More than half who fight $300 school bus stop-arm tickets are winning
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More than half who fight $300 school bus stop-arm tickets are winning


  • databang

    Umm… maybe you should look at this from a safety point of view, instead of dollars penalized against the poor judgment of drivers, analyze it for the reduction in fatalities. Sure, there are some situations that are excusable, but I don’t know why you would do “investigative reporting” that excuses people driving inexcusably dangerous around school buses. $300 seems like a good deterrent to remind drivers of safety first around the children and something to support rather than fight—you did vote for it!

  • Arkboi21

    Le Idiotic Person: * 1) Sees a school bus approaching with their amber lights blinking, indicating that it is about to stop to allow passengers on/off, 2) See's the bright amber lights turn to bright flashing red lights, 3) See's a literally STOP sign pop out from the side of the bus, 4) Sees other vehicles nearby stop, 5) See's and hears children begin walking towards the bus/walking off the bus, 6) Sees the bus driver motioning other drivers to stop and hears the bus driver honk the horn *

    Also, le Idiotic Person who's completely oblivious: "WTH is going on here!?!? Why is everyone stopping!? What's with this big yellow bus flashing some sort of damn bright red light!? Ugh! I'm running late dangit! I really can't be bothered to wait an extra 2-5 minutes. Screw it, I'm going to completely forget about and disregard any and all traffic laws that I used to know."

    Le Idiotic Person: * Procedes to break the law and passes a stopped school bus while accidentally running over a child *

    Le Idiotic Person: * Gets a ticket for breaking the law * * Surprised Pikachu Face *

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