Our Top Travel Items & Gadgets After 4 YEARS OF TRAVEL! – 2019 Travel Packing Guide
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Our Top Travel Items & Gadgets After 4 YEARS OF TRAVEL! – 2019 Travel Packing Guide


  • The Endless Adventure

    We're back! Our main editing laptop is still out of commission but we wanted to take this opportunity to show off some awesome travel items we've been using over the year. Let us know what your favorite travel gear is below!

  • cairngirl07

    I agree with so many of these products for travel! Also found a few new things to add to my carry on from your video!

  • Mr H

    Sorry to hear about your laptop, that must be a nightmare situation for you 😩. Loved this video, its always great to see a kind of glimpse behind the scenes. Keep up the outstanding work you guys do and I look forward to seeing your next awesome video! ❤️

  • calichef1962

    Something I've found helpful when traveling is limiting the color palette of my wardrobe. I take only basic pieces like pants, t-shirts, a button down shirt, a skirt or dress if desired and a couple of tank tops for layering. I take just a few colors that all go with each other like tan, black, white, dark blue and red, or whatever two to three colors you like best, that can be worn in any combination. It makes it seem like I have a huge wardrobe with me because I can make at least a dozen different outfits with only about ten different pieces.

  • Lana Sa

    Thank you very much for this. I’m going traveling soon and I’ve been a bit stressed out about what I need to take. I’ll look into some of these items!

  • wendy smith

    great to see you back you were missed 😍😍😍Allison you can get micellar water face wipes , i love them for travel and you dont have to worry about spillage. love all your must haves there are some that i will definitely have to get.

  • charlotte1715

    A great must have video! I've recently discovered silicone reusable travel bottles for my cosmetics/shampoos which have been brilliant 🙂 I'm a handgel girl as well and love my Gin-Gins!

  • Heidi L

    Very helpful. I travel alot but don't have some of those items. Will review before my 3-week Norway trip in August. Thanks! Well done.

  • Piha Bonython

    Great items guide. My recommendation would be to replace your tablets with a Garlic, C, Horseradish tablet. That's just me I believe it give more coverage. Cheers Scotty

  • Traveling Holmes

    Yesss! Those laundry tab things are great to have. Light weight too! We travel with our toddler full time, so maybe we should invest in a tide to go as well lol! (p.s. we make weekly videos).

  • isawienilmen

    Practical: a sarong! Like your towel it can be a pillow, blanket, cover up, scarf, towel, and it folds down to nothing! Toiletries: exfoliating gloves. They're small and perfect to scrub away the dirt from travelling. Technology: Kindle Fire as I love reading but books take up so much space, and the Fire doubles as a tablet. Health: tiger balm! It stops insect bites itching and acts as a repellent, soothes achey and sore muscles, and it smells really good! Games: a good old pack of cards 😊

  • Russian Severe Videos

    Your first aid kit looks a bit lousy. Where's the Aspirin? Medical Scissors? Blood Clotting agents and stuff? 😀

  • Leslie Ayres Rifkind

    How to do save money with phone service when traveling? Do you always have to wait for WiFi, do you use a hot spot? TIA 😊

  • Brigita Ghuman

    Great video guys. Was interesting to watch and loved a bit of comedy… it cracked me up when Alison was spinning in that throw 😀

  • Tiger's Eye

    Yesssss! Thank you!!! I am a stickler for cutting out trash. I never travel without bottles/cups, tote bags and such.

  • Tiger's Eye

    Oh, and Lush is a little more pricey, but they promote no animal testing! Worth the extra buck if you can spend it!!!

  • Mark Harrop

    I always travel with a ziplock bag. Handy if you need to keep you phone or other device completely waterproof. Great video guys.

  • Snugly Fluff

    I know this might be a sensitive issue, but Ive often wondered about feminine hygiene and medications and preventatives when travelling extended periods of time as you often do. Do you buy your hygiene products at local chemists, and trust the quality of the products sold, or take your own? Other than vitamins, how do you refill your prescription meds (if any)(p pill)(what about security with meds)? Preventatives – again, local, carried? I've traveled in some countries where product quality can be questionable or cause allergy. Ive had problems with prescription medications, so that I have my doctor explanations, and a 'medical passport' that i travel with (idk if that is international). Just like to hear thoughts…

  • Gary Roberton

    One item I inherited that is handy, A small travel manicure kit with micro scissors, nail file and tweezers, sure comes in useful when traveling almost like a Swiss army knife. Cheers,

  • mojo the pupper

    I love your channel so much, I can sit for hours binge watching all your travels 🙂 What work do you do aside from this channel?

  • Alex goes Coconuts

    Great video guys! I have a list of must have travel items and now I can add a few of your suggestions to it. I really like the laundry sheet ideas.

  • Chuck G

    Thank You, I've missed you both…Great tips! I'm a flight attendant, and I have almost the same items except on a smaller scale. I carry a nylon shopping bag at all times when I'm out and about because many stores outside the US don't have or often charge extra for plastic. One item I might add is a few ziplock quart sized bags. Some security checkpoints only allow those for liquid toiletries. A bonus on ziplocks: if you're out and about and it starts to rain, or on an excursion with water, they can be a semi safe spot for electronics!

  • Helicopter Tours

    You are awesome guys, I just found a great group for travelers and influencers: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FreeToursForInfluencers/

  • DivingHeadFirst

    May I suggest when you off load your footage make 2 copies one to you hard drive and then the other to your computer and then once you are done editing you just need to copy over the project and any other files you added. You avoid loosing footage if something happens to your computer.

  • Fire Rose

    The Lush dry shampoo is also good for stinky sweaty shoes. It absorbs the smell and any moisture, plus the added scent helps too. But watch out, TSA is now putting restrictions on the size of powders in carry ons.

  • Lazuardi Adipradana

    mine is Panasonic DL-P300 Portable Washer, real handy with toilets without bidet to wash your buttocks

  • elsmeghead

    Re: the bag. If you're ever in Spain, the Spanish supermarket Mercadona does awesome grocery bags that have double-handles. Short ones for carrying, and long shoulder straps. Worth picking a couple up for €1

  • S Baker

    In addition to a few you mentioned, i bring a couple of clothes pins.. a small bottle of dawn dish soap for clothes stain de-greaser/ dishes/all purpose cleaner. A pair of scissors, roll of tape and i also roll my clothes up instead of folding.. space saver! In my backpack i bring a couple of paper towel sheets for the invariable spill of something and also one ziplock bag for trash or other.

  • Linda Selvia

    Your must have travel items for personal use look like what I carry in my "grandma bag". I didn't see any gum but I understand that is illegal in some countries.

  • Jason Hawley

    You guys are so awesome…so very proud of you. You work so hard to bring some of the best travel content on YT…Love you both…it's good to have a break though, you deserve it, even if it is unplanned.

  • Lisa Ryan

    With Health – vaccines too! Vaccines save lives.

    Medicines – any prescription medicines are usually okay to take with you with a letter from your doctor in your home country.

  • Sammy Girl

    Individually wrapped insect repellent wipes. You can just put a couple in your pocket when you go out for the day and they don’t count as a liquid when you go through the airport.

  • Kraig Chullot

    Great video guys. Enjoy the rest while you can. Have you considered an Amazon Affiliate link? This kind of video is perfect for it. All you travel kit could be on your link and you get a small kickback for each item sold. https://blog.hubspot.com/sales/amazon-affiliate

  • Sandra Jewitt

    I love my French Press stainless steel travel mug. It makes really good coffee. It keeps drinks hot or cold for hours.

  • Maureen Tremain

    Great video with good suggestions. Some of our favorite travel items are: little battery candles from Dollar Tree for bathroom night light, travel clothes line with built in elastic to hang up clothes – Lewis & Clark has nice one in a tiny mesh bag, Heat blanket that is thin and unfolds for emergencies- also used it to direct light for photography – get at any camping store or Walmart, a deck of cards – who doesn't know one or 2 card games, zippered pillowcase- use on the plane as a pillow by inserting my coat, shouldit scarf with zippered pockets- they have a website – stuff it with earbuds, meds, mints , lip gloss, wipes, that I need on a plane, motion sickness wrist band – good for planes, trains, auto and boats – I don't usually get motion si knead but I wear them anyways – especially on cruises. Look forward to more of your videos.

  • lowstringc

    Great tips! (and Allison is truly Stunning! I have a hard time focusing on Eric because I can’t take my eyes off her beautiful face. …. creepy compliment complete.)

  • Anita Vinagre

    Hi Allison. I use 100% cocoa powder as dry shampoo (organic when I find it) It's cheap and natural. I'm a brunette so it's works amazing for me. Before I discovered the cocoa powder I used to use corn starch, also cheap, but won't smell nice and lemony like the lush one 😉 to apply I use a makeup powder brush because sprinkling directly from a container seems to get everywhere! Thought this might be useful to you or someone else reading the comments!

  • wellifthemediasaysit

    Eric, Alisson, couple of questions i have never seen anyone else ask you:
    1. After you conquer South america, what next? Will you start over again, around the world?
    2. If you needed/wanted to, could you stop travelling, buy/rent a place, and start a family?

  • Shlibber Macshlibber

    Me, Checks base of cup
    Online converter
    12 ounces
    And I use those velcro ties, they are really useful

  • Shlibber Macshlibber

    Non redheads don't understand the trouble we have with our hair. Being a redhead makes haircare not exactly straight forward. Its wirery, it can dry out easily, it needs to be conditioned all the time but only Shampood 2 or 3 times a week, it gets oily very quickly, it can bleach with the wrong chemicals

  • Moira1309

    Interesting how everybody who long traveller carry the different items. We have a chromecast with us to watch netflix. But also my health kit is different.

  • Beth Troxell

    We bought pirate flux for Christmas and no one likes it, what are we missing?? Love your channel, you guys are so real.

  • Samantha Louis

    I totally agree with bringing bar soaps and bar shampoos. It's practical and it's environment friendly. Thank you for this video and your travel essentials totally makes sense. One thing I can suggest as my travel essential is bringing along a travel sheet (I use the Brave Era Silk travel sheet). It's pure silk and it protects me from bed bugs and dirty hotel sheets. We never know if the hotel sheets are clean or if they are even washed. It's a game changer and I love telling other travelers about this.

  • Mackenzie Wade

    surprised you didn't mention any voltage converters! Would love if you could recommend a good universal one

  • Ingri Da

    Allison, do a favour to your skin and get a microfiber make-up remover cloth instead of micellar water. You will only need water to remove any make-up, wash the cloth after use and reuse it again. That's the best thing ever 🙂

  • miss karen

    hi guys! i am a big fan of your channel! any suggestions for a portable hotspot device especially when traveling to the UK and Europe?

  • Organisedvicar

    Thanks guys, just purchased those cable ties. I'd been using velcro ones but not as long and without that little hole. These ones are perfect and so affordable!

  • Michelle Bowers

    Sanitizing wipes in little individual packages like the ones you get at restaurants sometimes. I bought a bunch on Amazon and take some on planes to wipe down the tray table and armrests, and I don’t get sick on vacation as much anymore.

  • Helena Angelina

    You should rinse the micellar water off if you can as it's a detergent which isn't great for skin…but I agree, if you have no access to water, it's great in a pinch. If you do have access to water, a microfibre cloth is incredible for removing make up and you can clean it immediately and quickly with some soap. Thanks for some great recs – I love the look of those laundry strips!

  • Nigel Marvin

    And also when on a plane, bring wet wipes to wash the television, arm rests, table, etc. because those aren’t that clean

  • Anastasia Bosakowski

    My biggest tip: Never go ANYWHERE without anti-diarrhea medicine. The last thing you want is to be stuck on a plane or a bus and find yourself in need of it. Also, you don't want to have to act out "I have diarrhea" in a pharmacy of a foreign country where you don't speak the language!

  • gareth isaac

    thermos flask instead of a cup , keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold ,

    UV purifier light pen , takes up a lot less space ,
    PacSafe travelsafe .
    Duct tape


    Buff Bandana doubles as neck protecter or dust mask .

  • blondre3000

    This is literally the worst most useless travel items list I’ve ever seen that I’d expect from someone who’s travelled like maybe twice in their life. Every single item is unnecessary, single use, and non compact literally weighing you down.

  • Mario Powierski

    Regarding the bamboo cups: new studies showed, that hot beverages like coffee tend to release chemicals from the compound that the bamboo is glued/sealed with. And in lots of those bamboo cups the chemicals used are toxic to the human, in certain cheap brands for example, the found formaldehyde based compounds. Therefor I would not use these for anything but cold drinks!

  • Luna Stella

    The spray sanitiser had the picture of a mosquito probably because if you apply rubbing alcohol on a fresh mosquito bites it can make them less itchy or prevents them from developing much (obviously different ppl different results)

  • sendingyoulovefrom

    Instead of the HDMI cable, try getting a Chromecast…cast whatever you want from your phone and it'll be like half the size and a quarter of the weight of that cord you've got..

  • Nilo Baranda

    5:10 No wonder she was able to hoist herself up like a gymnast on that swing in a cave in Mexico just using her arms . I really thought she wouldn't make it and she'd fall on the water.

  • november132

    It's interesting. I remember when i was younger they would give out clear bags at the airport for liquids. These days I can't think of a time where they actually asked to take liquids out of my carry on. You can even leave your phone in your bag. They only seem to care about laptops.

  • carolyn witmitz

    Heart burn, 1 tsp of Bi-carb soda in half a glass of room temp water , mix , skull whole . Taste like crap; works in seconds

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