Park Capacity Warning ~ New Years Eve ~ Animal Kingdom ~ Avatar Flight of Passage Finally
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Park Capacity Warning ~ New Years Eve ~ Animal Kingdom ~ Avatar Flight of Passage Finally

a and a wonderful pleasant morning to
you all from Orlando Florida this is my very last night here in Orlando at the
resort and it’s New Years Eve so this video is out of order from my weight
loss challenge video that I want to post every Wednesday but yes I have decided
to spend New Year’s Eve in a Disney park we are going to Animal Kingdom together
to see what the celebrations look like to bring in the new year 2020 and I’m
excited it’s a Christmas Eve Christmas Day and
New Year’s Eve doing the most I can man so I got my uber on the way and grab my
backpack and we’re gonna glass some fun today all right just got past security that
was easy there’s still some pretty short lines and the crisp eventually sometime
in January they will start putting away the Christmas decorations and Disney but
they’re in no rush here’s the animal kingdom go on inside and inside less than two minutes so
animal kingdom is way different than the other three parks you’re not graded by
Main Street or big flashy lights or anything it’s just very natural and
we’re going to see a lot of animals to start the day I love animals in water so animal
kingdom on New Year’s Eve for me is a great spa it is a beautiful natural park
here this gorgeous Disney he really did good with this park by the way you got
to look hard sometimes though I don’t even think he’s supposed to be in here
but there is a baby deer in the bushes over there piece of the baby deer I
think he snuck into Disney hey we’re looking for Puma there he is
Puma where’s your sidekick Timon so far crowds really aren’t that bad for
New Year’s Eve it’s pretty open there’s the tree alight first up on my list this morning we got
to go over to Pandora because they’re still on for other trips not been able
to get on to avatars flight a passage ID on the Navi River I’ve never gotten on
the flight of passage so can try that first this morning while lines are short
sounds like we’re getting closer to Pandora gay valium or weird around you I
think this thing squirts we’re gonna get back well out 180 minutes that is still a
three hour ride at nine a.m. man trying to decide if I want to stand in that
line I don’t have reservations till noon and really the only reason I wanted to
come here was for that ride even though I can’t build it because you’re on a fan
sheet I’m gonna go get in line I’ll cut back in the in about three hours guys a
little disclaimer before we go and play the passage though you can’t really
bring a camera but you can bring a GoPro in here on your chest because you’re
gonna be riding this banshee right here and it’s gonna be moving around a lot
like the atrani is going to be at Magic Kingdom welcome to the avatar program soon
you’re gonna have a chance to undertake an amazing na’vi rite of passage
flying on the back of this powerful animal called an e-tron or as we call it
a banshee and like Disneyland Star Wars the
smugglers run ride where you can create your own droid here at the end of the
ride you can create your own avatar sit in that seat and then you can take home
your blue it’s kind of cool but again kind of
waste of space for me so I’m gonna do it I feel like I need a minute to just kind
of collect myself after that ride was it not worth four years awaiting four
different trips to this park to get in yeah it really was
it’s like Sauron mixed with what I think the new Star Wars ride is which is still
to come in another part possibly it is fantastic they knocked it out of the
park with that ride but you know absolutely awesome and I’ve got to check
out the nabi river ride it’s a beautiful ride told me a 40-minute wait you got to
do it up in this visit I’ve definitely seen this line a lot longer – I found a
hidden Vikki in the lights nomads lounge sounds right up my alley I
may come back to that first snack later when they open my I’m gonna head on over
to Cali river rapids on this it’s a it’s a very wet ride it’s also a very short
line so it’s only 70 degrees here today let’s get it out of the way though
stand by for Kelly River Rapids is now just five minutes you can just ride this
all day if you want to let’s do it I’ll put this camera away bring the
waterproof GoPro out have some fun it’s fun I got soaked you’re gonna get
soaked there’s there’s no dry seat on that raft anywhere but it’s a glass
you’re gonna dry off really quick so this fun this fun I may even go on it
later it looks like he’s a picky eater that’s
enough monkey business for now and the animals here are really friendly you can
get pretty close to him I’ve been new year mr. bird I’m gonna
head over to kind of a show indoor theater the it’s tough to be a bug show
over here it’s like 10 minute wait and I will point out that you know Disney is
moving in the direction of making rides more 3d 4d which is really hard to
capture or someone like me more and more rides like including the avatar ride and
the Tron ride they’re building right now even yeah they’re all 4d so you can’t
just film it and we’re put your cell phone out or GoPro or something because
it’s the experience and especially in the bug’s life over there at the very
end of the show it’s so 40 that you’re gonna feel something in your rear end
it’s funny it’s lighthearted but it’s there it’s all good do that really cool
line cue lots and lots to see yes still you guys just don’t seem to see it
so that’s why we gave you the special bug guys go go ahead put them on can I
just make this point once don’t skip that ride that attraction it is fun
they’ve changed it since last winter last Christmas they’ve already changed
it they added spiders and new feely stuff on your back and it is a do not
miss it guys adults you’ll love it so the plan now I’m gonna go over into
Africa and take a look and see what the line is for the safari the Kilimanjaro
safari thingy might be a long line but do you have a
new camera with a new zoom focal length so and some good stabilization so maybe
I can get some better shots than three years ago last time I was on this
attraction the park is beautiful though you know what you just got a
notification I’m an animal kingdom right now and now they a Disney app sent me a
special notice bulletin letting me know that Magic Kingdom is capacity and
nobody can get in so if you had a park hopper and you were thinking I go into
Magic Kingdom they are no longer accepting guests here at 1:00 p.m. on
December 31st already so maybe there’s a wise choice I stayed away from Magic
Kingdom and Epcot the two most popular parks on holidays because it’s not bad
you look at person semi healthy options at Disney they are also available
they look very far not gonna crazy today it’s not really my cheat day but it’s
also not officially the first we’ll see I did make reservations for later but
I’m gonna take it easy all right there it is we’ll see how many animals we can
see on this African safari here today always a fun tour and despite some of
the other attractions in Disney this one can be different every single time you
can see different animals you know that we didn’t see in any of the Tigers or
anything there it’s it’s still a really bumpy ride I should also mention they
never stop okay so it’s really really bumpy they never stop that’s about as
good at video as I’m ever gonna get so on that you don’t have time to focus or
stop or anything so but now it’s always fun to see the aminals just check in the
app here my one and only fast past for Expedition Everest legend at the
forbidden mountain is on now so let’s head over there and go on a really fun
coaster and then by then it’ll play the time for my early dinner I always forget how intense that coaster
is when you go up and then it turns it out and goes backwards in the dark going
backwards it’s got to be the fastest best coaster in all of Disney right now
I guess we’re gonna go eat yeah my stomach’s a little upset let’s go eat
all right warning nothing special or original for lunch here this was not
actually a planned park visit I didn’t early tell all my YouTube viewers I did
told patreon people but you know with that rain that happened after Christmas
I mean we broke records here in Orlando for rain so I cut in canceled my plans I
still had those two Disney tickets that are still good until the 2nd of January
so I made this reservation at the last minute I got into my favorite restaurant
the yak and Yeti here it is a reservation only restaurant but it’s
comfort food and one of the few places in Animal Kingdom that serves alcohol
it’s New Years Eve I know us was we starting to die and everything it’s not
really a cheat day today but but certainly it’s New Year’s Eve and I
haven’t officially started my diet so it’s ok I guess that makes sense yeah
let’s go in I think they put me in the same spot each time I come here to
upstairs just me in the backpack on the balcony I changed my mind went by the water
instead of alcohol it’s not a cheat day yet and I’m not going to be drinking on
New Year’s Eve that’s how strong that’s how I determined I am I’m gonna do I’m
gonna bring in 2020 sober it’s crazy right water Cheers but for dinner doing
some little a little different here went with their duck rice and steamed veggies
here absolutely it looks amazing not necessarily diet food with the rice I’m
gonna skip most of the rice that’s good that hits the spot that’s good I’m stuck
I feel good feel better and I feel gay no rub some
boon ability where we leave good luck forgot to film opening up my fortune
cookie but we read this you will become more passionate and determined about
your convictions like my weight loss goals maybe I think
that’s a good sign I just found out that animal kingdom here is the only one out
of four parks that does not have a fireworks show at night however you know
it’s kind of unfortunate I thought there’s gonna be fireworks on New Year’s
Eve but but they do have a show out here on the water reflections of something
show out here I’ve never seen it before so those bleachers and those bleachers
over there scene area it starts in about an hour and a half
right the sun’s getting ready to set actually so I’m gonna go head over to a
dyno land check out the dinosaur ride over there well we might be in dyno land
here in Animal Kingdom others there’s one big hint here’s the dinosaur right
over here the track system is a lot like be the Indiana Jones ride in California
so it’s really really bumpy as a dark ride
hey I’ll share what I can break looking back at the video right now and
now you can see this is why I often don’t try to film dark rides but that’s
really helpful Eric oh well I tried you’re starting to get set up out there
on the water for whatever they’re gonna do tonight still got an hour to kill
I’ll be back I need to say though I got to see everything I want to see an
animal kingdom on New Year’s Eve like I don’t have to I can go do some repeats
but I got to see every right I wanted to I’m really happy about that actually
it’s filling up it’s getting dark and also got a little chilly it’s almost
time for the show life is our life
to me hey buddy
Happy New Year that he came to see you because I missed you you know cuz I
missed you man how’s the food pretty good you gonna have a good 20 20 well
good day I’m glad what about the kibbles they’re pretty good yeah the kibbles are
good Oh miss cumin yes I have a wonderful 20/20 from Jax and I we will
see you next year when I go to Hollywood studios I’m not gonna film the whole
part like the last thread yet we are we are moving past Disney basically except
that there’s one new ride stay tuned we’ll see in a few days


  • Mary Patten

    So proud of you for your dinner choices congrats. You can do this. I’m having knee replacement surgery the 16th of January I’m a little nervous about having the courage to rehab. I know it is going to hurt like you know what. I’m sharing this to say get healthy and do all the thing’s your heart desire not being able to sucks.

  • Loleta Fetty

    Happiest New Year to you and Jax! Thank you soooooo much for showing us that beautiful park. I love Busch Gardens too. Used to live in Naples,FL for 20 years. Glad you're having nice weather. Best of luck with your good eating and exercise program. You're going to get buff and feel wonderful!! It's worth every second. And you're going to be so healthy! Bonus! You will know that you can do anything! Love from Auntie Leta in Reno and Emily my cat friend.❤❤❤

  • Cyndi Foore

    Happy New Year Eric and Jax!!!

    Good dinner choice at Disney.
    The worst thing on your plate probably was the sauce over the duck.

  • Paul Betka

    Happy New Year to Eric & Jax. Good luck with the diet 🚶More walks 👍 with or without Jax.
    I guess Mike & Kevin aren't accepting the challenge 🙇😟

  • donnalyn pompper

    I'm def not a Disney person, but what you showed us is very exciting. The light/water show was beautiful. So glad they don't do fireworks. Fireworks + animals = very bad idea. Happy New Year to you and Jax!

  • Paula Talbot

    Happy New Year Eric. Wishing you all the best. I am so excited to follow you in your new diet in the coming months. I see it as healthy life changing eating habits and exercise. New life changes. Prayers always for you and Jax for safe travels

  • More To Living

    I’m so glad you had an opportunity to see reflections of light. That is one hell of a really really cool show. Also glad that you finally got to go on avatar flight of passage. I have been on that ride three times and it’s it’s something that’s for sure. I am not easy to impress but I was impressed every single time I’ve gone on that ride. I don’t know if you had a chance to go to the restaurants at avatar but food there is delicious and very healthy too

  • Castle Circle

    Great Video Erik, a DVC member for 10 years now and love Animal, when i was last there and went on the Safari the Rhinos stopped in the middle of the road, we did stop for about 10 minutes as they slowly left, i have pictures of me and my kids petting the baby rhino because it literally rubbed the vehicle. Great memory.

  • Shanna Craft

    🌼 Ya did good!!! Even if it was still the season for eatin'. 😂🤣😂, and no barley pop either – on New Year's Eve! Ya did real good!!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
    Happy New Year!! As always, safe travels!

  • AnnBearForFreedom

    Next time youre boondocking in a similar-looking-to-the-live-animals grassy area, I would hope you would film Jax for just a few moments, so you could cut the clip of him into your park wild animals footage. All hail, Jaximus Maximus! And happy year of the gnu to you, my friend.

  • Dane Berry

    I applaud Disney for not having fireworks in Animal Kingdom. Most all animals, wild and domesticated, are terrified of fireworks. Watching your video I liked what they did over the traditional fireworks display.

  • R8edRV 4Fun

    Safari: ride first thing in the morning, (head straight there when the park opens) or late afternoon, at dusk. They are out and about around feeding times.
    Best times. I've been an Orlando resident and pass holder for 20 years and it never fails.

  • Jim Carter

    Have you ever noticed a dirty trash can at Disney? NO! Why My x wife brother worked at Disney, They brought every trash can in every night and inspected/polished them. If they failed inspection they were crushed and replaced with new ones. That is why there are no dirty trash cans on Disney,

  • Adrian Pryke

    Another excellent video Eric, 👍
    Disney really know how to put on a show that looks like fireworks but without the noise that will scare the animals, that was really impressive using lights and water jets like they did. 😎
    Happy new year to you and Jax 🥳

  • Cindy Rose

    Hi Eric! Are you staying at Thousand Trails nearby? How much was Uber? Where did they drop you off? I think we’re going to do the annual pass so we can stay 3 weeks at TT, go to Disney every other day, and then go back again for 3 more weeks.
    How do you get the speed pass?
    I’m so lost, haven’t been there in 25 years!
    We’re old (63), can do too much in one day.
    Thank you! 👍

  • 63Sonotech/US Traveler

    That was a great park. Never been to Disney. Thanks for sharing. Fireworks and animals dont do well together.

  • The original Wander Woman

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us! Wow that looks like so freaking much fun 😂😂 !! 🇨🇦✌️

  • Kimberly Shalaby

    The impression I got with the avatar ride seemed to just draw you into the film as if you were actually riding one of those banshees. Beautiful! Enjoyed your video, & loved seeing Jax!

    I even got tickled with how Jax was determined to get your attention the other night when you were talking about the diet while in the recliner. He walked up to the back of the recliner, behind you, then onto the arm rest beside you nudging, poking with his paw wanting your attention on him. He is very smart! It has to be that Maine Coone breed. Googley gets in a determined mood like that & will pester 'til I give in or up, whichever comes first.

  • Roger Wilson

    I was there from the UK last year 2018 ? , thanks for bringing back all those vivid memories especially Kali river rapids. Happy New year from the otherside of the pond.

  • Janes Dough

    Amazing New Years Eve Show! You're determined, alright. Starting to watch the diet even before the official start date. Kudos to you!

  • INFJ

    Eric! I am so Proud of you for your choices, that a man to Keep his Word, As a Mother and grandmother, seeing a Young Man in this Generation keep his word, at least try to keep it is a wonderful gesture.

    As for me, since December 29th I have gotten up, and taken a 2mile walk however today I did 3 miles.

    I guess a Rver Dave is also starting a Diet causally nothing strict. Easy going.

    A lot other Rvers are also starting diets.

    I hope all of you understand how much these videos interaction with all of is who put obligations before are own dreams. One day! 36yrs later Almost 60, and I'm still waiting for my life to start. Amen
    (Selfless People Understand).

  • Rush Wares

    Aloha Eric, Happy New Year. The best advice I can give you for your 2020 Nutritional goals is 2 things. 1) Making sure that you plan & make your meals ahead of time so you don't go back to the easy path "fast food'
    2) the hardest part of the changes you are making is the "mind games" that plague you daily. Conquering the Mind is really the # 1 hardest thing to deal with. Working out is the easy part of this although it may not seem so. Get you mind strong and you will get through it & to your goals of weight loss & feeling better. Good luck you can do this

  • kathryn edde

    Loved it, Eric! Thanks for taking us along! That was a fun video!! Happy New Year! Much loves to you & Jax!! <3 <3 <3

  • Kelly Breen

    Thanks for sharing, not really being into Disney I haven’t been there in over 30 years but you are really showing why these parks are so popular. The Avatar ride looked AMAZING, really all the ones you filmed were impressive (of course, dark one excluded) and I would definitely go if I was in the Orlando area.

  • Idaho Rider

    : Another first class video. Your videos are so fun. Thank you for all the work you do to make them that way. Wishing you a wonderful and healthy New Year.💥🎊🎈

  • DCA001TUBE

    Thanks for another great year of entertainment and fun Eric. Happy new Year to you and Jax, all the best for the year to come.

  • Ryan Krzeszewski

    just an FYI to your comment…………Tron is not 4D. It's a legit roller coaster that you ride in a similar manner to a sports bike. I had the great opportunity to ride it multiple times (5-6) over two days October 2018 at Shanghai Disneyland. Might be the best ride at Disney Park around the world and an amazing ride, but it was short so I hope they extended it once at WDW. Just wanted to correct that bit of information.

  • Cindy Saltel

    I really enjoyed this vlog. I wish you success on your weight loss goals. My resalution is to travel in our rv after a ruff end of 2019. Stay safe and have fun. Give my love to Jax.

  • DB Bourgeois

    Thanks for going to Animal Kingdom. My mom and aunties went for Christmas, and I got to see through your video some of what they experienced. I really appreciate it. Happy New Year, Eric and Jax. ~db

  • geargriden19

    Water is good. I drink a glass of water a bit before i eat, usually drink a glass while im eating, and drink another glass after i get done eating. I also drink a glass before bed time. When i
    wake up guess what? Yes a glass of water, along with another glass while im checking my
    social medias and all that good stuff. Traditional/Regular pork rinds are 0 carb.
    Also dark chocolate bars made with a high percentage of cocoa are good for hitting that
    sweet spot, along with Celery, yes celery!!! Have a good'nnn

  • Rambler 42

    Most Peanut Butters are not fit for human consumption. If you read the Ingredients on the jars you will see such things as "Mono and Diglycerides, Dextrose. Molasses, Sugar" and other things that have no place in Peanut Butter.

    Become a label reader. Look for peanut butters who's ingredient label says "Peanuts and Salt"….. Nothing else. Two brands come to mind….Smuckers Natural and Laura Scutters.
    I have found other brands but do not remember their names.

    They are out there, just look for them

  • klyonsden

    Well, i did NOT come into 2020 sober. LOL. But, I stayed at home as I always do when I partake. Also, I just cannot do steamed vegetables! YUCK!

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