Primer Curso De Capoeira En Dvd (En Español)
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Primer Curso De Capoeira En Dvd (En Español)

hello hello how are you friends
sorry for the delay a bit but I am arranging things anyway
very fast is a very very statement quickly have realized that I am not
very active in the channel and everyone knows that it’s because we had a problem with the
computer a few weeks ago and I can’t work i can’t edit videos
I only have the camera I have recorded videos but we can’t work
then a campaign was launched to be able to create a dvd the way you have
of supporting this campaign is buying the dvd when buying your dvd
you will automatically support for that this channel continues you will support
so we can buy a computer and let’s continue working
and really what you get it’s your dvd and besides that
you get your name to appear in dvd credits, we try to do this
project as a way to rescue this channel since unfortunately as they
I say we don’t have the resources to buy a good computer
we really need something of greater quality to continue offering them the
content I already made several publications if someone wants to buy their dvd what
70 copies left are only going to be made 100 copies of dvd we are going to start in
these days with the recording is a presale and we still have 70 copies
we only have two weeks to be able to reach that goal please support this
project if you want this channel continue because otherwise no
We can continue working. Then yes someone wants to buy their dvd and support
this project in the description of the video there is the link where you can
enter and where can you buy your dvd there are several packages of several
prices the price is usually appearing in Mexican currency but the
equivalent is to 13 dollars in digital format and the physical dvd in 15
dollars approximately we only have 15 days to complete this goal
then only 70 people want support this project that we
help to continue with this work and I invite you all to participate in
to join and that together we can make this channel continue follow
growing and well in general that is the statement that I had them all
so I hope you can support me I hope you can help us, from
same way right now I will continue uploading some videos you can with the
cellular or that is a basic edition and tutorials and if you want anything else
more then we will have to work all together I hope to have your support and
well, for my part that is a strong greetings to all those who
I’m here watching Alejandro Leonardo greetings joseph without silvera says cheers says
hello yes or yes of one please support buy it really
what they are getting is a dvd no they are giving away their money simply
is buying a dvd they will get a good material
I’m going to concentrate on creating them a quality material in which then I go
to try to guide them from the beginning even more advanced people and like
I also tell you to get the DVD because they will also support the channel and also
will make your name appear in the credits so support only we have
15 days help us to disclose please we have to reach the goal and this link is in the description enter buy your dvd support this project and
together they will see that it is much easier keep working thank you very much a
big hug to everyone and we see each other very very soon with new news I hope soon
upload more videos and be a little patients and right now we are taking longer
in the videos but as I say without computers we can’t follow
working so we go all the world to join us ok a big hug and
See you axé.


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