New Zealand to Bali Travel VLOG | 13 Hour Trip
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New Zealand to Bali Travel VLOG | 13 Hour Trip

Good morning guys. Today is March 12th, and I’m currently at the Auckland Airport So we are flying from Auckland to Melbourne and there’s three hour layover and from Melbourne, we’re gonna fly into Bali So today is gonna be a travel day vlog. I’m excited because I finally get to use my lounge pass again It’s been a few months our well, it’s been nine months now since we’ve been here in New Zealand, so haven’t flown anywhere I’m very very excited because Airport still excites me. It feels like I’m going somewhere new. Yeah, I’m gonna take you guys along on today’s adventure Okay, so we got to Auckland Airport at 9:30 and It is now about 10 10:18 so it took us an hour because I forgot that you need a proof of onward ticket when you go into Bali – like its a requirement when you check in with the counter of your airline, I Knew that the first time I went but this time I completely forgot I had this feeling in the back of my head, but I just didn’t think of it. So in any case We tried to check in and get our boarding pass with one of the automatic machines But it was like you require a customer service agent blah blah So now I was like, oh my god. I think I know what it is So we’d go up to the counter and that’s what it was Anyway, so I’m panicking a little bit because we have like less than two hours time to get on board of the flight So I’m thinking in my head like okay, how can I get Tickets right now. Like what do I know? What are the tricks up my sleeves? So anyway, eventually we did figure it out and if you guys are curious, Let me know in the comments below. now we’re all good to go We still have about like an hour almost two hours left I Always feel like such a hot mess when I’m going through airports. I’m like Dressed for comfort I Look, like I’m homeless which technically I am So the Strata lounge in the Auckland airport was really nice and empty So that was great and there was a variety of breakfast options like beans omelets noodles and different salads and cheese It’s just my first plate starting off small Some some olives some pasta some noodles and an orange juice Okay, so I’m back for round two there’s salad a sausage chunk of cheese and a random dollop of Pesto because I haven’t had pesto in nine months And I like pesto I forgot to request a windows seat I’ll remember next time. So yea see you guys in Melbourne So we made it to Melbourne, the first flight is finished and That was not bad at all. I couldn’t even finish two movies, even though we’re not leaving the airport. It’s our first time in Australia You can kind of say you’ve been to Australia so Hopefully, there’s the lounge somewhere in this terminal we have like three hours until the next flight So now that we’re all settled in. I have been to Bali once before back in November of 2017 and I had a wonderful time. I loved all the places I saw. I even made a video guide of it I really fell in love with the food, with the people and just with the energy and if you have any recommendations Feel free to let me know in the comments below. That would be great This is going to help me survive the six-hour flight coming up There we go Finally in the last flight of the day we’re headed to Denpasar. This is a smaller plane and luckily, I got a window seat so we finally made it and despite me earlier thinking oh like four hour and six hours flight with a three-hour layover, it’s not so bad It’s a bit tiring. So But we’re here I can feel the humidity in the air adventure starts tomorrow and Please hit the like button if you enjoyed this video and want to see more I like it And if it’s your first time feel free to hit the subscribe button if you’d like


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