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OVER 5000 TICKETS!!! (Day 1773) | Clintus.tv

(bass notes) – Hey, what’s up guys? Welcome to Monday! Kids just got out of school, and we are up and out
of the house, heading to– – Peter Piper Pizza! – Peter Piper Pizza,
for some pizza,– – Games. – And some games. And Tiffany, because when
she knew that we were coming, went through her car and all
her stash, and pulled out, look at all these tickets. Look at all these tickets! There’s some coupons in there
too, have like 100, 200. – Hold on. Some of these, look at this. – [Tiffany] It faded,
because I left it in my car. – [Clintus] Yeah, it’s fade. – You can barely see it. – That’s why we
stopped turning them in, we just kept all the tickets, so that
wouldn’t happen any more. – Makes sense. So, we’re gonna
go eat some pizza, and then we’re gonna
play some games, and then take the tickets
we get from today, with all of these tickets, and add them all up
to see where we’re at, and see if we can
get like one epic prize. – All right, try, don’t, you could play a
couple of the games that don’t give you tickets, but try playing the
games that give you tickets, so we could get a lot more. – A lot more.
– Yeah. – What if you play a lot,
and you don’t get any more? It’s a waste. Anyways, we’re
gonna take the tickets and we’re gonna see if
we can get one epic prize. (game plinking) – [Bryce] Yeah! – All right, the pizza’s
been ordered, time to play! Girls are always first, Bryce. Get-get-get-get ’em! – [Bryce] 664 – [Clintus] Boom, boom! Aw, you’re so good! Now we know where
Bryce gets his skills from. – Oh, don’t make me
nervous, now I’m missing! – Hit the red ones,
then you get more points! – [Clintus] Kill the clowns,
kill the clowns! (balls thud) (game chip tunes) Seven, six, five,
four, oh one more, one more! Oh, there went,
back on top, back on top! Ohhh, you guys killed it! – [Kids] We got blue! – [Clintus] Oh, you got blue! – [Bryce] 310 – [Clintus] Dang, good job guys! You got blue, 310, – [Bryce] 24! – [Clintus] 24 tickets, awesome! (games clatter) – [Game Recording]
Case Number Eight. – [Clintus] Alright,
Case Number Eight. – That’s our case. – [Clintus] That sort of
thing has 400 tickets in it. – [Game Recording]
Now, pick five cases. 15. – [Bryce] Did you
guys put, did you guys do? – [Game Recording] That’s good. – [Clintus] It’s
good, keep it going. – Seven?
– [Clintus] Seven. – [Game Recording]
Low bell, that’s good. – [Clintus] Oooh! (video game phone rings) It’s getting crazy. – [Game Recording] Hello? – [Bryce] 400 is our case. – [Game
Recording] Deal, or no deal? No deal. – [Clintus] No deal. You’re going all the way, baby. Two cases. – [Bryce] If that gets
taken away, then we get– – [Clintus] That’s
the point, though. It’s the point. – [Game Recording] 14. – [Clintus] Whooooah! – [Bryce] Oh jeez! – [Clintus] Oh my gosh! You guys, it’s
either 400 or eight. Our case has 400 or eight in it. Eight great, what do you think? – [Bryce] Ooh! – [Clintus] Do we take 200, or
do we– – We could always redo it? We could go back to eight! – [Clintus] I think we, that– – Push it one more time! – [Clintus] I say no deal. – [Game Recording] No deal. – [Clintus] Our case,
our case, our case has it. Sierra called it! Sierra called it, here it is! Ohh, eight had eight. – [Game Recording] You win! – [Tiffany] Heads or tails? – [Clintus] Tails. (game clacks) – [Clintus] That’s it. – [Tiffany] There we go. – [Clintus] Boo yah. From where? – From the side, the corner. – [Clintus] Oh jeez. You guys broke the game! – [Sierra] Oh, it’s heavy. – [Clintus] Yeah,
it’s heavy, it’s metal. – We broke–
– It’s so much fun! – [Clintus] Pew pew
pew, pew pew pew pew! Hot hoops, hot hoops! – [Sierra] Pizza’s ready! – [Clintus] Oh, pizza’s ready. Pizza’s ready, don’t start,
don’t start, pizza’s ready. Let’s go eat. All right, pizza’s ready. We got our California
veggie with jalapenos, we got some loaded
bacon cheddar tots, and Mommy’s got
herself a garden salad. Sierra’s waiting on a personal
pizza, she got from a prize, like principal’s list,
honor roll? – [Tiffany] That
was one good snack. – You can get
1000 from this one. – Man. – [Tiffany] Bryce? – [Clintus] What’d
you get, dude? – I got the bonus of 100– – [Clintus] 100! (games clinking) – [Clintus] All right,
time for the ticket count. Bryce is still over
there trying to win some more at the last minute. (games clinking) – [Tiffany] It’s
raining tickets. – [Bryce] We already got
through all the big ones, now these like
all the little ones. – [Clintus] Yeah,
the ones and twos. – [Bryce] Some of those. – [Tiffany] Alright,
last couple here. – [Clintus] Alright,
grand total: 2754. – [Tiffany] Bam. Plus all these. – [Clintus] Plus all of these. Hit it! Alright, so, grand
total of all our tickets: 5100 plus tickets, I dunno, that’s pretty crazy. What do you guys think?
That’s a lot of tickets, right? – Yeah. – We saved up for a while,
we saved up for a few years. But the one grand prize
that we saw on the shelf that we really
wanted, an Airzooka! Oh yeah, this thing’s gonna
be awesome, it’s gonna be fun. Sierra got, aah, a
soccer ball, I just dropped it. – [Bryce] It’s like a really– – Bryce got a little
football, spiral football. – [Bryce] It’s really light. – [Clintus] It’s like a
foam, it’s like foam, right? Not foam, but like– – It’s like thin. – [Clintus] It’s like
super light, super low. We got some candy,
we got some Warheads. I’m ready to do a Warhead. You guys wanna do a Warhead? – Mhmmm.
– Yeah. – [Clintus] Let’s do a Warhead. – [Bryce] Alright,
ready, set, go! – It won’t come out. Hmmm, got it. – Mmm! – That’s good.
– Yeah, uh-huh, so good. – It’s super sour, though.
– Mhmmm. – It’s in the back
of my throat right here. It’s been a while
since I did a Warhead. – Yeah, like I
wasn’t expecting it. (laughs) – It was good, though. Alright, so you
guys gotta get ready for volleyball practice now. (plastic crackles) – [Bryce] It’s weirder
than I thought. – [Clintus] Just
got to put it together. (plastic crackles) (laughs) Alright, we got the
Airzooka up and running. We’re gonna be testing it out, we’re gonna let
Bryce shoot my hat off. All right, you guys ready? I just kinda lifted it
up a little bit, ready? It’s just air,
but it’s still scary. It’s loud. – [Bryce] Closer? – No, like, no, I don’t know. – [Bryce] It’s not
gonna shoot it off. – Yeah, it will. I can shoot it off your head. (Airzooka pops) (laughs) – Shoot it off my head. – [Clintus] All right. (Airzooka whumps) – See? – [Clintus] Oh, it’s not that
loud, it’s not that hard. I thought it was
going to be harder. (Airzooka whumps) – Shoot!
(Clintus giggles) It doesn’t really work. Hey, shoot the
camera, shoot the camera! – It works, but– (Airzooka whumps) It just, uh.. – [Bryce] Wait, I
wanna see if they can see it. Like if they, if the
camera could see the air? (Airzooka whumps) I can’t I blinked, but when it– Shoot, stop! – [Clintus] Let me
see it, let me see. (Airzooka whumps) (laughs) – [Bryce] Wait,
it’s almost coming off! No! No, dang it! It’s so close! Yeah! – It works, it’s
just not as strong, it’s not as
powerful as I thought it was. For some reason,
I thought this thing was like super powerful, but. – [Bryce] We should build a– – I mean, it’s just
a ball, a ball of air, it’s got the balloon, ready? See? – [Bryce] We should shoot the
girls when they come back. – But it is the
thing, it’s like, you have to be close, you know? It’s fun, it’s a
harmless toy, it’s fun. (ball thumps and echoes) – [Girl] Ready, five, four. (players yelling) – [Tiffany] Good job, Chloe! (ball thumps and echoes) – [TV Announcer] Confirmation,
and now she’s on to one lung. So between the two, I
would be worried for Deloe. – [Clintus] Whatcha playing? – It’s called “Sugar, Sugar”. – [Clintus] Sugar, sugar! It’s kind of like
one of those sand games? – [Bryce] Yeah, you have to
try getting them to this cup. – [Clintus] In the coffee cups. Well, looks hard. Well guys, that’s
the end of our vlog. Kind of a chill
night on the couch. The girls
watched “The Batchelor.” Me and Bryce just kind of played on our iPads and whatnot, and that’s it, that’s our day,
which means that’s our vlog. Hope you enjoyed it, be sure to come back
tomorrow, Taco Tuesday. Bryce has basketball. Sierra will be working
on some of her videos, and I’m sure we’ll
bust out that air cannon and have some
more fun with that, now that we’ve kinda got
the grasp of how it works. We can do some target practice. I can see myself maybe like
picking off my pop vinyls? Just, pop pop pop, popping them. Thanks for watching,
guys, we’ll see you tomorrow. Vlog on! – Vlog on! (upbeat music)

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