• Schizme Isvargat

    Hello Mr. Jordan. Do not worry. You have a very strong ally. Much stronger than You can even imagine. 🙂 I am on Your side.
    Best of wishes. 🙂

  • John Smith

    The pay per view fee is so that Dracula's publisher can sic lawyers on anyone who tries to post a phone capture of this tweedle-dee chat. Zizek mops the floor with Drac btw.

  • Radovan Bjelajac

    So, debate already started? This is very nice provocation by someone who will stand for capitalism. However, I will not pay you for pressing "enter" on live stream, not because I don't appreciate intellectual or philosophical debate, but because I appreciate it way to more; some things shouldn't be for sale. Love, for example. Did you know that philo-sophy means "love for wisdom"?
    Explain them Slavoj!! Bring some love…


    Oh man you and Zizek are my favourite modern day philosophers, I hope you end up liking each other even if your ideologies are so different.

  • Cypress Butane

    Hopefully you'll grow out of Peterson. Or else you'll end up running up to him on stage going 'Help! I need help!' and crying on your knees when you get to the end of all of his pseudo argumentation and shallow introductions of other people's ideas put into the service of right wing authoritarianism that he lacks the courage of his convinctions to actually stand for seriously. He's like a wet dish rag that won't admit it's a Nazi.

  • K Ramsey

    I am posting this to your personal page because I want to personally respond to a comment you made on a video with a reporter regarding women wearing makeup in the workplace. You specifically said that women are trying to arouse men. Well YOU are wrong. Completely wrong. Just because someone gave you a degree in doesn't mean you have all the answers. Some women wear make-up to make themselves feel better. Some women wear make-up to even or brighten their skin tone especially if they are aging or to cover up dark circles. You know that was a bad and unfair judgment to make. You know it……

  • Danny Kono

    I just saw this and it’s interesting. The only problem is Zizek makes absolutely no sense. He’s a great exemplar as to why continental philosophy is absolutely bankrupt. Hopefully JBP can squeeze some coherence out of this discussion…but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Danton Babeuf

    What a supreme example of narcissism. You want us to pay to watch two of them carry on so?

    Better value to spend the money on a Slavoj book, where his nuanced reflections on the world work better than sound bites in public. He doesnt do rhetoric and illogic publicly as well as dr lobster.

  • Roger Shaw

    Zizek says God is the greatest abortionist of all as only 1 out of however many sperm cells lives…If he uses that kind of silly false logic he should be quite easy for JP.

  • bluesage

    Thank you for producing this live stream, I took the street car to Sony centre on the day of the tickets releasing and they were already sold out when I got there. I would have loved to be able to see zizek in person, once in a lifetime experience.

  • Jaysons Adventures and Mischief

    Hi if we buy the live stream will we be able to start it from the beginning while you are still live?
    Or is it going to be like youtube where we must wait for it to conclude and process?

    west coast time here and 4:30PM is a little early!

  • Hamza Riazuddin

    How do I watch this live ? Anyone know ? And what time is it on…I’m unfortunately in Malaysia so time difference isn’t ideal but I’ve got jet leg so waking up at 5/6 in the morning isn’t a problem

  • Kurt Wiener

    $15 to watch an debate online when it actually has live seats that are already sold out. I mean … it's your prerogative to make the rules and I'm fine with that, but let me just say – from a customer's perspective, if you will – I just don't see how that's a good deal in any way. For that money I can see a movie in cinema that cost hundreds of millions and years to produce + a cold beverage and popcorn. Or I can watch two men debate each other on my shitty computer with my shitty internet in my shitty little apartment that probably can't even handle a 1080p stream.

    Yeah I'll pass and watch later.

  • Golden Centrifuge

    15 dollars? Wouldn't 5 dollars be enough? I was going to buy but I guess my broke ass will just have to wait for it to be free. Lame.

  • the distinguished boi

    the video quality is very good, but your voice sounds unnatural. It sounds like you're screaming, and reading instead of talking from memory/heart

  • rtcarv

    Left defensors(Zizek supporters) can have a misinterpretation of the reality with a cognitive distortion in the brain and a mental illness according to the book "Liberal Mind". There is no cure. Modern heresy.

  • MrMetalFan101

    Is Marxism in the same field as Capitalism? I thought Capitalism is part of an economic system, while Marxism is a social-politic? I'm sort of confused about this. Can anyone help?

  • XIPH05 XP5

    I'm playing this game of capitalism… good job/ salary, house, family, whatever else… done it, it took me years of working endlessly during the day and education during the night, just to get started. But, I am fucking tired of serving debt money for the sake of serving an economy that's meant to serving the people. Years are never repayed, and the battle continues relentlessly.

    I understand capitalism works well in developing economies – it's easy to put a shoe maker onto a factory line, but not easy to put people these factory workers into robotics and AI. UBI or education overhaul will be an absolute necessity in the near future.

    I agree that playing the game is your best bet of sorting your shit out. But life for the new generations I think are going to be a lot harder compared to the previous generation. On the basis that just getting a home now costs you 10* more, at least in the UK. (or renting, with your entire existence becoming just a 'service').

    Looking forward to this, love Petersons work, but part of me is hoping for some (less deadly) insights from Zizek.

  • brad koelewyn

    enjoy capitalism by buying the live stream or enjoy socialism by waiting a few weeks to hear it for free on the podcast. The hybrid system works…

  • Michael Julien

    Jordan, uhh, um, but Slavoj Žižek is not a communist. He's a "Lenninist" Marxists. He ain't no communist. You want to debate about and against the communist ideas of happiness under that political-economic philosophy, you are better to debate a Chinese Communist Party state funded philosopher from a state run university.

  • Marc

    Wait JP – you said you're posting the video on YouTube in mid May – then how exactly does the $14.95 price ensure a quality production – of something you're otherwise already producing to post on YouTube?

    Maybe you are investing more $$ because of the PPV? Sure sounds fishy – which I suppose is apropos given the "less than honest" reputation capitislic efforts, such as this one, have gained worldwide thus leading to the need for debates such as this one.

    I can afford $15 but it does seem an exorbitant price especially for students and otherwise unjustifiable. $15 is maybe 20% more than seeing a feature film in a theater. Yet you have no where near the production cost of a feature film, and whatever costs you do have seem to be incurring with or without the Pay-Per-View, and you're not even providing a theater in which to watch the event like feature movies do.

    In fairness, I understand your team may only get about 45% of the PPV revenue – so that tells me that you need to find a less costly way of streaming the video. And I understand that a payment system and a password system is not something that you can just whip up.

    Why not just do the first few live streams for free to gauge the demand without cost. Then with that baseline you could experiment with price to see where the revenue is highest. Maybe partner with Vimeo to see if those free-speech respecting folks can develop a less costly paywall system for some videos? I bet a $4.99 is miscellaneous to most people and thus may produce the highest revenue.

    I look forward to the debate.

  • Paul Clayton

    You had to go all the way to Slovenia to find a Marxist that will actually properly debate you on this topic lol

  • Robert

    No thanks, I am not giving you money to get schooled by Zizek. Hegelian Philosophy > Peterson's Crypto-Post-Modernism.

  • John Smith

    Why is this not free?
    I don't like invoking the whole array of conspiracies related to the greed of certain groups over others, but it strikes me as VERY peculiar that someone of your background would limit access in such a way. A livestream is cheap enough in these days, we've all seen your patreon you're not fooling anyone there. I'm almost upset because i do like your content, but this strikes me as something that goes against some of the core in your "teachings", IE the free exchange of ideas which is the foundation of the modern (based on judeo-christian values(or so we/you say)) world. I don't know I suppose I'm just a little disappointed.
    Well there's a lesson in that too…

  • Vlad Baran

    wow wow, What's with this profit making? Aren't donations enough? Why are you squeezing so much money out of this? Nobody of them need money so wtf?

  • trimatije

    The real experiment would be free streaming with donations, this is important debate with worldwide audience which not all can afford. I understand perfectly why people should pay for this as I believe it is immensely more valuable then $14.95, not to mention other factors, but calling it an experiment is tacky. For example the way Nina Paley is approaching the internet is experimental, this is just the way everybody else is doing it anyway.

  • Roger Shaw

    I spent $14.95 for the stream to go down during the introduction!!!! I need my money back and the fucking debate to be released immediately not 3 months later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Konrad von Marburg

    I PAID AND THE STREAM ISNT WORKING. THEY SAID it will work in 2 minutes but its still not working. I WANT MY FUCKNG MONEY BACK

  • seed MythosTree

    Is anyone trying to watch the debate now @ www.jordanvsslavojdebate.com? I am getting 503 error in the middle of Jordan’s opening argument.

  • Justin Dunn

    bought a ticket to support "Greatest Debate" — FU&CKING SUKED! The marxist didn't even defend his view. FKN SUPER UPSET IN SPENT 15$ on this fkn UTTER SHITSHOW

  • Liz Moyers

    I just finished watching the debate and it was truly amazing. I loved listening to both these amazing and smart men. I loved the respect by both men. When we can talk about things we find we have more similarities than differences. A worthwhile debate when you get a chance to watch it.

  • Nigel Broadbent

    Due to other things going on I was unable to attend this but I will consider any future events you hold to show support. Please continue to show these events online, thank you.

  • bachiano

    Damn. I just realized I missed the live stream on 4-19-19. I was ready to pay the 14.95 but I was not notified. Guess I'm out of the loop. 😢

  • Savitar

    The conversation with Zizek was very interesting and I would appreciate it if you briefly shared some of your thoughts about the debate.

  • Alessandro Baravelli

    Epic commercial fail. The video is already on YouTube. Thanks for shelling out the 14usd for nothing. If you can’t even enforce pirate copyright infringement well then you need to first fix your room

  • TheNuttyMechanic

    I never thought I'd see a day where we would start charging for livestreams, considering that live stream monotization is already thriving here on YouTube. It certainly rubs me the wrong way, but at least you were open and transparent I suppose.

  • Joseph Kelley

    Dr. Francis Schaefer did some amazing work on this argument. The humanist manifesto is worth looking at, as it is the ideological love child of communism and postmodern thought.

  • Prana Agape

    Prof Peterson,

    I am an actual "in class" student of both you and Slavoj. I know he brought you back into a cave deeper than you have ever been before. He exposed the desert. On the edge of my seat to see your post-debate response after you reemerge from the cave.

    This whole time you never realized how many of your patients you left behind after your fame and ego ballooning. I truly felt so sorry for you after you realized how inflated your whole ideas were, how much lack of self-criticism was involved!

    When I sat in your classes, I was awed by your Jungian analysis but always so dismayed by, and always dismissed your anti-marxist incoherence as elementary old man ramblings. Who ever thought this youtube clickbait asininity funnel would be directly feeding your inflated sense of self worth!

    It was truly crazy to see it all come crashing down, live in the debate. What Slavoj served for you. How you were staring the facts in the face at the debate. Dumbfounded and Dizzied.

    Welcome to the real world prof Peterson!

    Now it is time to take responsibility and make amends for your sins.
    Now is the time to judge your character, at the gates of heaven.
    It is time to choose, heaven or hell?

  • Eric Rounce

    BYE BUY! So long. Fare well. A Dios. And thanks for all the fish! I get it! JP is a great example of a self promoting capitalist. I don't mean that as any sort of criticism, by the way! I just personally find it useful to remain present and conscious of that fact.

  • Iian

    what a total cash grab, anyone who doesnt see Peterson as a fraud is retarded. He constantly lies and no one seems to notice.

  • Arid

    Could you please hold a talk with Sadhguru? Marxism and capitalism are both similar, compared to spirituality vs materialism. Please the talk would be amazing

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