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good lighting all right we’re at the
Sydney Airport we’re just gonna depart or for Dubai hello boys
we got here pretty early it’s nearly 4:00 and and the immigration door doesn’t
open until 4:00 a.m. that’s a Sydney rule like if you ever come to see me
just know that you have to wait yeah you just know that you have to wait until
4:00 a.m. to you know for the immigration stuff okay it’s finally 4:00
a.m. and now we’re gonna get inside at the immigration check the security and
everything and we’ll be good to go okay so we just got done with the security and now
we’re just gonna have something before we take off okay half of the time I
don’t even know what I’m doing but I believe that youse gonna enjoy yes? Ali Jee: we got an hour! Ali Shanawar: yeah i know okay the good thing about the Sydney
Airport is halal Maccas “McDonald’s” see that I don’t know what I’m gonna have but
let’s see ok so I’m just waiting for my order, just asked ali jee to get me chicken and cheese i like my chicken and cheese with just Patty, bun and ketchup the tomato sauce so yeah I swear I feel so weird vlogging in
front of everyone like everyone just look at you and just like what’s going on
why are you having a camera in front of you know what i mean but who cares okay the food has arrived to be honest nothing beats McDonald’s it’s boarding time finally Morning!, Thanks i’m so tired right now that as soon as i get the seat i’ll pass out Brother Danish (Brother in law) window seat is mine!, No No No !! we are together! Thanks! appreciate it we are inside!! 77K (seat number) I told you window, i told you i’m going to take window seat! i’ve been up all day let me talk to mum Hello mother, Salam Salam, i’m well, how are you? you’re still awake?, okay we will contact you when we get to Dubai Okay, love you Bye just another thing if you’re traveling with your friends and family and you don’t fight over seats
then I don’t know i’m not leaving this window seat Don’t worry ill find another one, whole plane is empty, No problem! good thing happened the air hostess
came and said that you guys can take the empty seats because there are literally no
people in the plane so good thing to okay guys this problem has to fix, i kept looking at the screen and not the lens i have to look at the lens so i feel like i’m talking to you guys and you guys feel
like I’m talking to you there’s an eye contact so I gotta work on that so
don’t help will get better I get the good thing is the whole seat is for
myself now empty empty perfect
so i bought this special cameras just for vloggin s my phone is not occupied
because obviously I want to use my phone for other purposes less than an hour to go that was a long flight but the good thing is i was sleeping the whole flight okay so it’s morning here we’re about to land so we arrived and ready to go good sleep? yea! so guys we are in Dubai airport, we just got done with the security and everything and now we’re going to the gate
it’s C9, C9 for Karachi we’re at the boarding gate for Karachi
our boarding is in about 10 minutes so not too long okay so we’re on board for Karachi
we’re only in Karachi for few hours and not to mention is very hot in Dubai
it’s like 40 degrees i’m just assuming what it would be in Najaf it’s usually hotter there, i’ve heard okay so i’m in Karachi for few hours and i’ve planned i’ll eat sweets, biryani i’ll eat pizza, there are lots of things that i want to eat I’m very excited as our flight for Najaf is in few hours so we have to rush i thought i would let you know flight from Sydney to Dubai didn’t have good meals I didn’t like it they didn’t have chicken they had weird food, i didn’t like it usually when i take flight from Dubai to Karachi they always
have biryani, desi food like normal, i like desi, bread, rice and lentils you know Danish bhai, where are we? We are in Karachi, Pakistan International airport.


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