Nusa Penida | Bali Travel Guide | TRAVEL VLOG #20.2 (English Subtitles)
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Nusa Penida | Bali Travel Guide | TRAVEL VLOG #20.2 (English Subtitles)

Good Morning Travelers! We visit Athu beach. It’s 28km away from the Nusa Penida. Today is our first day exploring the Nusa Penida. Chamri is here! We took a photo here. she’s putting it on Instagram. We’re on the wrong track. These roads are not so good. Wrong way! Google map has a car park location. That’s the right place for you to go. We didn’t have to capture the morning sunrise. It doesn’t come so well We’re heading to the beach. I got some drone shots from here in the morning. Let’s see! There are three places and beautiful places to take photos. So let’s go that way. Yeahhh we’re on a good road! omg that road before was very difficult. I was walking a long way. He’s on the bike. It’s hard to take this bike down that road. Don’t make mistakes. We will put it in the description. You have to go on the road we just showed. Diamond beach, Athu beach and other. Let’s go ahead! We came to see Diamond Beach. If you’re coming by bike or car, you can park at here. You can walk to the location. You can’t ride a bike over here. The holes are slippery. Really nice place. You should see this. Behind us is Athu Beach. And here’s the Diamond Beach. Wow!! We saw it on Instagram but actually saw it today. We think the image was edited. But it’s not. This is really blue. It’s so amazing! Let’s go down. Going down here you will find such difficult places. There’s no fence here. It’s broken. Just have to go carefully. Hidden behind the beautiful are terrifying things.. Very nice here. This blue colour. Kasun’s got a nice drone shots and videos. We’ll look at that! When you go downstairs, you have a little shop here. You can get water coconut from here. You’ve seen the swing of the bali. IDR 200000 A little more expensive so we didn’t go. So beautiful.. if you want you can try. There is also insurance if you fall. Be careful! We only went to Diamond Beach. If you’re going see two other places. The first place is the ‘parking number 01’ showed on the map. It’s called Tree House. They are charging IDR 70000 for take a photo there. And you’re only giving five minutes to get the photo. And there’s only a viewpoint in there! Then we came to Parking ‘Number 2. From there you can go to see Diamond Beach and Branch Beach If you stay here too long, Athu beach has a restaurants. And you can bath at the sea. Bathing in Diamond Beach is a bit risky. Hi!! This is the hotel we stay at. We stayed here also yesterday. I think Kasun showed up room in last night. You guys know, we went to see the sunrise in the morning. But that didn’t work out, on the diamond beach. So we’re ready to see Sunset at crystal bay Beach. Crystal Bay is a popular place for Sunset in Nusa Penida. We’re just trying to get there. Going by the bike. I am waiting for kasun and so came out a little. Ok. Give me the tripod. We’re going to crystal bay. How do you tie that mask? Took two masks. There’s a lot of dust here. These are the ones most people use here. or more likely to get sick. We’re Crystal Beach. here it is! here it is! There is a temple on the island up here. But we’re not going there! We were gonna go that way. we’re hoping to get a very nice photo of Sunset Time. Sunset has a little more time. Because it’s still 5pm here. Today is our last day in Nusa Panida. So we are looking for a beautiful sunset today. The crowd is a bit more on this beach. Looks like a lot of people came to see Sunset. Sunset is over. There’s a beautiful sunset. But we couldn’t get a nice photo. Because a lot of people came here to take photo. There was a wedding couple. Hope we can make that photo. If we make that photo, I’ll definitely put it. There is nobody to bother us on this beach. And there is no any charges. We have never charged anything from any beach we went to before. Here the sun is setting near this island. Very beautiful.. It is more beautiful than what the eyes can see. We try our best to show that beauty through our videos.. We’re going back to hotel again! We are going to meet our friend Shenelle tonight! We’re going to see Broken Beach tomorrow morning. There are two more places. We’ll tell you how to get there! Then we’re going. bye! Shanela and Shehan were coming to Bali to do a travel Vlog. So we met them in Nusa Penida. Go to the dinner and we planned on the places we explore tomorrow morning. Today is our second day in Nusa Penida. We’re going to see kelingking today. really excited to go there. I saw a lot of photos there. Very beautiful! See kelingking the first reason to come to the Nusa Penida. Leaving early morning. It was 4.30am now. Then go see the sunrise. The road is a little broken. Go hard. So we left early in the morning. Then we meet again there! We came to see kelingking. This side you can see the sun rising. Very nice. Only the two of us are here. Shenelle is coming! Here is the view! We’re trying to go down. Let’s wait a while and get the drone shot after sunrise. The Wind is a bit too much.. Let’s give it a try.. Still cold. That’s why we’re pulling jackets. If you’re coming to the kelingking beach, the road will not be difficult to find. Locations on Google Maps are just right. It’s not far from the parking area and the viewpoint. But if you’re going down, it will be take 45 minutes. And if you’re getting down to the beach it’s little bit hard. Because the stairs are not in good condition. If you go down, be careful! Next we’re going to see the Broken Beach! The road to Broken Beach is a bit difficult. There are holes. We went on the same road the previous evening. We’ve seen Broken Beach. But just want to show you guys to this. that’s why we are going again. Since we went in the early morning, the kelingking beach was freely photographed. By daytime, the sun is shining and most crowded. Let’s go to Broken Beach. Maybe there are crowded now. It’s like 8am now. Let’s go and see. Ok let’s go to the broken beach. Broken Beach… The view from Broken Beach is where we first arrived. But we came to other side to fly the drone. Let’s get some nice drone shots. No one’s here this time. It would be nice if you could stay two days in this island. Because most people coming in the morning and go back to the another ferry in the afternoon. Then you can go places. But we’re unable to spend some quality time in there and you missed takes beautiful photos because of the crowded. Just upload a nice photo and check it out on Instagram. The work is over here. We’re leaving from Nusa Pineda today. Go to the hotel and check out then go on a ferry. We’ll tell you the details later. Also joining with us today is Shenelle and Shehan. subscribe them on youtube
Shenelle Rodrigo We’re going from Nusa Panida. That’s where we bought the ticket. This is where the port is. Very tired. I went back to give the bike I rented. The last minute we came to the ferry. The only ticket we had was two. Now we’re going to Sanur and see if there have any bus to Bromo. We checked online and we have to book the ticket 24 hours in advance. We haven’t booked before. So if there is no bus now, tomorrow morning we’re going to bromo by bus. We’re at the Sanur port now. Our Nusa Panida Tour is over. But there will be more videos ahead. We’re gonna end this video from Nusa Penida. We’ll give you some tips if you’re hoping to visit Nusa Penida. Book a hotel before you arrive. Because If we come and book a hotel, our time is wasted. If possible, book a ferry before heading to Nusa Penida. We’ll put the site in the description. You can book it. If you book early, the price is less. From Sanur to Nusa Penida ticket price IDR 200,000 for one person. But when we return, the ticket price will be IDR 150000 per person. Sometimes the tickets are cheaper and more expensive. There is a lot of boat service here. You can check the price difference by checking the web site we mentioned before. There’s a lot of taxi service when you leave Nusa penida. Most people talk in taxis. Don’t go into them. Prices are a lot higher. The best thing is to get out of the port and find a taxi and go to the hotel. Leave the baggage at the hotel and find a bike. Then you can find the bike in cheapest price. In the morning go to every location you hope to visit. Most tourist nusa penida come for day tours, and the crowd grows by 9-10 in the morning. 6-9am is the best time. Give it a try for stay at least 3 days in Nusa Panida. There are plenty of places to visit. The prices of food are cheaper and taste better. One person can eat well like IDR50000. We both spend a less on food. We are sharing one meal and eat. Got two meals now because we’re hungry. The best thing is to not eat too much. Because it is very difficult to travel. We got best Experience in Nusa Pineda! We hope this video will be important for you if you’re coming to nusa penida. There are more places to visit nusa penida. It took us a long time to make the video, so we couldn’t visit all the places. We’re going to end our video here. If you’re watching this video in first time, don’t forget to subscribe our channel and click the bell button. Follow us on Instagram! Wherever we traveled, still the best location is Sri Lanka. If you’re a tourist, definitely come to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is one of the best travel destination in world. We have now taken a bus from Denpasa and going to Bromo. We’ll tell you about that in the next video. how to go bromo tour, and how is the prices. Catch you on our next video. See you!


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