My Parents Are Rich But Left Me Without Money

Hello, guys! I’m Justin, and I recently bought a new
cell phone. Nothing unusual, you might think, but for
me this purchase is very special and here is why. Around a year ago my dad was promoted at work
and we had to move to another city. Our new family income brought a new social
status for all of us and our parents decided that the first thing to do was to get me into
a new and better school. Together we chose the one, which definitely
corresponded to their plans for my further education. It was a boarding school for boys, mostly
from wealthy families, but I was ok with that. Meeting new friends didn’t actually bother
me. It was interesting to hang out with my classmates,
and since we all wore the same uniform, it didn’t seem that we were much different from
each other. Except for one thing – practically all of
them had a bunch of interesting stories about places they’d already visited and tons of
photos of their lives stored on their latest iPhones. Whereas I had never been outside of my hometown
before I came here and my phone was about 3 years old. Did I envy them, you might wonder. Oh yes, you bet! I’d figured out the perfect solution to
my problem by asking parents buy me a new phone. I thought if I could just explain to them
how important it was for me to have something like the iPhone X, to be more like my classmates,
that they’d meet me halfway, especially taking into account my dad’s higher salary. So, when I came home for the holidays, I kindly
hinted that it would be perfect for them to give me something nice and fancy, since I
had done pretty well with my studies. Despite the fact that they had a higher income
and that I had been on my best behavior, they refused. They said that the gadget I was asking for
was too expensive to just go get for no actual reason, especially since my old phone still
worked perfectly. I tried to persuade them at first, but they
wouldn’t budge. I was disappointed and mad at my parents,
and I kept thinking the situation over while looking through my friends’ photos on Facebook
later that night. Suddenly I came across one of them that showed
my classmate Richard with a miserable look on his face, holding a broken laptop in his
hands. “I guess somebody’s now in big trouble…”
the caption said. Suddenly I had an idea – what if my phone
was really broken? My parents wouldn’t let their only son be
without any source of connection. In order to not arouse any suspicions, I waited
a while and about a week after the talk about the iPhone X, I purposefully put my dependable
“5S” under water. Oh, you should have seen how emotional I was
as I told the story to my parents about how everything happened! I thought I did great, almost like a real
actor. But my dad, apparently, turned out to be an
even the better actor. He said that he felt really sorry for my loss,
but that he still wasn’t going to give me any money to buy a new phone. Maybe he’d guessed that I had lied. I was upset that my cunning plan didn’t
work out and my hope for a new phone had sunk, along with my old one. I was devastated. Now I didn’t have a new cell phone, or my
old phone anymore. And then, I felt like an even a bigger loser
than I was when my mom kindly lent me her phone, which was not only pink, but was so
ancient that it didn’t even support an internet connection. And it had actual buttons, instead of a touch
screen. I understood how stupid I was for destroying
my phone on purpose and decided to confess. Dad said that what I did was really stupid. However, the fact that I admitted it gave
me an easy win. He promised to help and told me about a 3-week
job offer at his office. The only thing I needed to do there was to
catalog an archive. And I’d be generously paid for that. The thought of having extra money and my approaching
ability to finally buy my own iPhone X inspired me for the whole three weeks of work. It was not hard at all. It was boring, but I handled it and received
my… 300 bucks!? This was considered being “generously” paid? I couldn’t believe this, I felt betrayed. It made me furious at my parents again. But this time they also got mad. Mom said that I was no longer a little boy
but almost a grown-up man and that it was time for me to be responsible for my own actions. And dad told me that whoever judges people
by their cell phones can neither be a good person, nor a friend. In addition to this, my parents cut off my
allowance. So, this time I really had to figure out my
financial problems on my own. I remembered how one guy at school once told
me that there was some sort of announcement page in our school’s intranet, where sometimes
part-time job offers are uploaded and I thought that maybe I could find something suitable
for me on there. So, that’s what I did. I surfed the intranet for anything that could
bring me money and in a couple of days I found a vacancy for a librarian’s assistant. It’s needless to say that once I got this
job I still didn’t have enough money for my phone, and on top of that I didn’t have enough
time to hang out with my school friends. They tried to mock me a couple of times, saying
they were really sorry that I had to go earn my money in such a harsh way, but they finally
got bored with me having no reaction at all to their words and just left me alone. Actually, after a couple of months I managed
to save up enough money to buy a new phone, and my friends began taking me seriously. They said that I was the only person they
knew who had such a strong desire to go after, and get, what they wanted and didn’t get
everything from their parents but reached their goals on their own. Of course, I didn’t buy the latest and most
expensive iPhone, even though I had earned enough money. Now I really appreciated my money and decided
that a “6S” model would be more than enough. And you know what? I felt really proud of myself for being that
independent. And my parents also said they were proud of
me. They’ve even increased my allowance again,
but I’ve decided that I’m going to put that in savings, because I’ve been seriously
thinking about getting myself a nice car. Now I am totally sure that buying something
with your own money is much cooler and pleasant than any brand-new, sparkling piece of technology
that your parents buy you. Press the “Like” button if you agree with
me, and tell us in the comments whether you’ve happened to make at least 10 bucks by yourself?

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