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My boys, my boys, my boys! Ah good day everyone and welcome to todays video where guess what guess where I’m going today, oh this doesn’t open all the way I am seeing harry potter and the cursed damn child YES I can’t freaking wait uh we just waited in this long freaking line to get our tickets but now we finally have them so we can head on in im so exited um were seeing both parts toady which is going to be absolutely insane because there- its basically an entire day of seeing this because there’s part one and part two um …… mr. are you exited? [Daniel] I’m very exited and tired [Joey] Got the chai lattes, oh delicious. Ok well lets head in! oh wow, we’re so close to the stage! Look at how pretty it is here. I am very, very excited. Oh it’s very dark. I’m not in focus, but- Um, I’m not going to film anything during the show, obviously. Because I don’t even think I am aloud to. Oops Um. [Daniel] And its rude. [Joey] And it’s RUDE! But there’s a bunch of intermissions so I’ll be catching up with you guys during those. So, ya. Right! So we are halfway done with the show and we have like a couple hour intermission. So we decide to head and get some lunch. Um. So we found this really cute place that we have been to before. I got, a nice little veggie-burger. A green smoothie Uhh. And you got the same thing Mister. [Daniel] You sure did. [Joey] Are you enjoying the show? [Daniel] Mhm. He was a little confused at first. [Daniel] A little confused. [Joey] But now your into it. [Daniel] Now I’m into it. [Joey] Ok good. Um. I frickin love it guys, its so insane. It’s so cool. Um. I highly recommend it, the like effects of the show. There is some crazy shadows on my face. Uuum. It’s like the best theater, show I’ve ever seen in my life. Where is the good lighting. I don’t know. Um. But we’re gonna head back, so I will probably see you next after the show! [British Joey] Alright, so we have a little bit of time before we have to go into the show. So we’re stopping at this, candy shop Look at all these giant candies! [Normal Joey Voice] Oh hello, kitty. Oh my, oh my. This is a big ol’ shop. Wow! This is a lot a’ candy This is a lot a’ candy all right! My camera’s going crazy cause of the lighting. Wow! [Surprised] Oh. My. Gosh! [Surprised] Well, it is now the following day. And sadly. We are at the airport because we are headed home. Aren’t we mister. [Daniel] Yep. [Joey] Ya. Um So we watched the second half of the play which was Not as good as the first half but it was still really good. I feel like the actor who was playing harry was shouting every single one of his lines which I don’t know it made me hate harry in the future. Um.


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