[Mukbang Vlog] The Best travel Korea Mudfish Spicy Fried 청도 미꾸라지(추어&잡어탕) 泥鳅 canh cá chạch ikan loach
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[Mukbang Vlog] The Best travel Korea Mudfish Spicy Fried 청도 미꾸라지(추어&잡어탕) 泥鳅 canh cá chạch ikan loach

Hello, I’m So Young! I finally got to Cheongdo! There are many delicious foods in Cheongdo, There are a lot of things to see, too! I’ll have fun today! Please be looking forward for it! Today, we are going to try Cheongdo’s famous Jap-tang! There are a lot of jap-bang restaurants in the neighborhood. a jap, japchat I’m good at fish, aren’t I? I’ll make it myself and eat it today. 45 years of tradition! Let’s get some fresh water! I’ll put the cabbage in! Here’s how we’re ready! It’s my first time eating outside. First of all, I’m the one who participated in the cooking. Jap-tang Fried loach on the side This is Pirami Jorim. It’s my first time seeing a bird’s-eye view. It’s my first time to eat japgyo soup. Subscribe and good. Please press! Enjoy your meal! I’m most curious about the jars. I’ll taste it before I eat, and then I’ll season it. I don’t think you need to have a liver. It’s hot. I’ll put some garlic in. Garlic I like the spicy taste, so I’ll add pepper. It’s better to put in a little soy sauce. It’s delicious. fried loach But I think there are other fish that are not loach. It looks a little different. Soy sauce sauce This time, I’m going to try some cooking. The shape of the fish is still there. It’s really delicious. I tried jap-tang, loach-fried pork, and turkey today. I’ve never seen it. I’ve never eaten it. It was very special. Flame-cooked food tastes salty. Fried loach is a crispy texture. Jjap-tang was even more delicious, whether I made it myself! I had a great meal today, too! Subscriptions are good! Please press it~!


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