Remarks with United Arab Emirates Foreign Minister at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
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Remarks with United Arab Emirates Foreign Minister at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

a great honor for myself to have Secretary of State of the United States, my friend,
John Kerry, to the UAE, and it was wonderful to join him on a tour in Sheikh Zayed Mosque.
But this morning we had a very fruitful meeting with Sheikh Mohammed, and we very much rely
on the Secretary’s friendship and the strong relationship between the UAE and the United
States. So welcome. SECRETARY KERRY: Thank you. First of all,
let me just – I want to thank Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed, Sheikh
Tahnoon bin Zayed for a very warm welcome here today. I want to thank them for the privilege
of visiting this remarkable mosque, the bin Zayed Mosque, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, which
is one of the great mosques of the world, and for my money one of the truly most beautiful
mosques that I’ve had the privilege of visiting. It’s an extraordinary architecture and a
great tribute to Islam and to this country. And I congratulate them on this remarkable
accomplishment, built in nine years starting in 1995, and it really is quite amazing. I’m very grateful to Sheikh Mohammed bin
Zayed for his welcome today and for the time we spent on some very serious conversations
about the situation throughout the Middle East. We respect what United Arab Emirates
has been able to do to be able to accomplish significant progress in Yemen. We understand
completely and support the reasons that Saudi Arabia and the UAE felt compelled to take
acts of self-defense and to protect the security of this region. And I know that the UAE has
made sacrifices in that effort. We understand those sacrifices in the United States, and
we respect what has been achieved, and we respect the values that the UAE is standing
up for. We also talked very seriously today about
Libya, and we are committed to taking steps in the next weeks, months to try to address
that situation. And I thank the UAE for their commitment to trying to make sure that radical
religious extremism is pushed back in favor of a broad-based, tolerant, secular governance
which allows the people of Libya to be able to choose their future – not at the barrel
of a gun, but through a peaceful process. And finally, we obviously talked very seriously
about Syria. We are deeply committed to trying to achieve a ceasefire and a political process.
We want the violence to stop, and there again we want a secular Syria in which the people
of Syria choose their future. So we agreed today on a number of things that
we will work on specifically to try to accelerate the defeat of Daesh and to bring about the
peace and stability that the region wants. So again, a profound thank you to my friend
and my colleague Sheikh Abdullah, who works very closely on all of these issues. We’re
very, very grateful for the support of the UAE and all of its leadership. Thank you. FOREIGN MINISTER BIN ZAYED AL NAHYAN: We are
honored. Thank you.


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