Passenger Plane Crashes in Antarctica | Mt. Erebus Disaster | Air New Zealand Flight 901 | 4K
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Passenger Plane Crashes in Antarctica | Mt. Erebus Disaster | Air New Zealand Flight 901 | 4K


  • 66lwmorgan

    Normally I would watch the Smithsonian channel when an Air crash investigation show was on but now I go to The FlightChannel, why, because it's just as detailed if not more with NO commercials and explains in depth exactly where it happened, why it happened and the results and changes made after the investigations and all of this in less than half the time but leaves nothing out. The Aircraft is shown with the right name, the right Aircraft, the correct weather before the incident, during and after. Thank you FlightChannel for your commitment to produce quality and informative video's and as always I want to thank you mostly for your hard work and for sharing these videos. The great thing about all of this is I can watch youtube on my 50" big screen TV and I do and in surround sound which just adds a little more to enjoyment of your video's, thank you again.👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

  • Kezza73

    Thank you for not showing the actual impact in the graphic – as a major anniversary of this disaster is coming up, many NZers are still left wanting for a proper memorial – looks like current government may actually do something about it

  • Glenn Evans

    Thank you Flight Channel for this video memorial to the Antarctic flight crash in 1979.
    As a former employee of Air New Zealand in Auckland Head Office at the time, I recall the devastating effect the Erebus crash had on the airline. I knew at least one of the passengers personally and became aware of other tragic stories. For those who would like to know more about the Erebus crash, Radio New Zealand and have produced an excellent series of podcasts which you can check out on this link
    Finally may I ask why Flight Channel has not used the correct full names of the Capt, F/O and F/E of NZ901?
    Captain Jim Collins and co-pilot Greg Cassin – flight engineer Gordon Brooks are their names.

  • Dick Troy

    A well-presented and very sobering accident review. I was very interested in the findings of the independent inquiry laying blame on the airline, but not on the pilot. As a pilot for 54 years, I always made it my responsibility never to be surprised by where my aircraft was taking me. Indeed, US flight rules, both military and civilian state that "The pilot in command of an aircraft is directly responsible for, and is the final authority as to, the operation of that aircraft".

  • Dabbel der Frosch

    Why not fucking narrate it? Reading and having these stupid noises up all the time is total trash content. 821 k Subs but not a voice over? Dude, nah.

  • Keith Thompson

    Good video – very dodgy circumstances – rip all onboard . Antarctica is a very odd place and access so heavily controlled- it’s a shame so many people have to perish


    I think it was not just a bad introduction of the coordinates, maybe there was an homicide calculated by officials of the airline that had that task

  • MrMan

    Why are you not commentating they ask????? (those who have 10's of thousands of hours EXPERIENCE at flying)….."Who fly into clouds where no basted can see SHIT"…..
    Just through this one question proves……they were on borrowed time….

  • James Pearle

    Funny how they make up these fancy excuses for a simple fck up. You have low visibility and you are flying at 1500 feet? A 5th grade student would realize the importance of knowing exactly where the hell you are on a map. Hmmm. Are there any high mountains nearby maybe???

  • RichVid

    My God flying a widebody Passenger Jet around at low altitude in low visibility with heavy precipitation with mountainous terrain around is my idea of terrifying

  • Wayne Shilcock

    There is one other thing regarding this case and that's the lack of knowledge about the conditions in Antarctica. They are very different to New Zealand and the aircraft will behave in different ways under these conditions. My only fault of the crew is deciding to fly in those conditions in the first place, in my opinion they should have abandoned the flight plan and headed back to New Zealand.

  • Lex K

    This sounds like straight up premeditated murder (with government backing). The ones who programmed the flight computer to fly into Mt. Erebus were probably told to do so to create the disaster intentionally so that top secret government activities in Antarctica would remain hidden, as the disaster spelt the end of sight seeing flights over Antarctica for the general public. It's sad and tragic the investigation was swept under the cover prematurely.

    The pilots were flying as per the doctored flight co ordinates which was meant to kill them and everyone on the flight. The knowledge of the "Whiteout" occuring in the harsh weather conditions could've already been known and calculated by those who doctored the flight path. Definitely sounds like an agenda to prevent exposure and exploration of Antarctica to the general public, while the government builds top secret facilities there and conducts tests.

  • klr 68

    why would veteran pilots (with 20,000 hrs combined)fly that low for that long under poor visability without pinpointing the major obstruction in the area , namely a 12,000 ft peak , no matter what the computer was telling you. its was a sightseeing flight after all which implies daylight and somewhat decent visability

  • Brent Summers

    If Air NZ had set more conservative rules for the flight such as always staying at a height of no less than 17000 feet, which is higher than any peak in Antarctica, all that would have happened would have been a few complaints from disgruntled passengers about not getting a very good view. The plane would have landed safely. No one would have died. On a clear day you get a beautiful view of mountains from 20000 feet. If the weather was bad with too much cloud cover Air NZ could have simply cancelled the flight.

  • MP498

    There are flights over Antarctica running and I've been on one. They operate out of Australia. It was a great flight. It was thanks to that flight that I learned of this crash.

  • Lego Animation Daniila Никитин

    А откуда в антарктиде самолёт пассажирский ведь там запрещены полёты

  • 666MikeRochip

    I remember this incident like it was yesterday… RIP to victems and love to friends and families.. peace and ❤️ from Wellington, NZ 28/11/2019

  • Bournethorpe

    The Captain is responsible for filing a Flight Plan at least an hour before every flight; it is not done in advance by airline backroom planners. The crew should have known at all times where the aircraft was, and where high ground was in relation to it. The aircraft would have been fitted with terrain-detecting radar in addition to weather radar; both operate on differing wavelengths in order to perform their respective roles with minimal interference.
    Also, fuel endurance is critical on a long flight like this, as evidenced by the fact that the crew planned to refuel at Christchurch on the way home to Auckland. And all flights must carry fuel to reach either of two fair-weather diversion airfields that will be open and over 50 miles away from the planned terminal airport, in case they cannot land there for bad weather or other reasons. Any significant deviation from the flight plan would use extra fuel, which the crew could ill-afford.

  • TZ

    WELL….this blows away all the FLAT EARTH videos on YouTube that claim no flights ever are allowed to fly over Antarctica. Here we have a complete 11 hour tour of the end of the earth via plane.

  • Sue Mead

    I was sixteen years old when this happened. I remember the "breaking news" (pretty much unheard of in NZ) saying an Air New Zealand flight was overdue from a sightseeing flight to Antarctica. This was unheard of in NZ. Air NZ was considered at that time, to be the single best airline in the world. With one stupid decision made by management (who else?) Air-NZ and the nation were changed forever. It is something I will never forget.

  • Smedley Butler

    It is funny how the Antarctic treaty bans military presence in Antarctica, yet somehow there is a us navy air traffic control center there….. I wish I could just do what I want too, and not worry about rules…. wouldnt that be nice

  • theGreenlandShark

    My grandfather was in the ground crew waiting for the aircraft to arrive back at Auckland airport. They waited late into the night for the aircraft. My Dad told me how he remembers my Grandad telling him how an aircraft had gone missing when he got home.

  • crosbonit

    "I'm bored. Let's pay $300 apiece to fly over a solid block of ice and enjoy looking at the ice." "Uh…no thanks. Steve's holding a Texas Hold 'Em poker tournament this weekend." "Sounds much better."

  • WeAreAllNeo

    Just another senseless, avoidable accident, covered sensitively and professionally by the flightchannel. You have earned your subs

  • lino falco

    How ironic and sad at the same time, that this was supposed to be a sightseeing flight to Antarctica, but once there, they couldn't see anything due to this whiteout and it ended up crashing.

  • msj arg

    Why were the coordinates changed? Air New Zealand changed the computer track 27 miles to the East six hours before the flight.. there's a lot of information about this issue, but not the reason… why would they do such a thing?

  • Pat O'Connor

    Excellent video! But I agree with a couple of the comments in that 1) A high-speed commercial airliner with small windows seems like a very odd method of enjoying the scenery of Antarctica. Case in point, the whiteout that contributed to the crash. 2) I get that airline administration changed the flight plan at the last minute and didn't inform the air crew, but wouldn't they have checked it before takeoff or even during flight?? Maybe I need to read the book…

  • KiwiShoot

    The accident investigator criticised a pilot for failing to see an optical illusion…. They were interesting times to live through for sure.

  • Somerset Frisby

    Jeezuzz get on with the story. I heard on the news this trip was booked as, The Flight To The End Of The World.  Guess it was. However, since it was the main-slime-media that reported that statement it's possible it was made up by someone like Jim Acosta.

  • Rockstar Mgtow

    No way in fk would i roll the dice with that trip! Can you imagine being not fully dead and freezing to death on top of it all? No way man

  • Ricardo Milos

    I have seen footage and pictures taken by the passengers before the crash. It felt weird that these people were sipping Champagne and enjoying themselves not knowing that in a few hours they would all perish. RIP

  • Coolyguy27


  • Rebecca Johnson

    Not making light of this tragic event, but I wish that flights like this had been corrected and improved rather than cancelled. I would love the opportunity to take a commercial flight over Antarctica for $1000-1500pp, instead of a cruise/private jet for $5000-$15000pp. It’s sad that this event resulted in ending commercial scenic flights rather than addressing the issues and making flights safe so more people could see Antartica.


    What about a suit that inflates with fire retardant foam at the moment of impact? Like being inside a medicine ball, you'd bounce around and even if there was a fire the foam and fire retardant material would keep you safe, and buoyant in case a water emergency. The heat might melt the material? Also, if it gets punctured? I could probably design one for cheap enough, but the FAA would never allow them onboard, especially seeing how the compressed foam could explode, business as usual inside this fake, made up computer simulated existence that makes it hard to be safe and easy to be hurt. Sick evil twisted reality. Dumb, boring and cruel. Worthy attack and annihilation.

  • Jeroen Jansen

    Inherent high risk. Sight seeing means flying low in a large jet: no. Mountainous area: no. Antarctica with poor weather conditions, no airports to escape to, no beacons and low visibility problems due to snow and clouds: no. 'Sorry we forgot to tell you that we have programmed the plane to fly into mount Erebus'🤔

  • kenny sender

    How did the flight programmers get it so wrong entering the coordinates into the computer … also at any given time usually the flight engineer should know where they are exactly in the sky . The technology in 1979 was primitive in comparison to today’s technology but still advanced enough to know …

  • Tarra Sage

    Hands down the best channel on YouTube!! Sometimes I have to take a break from watching your videos because they're gut-wrenching and my nerves are on edge.
    This is unlike anything I've ever seen. ✈✈✈

  • CastrejonHDTV

    Why does the proximity alarm always go off literally seconds before you hit the ground? Shouldn't it go off maybe at around 2,000-3,000 feet instead of a few hundred???

  • jelly _marmot

    flying that low during a white out in that terrain seems to be the most ignorant thing I've heard in a while….that's just my opinion though…did anyone check into the pilot's mental health before the accident? I understand it's a sightseeing flight, but…refund their money and cancel the flight if there's poor conditions outside…

  • Rebecca Dias

    I have always watched the flight channel, I love planes and reading about crash investigations so I always come here 5 stars 👍👍

  • soapwonder

    You make really good videos with lots of useful Information! The whole flight was a crazy idea! May they rest in peace. 40 years later!

  • John Kzuknox

    Did US Atc offer surveillance radar? Didn't warn. Can remember that crash. Tail plane on the ice photo. Then coverup

  • John Kzuknox

    NZ PM has announced 2019 Dec an apology over the crash and investigations matters saying will relook at it, ie any wrongful actions. Amen.

  • Mark Stasz

    With peaks as high as 12,000 feet how on earth were there no discussions about them? They are flying low and in circles and in conditions that make it nearly impossible to gauge visually height and distance assuming you had any visibility at all? The late great Frank Herbert' novel Dune had a character named Thufir Hawat. Thufir said in this book, "the first step in avoiding a trap is knowing of its existence". Knowing that I am flying as low as 1500 feet in unfamiliar territory that has peaks higher than 12,000 feet would make avoiding them my top 9 concerns on a top 10 concern list.

  • Gustavo de Sarriera

    Argentina, as the nearest country from Antarctica, never considered the possibility to this kind of flights. As we are present antarctica since 1904, we are aware of danger of flying there, and we usually operate military flights to our permanent Marambio Air Field in that base. Commercial flights would have never been approved with unexperienced pilots and inocent civils on board.

  • Dan Fraser

    With all due respect to those who perished and to the grieving families….I can’t understand how sightseeing at 450mph is a great idea… opposed to a helicopter, hot air balloon, car, train, bus. How long does one get to really take in the beauty of a volcano at that speed? Seems expensive and odd to me.

  • Robyn Campbell

    I worked with one of the air stewards wife and had seen photos of his previous flight. I remember hearing the news on the radio and his name and also the name of one of my primary school teachers being read out and I cried. ,even in the photos from the air stewards previous trip with all the snow it was hard to recognise things. In white out it would have been even worse. We were appalled when the blame was focused on the pilot as there was so much coverup going on and I had already heard the flight had been preprogrammed and that it had been altered on that flight long before the second enquiry so was pleased when the pilot was finally cleared. How could they know they were in the wrong position in whiteout conditions. Obviously the people at mcmurdo also had no idea about the flight path changes either. It was very hard on so many people so close to christmas especially the children of those who were killed, It affected how us as a country viewed Air NZ as well. I dont think we ever trusted them the same way we had previously as we had been very proud of our airline. It was a different time back then for New Zealand and we took the disaster close to our hearts as every one knew someone or someone who knew them. Actually knowing 2 on the flight and knowing personally the battle to clear the pilots name made watching the video a bit hard for me. It doesnt seem it happened that long ago. Being in my 60s now I really appreciated getting more details than were let out at the time. Thanks for the video

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