've watched both your videos on them. I want something that will be good for 2 or 3 night trips.

  • Kevin O

    👋 Hi, I am a hair stylist and this would be great to carry your styling gear like blowdryer, curling iron, shears etc as well. Like your review . Easy to follow.

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