Mavic Mini First Outdoor Flight (Malay Language/English Subtitle)
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Mavic Mini First Outdoor Flight (Malay Language/English Subtitle)

Hey what’s up guys Today I have the mavic mini with me I’m going to try its first outdoor flight I’m currently in Cyberjaya I wanted to test out this little guy Like its quality and to see if it can stand to the professional model stay tuned guys The weather doesn’t look very great today But I have to do it now because it’s going to rain in the evening You don’t need to bring the hub We unfold the front leg first Supposedly I turn on the remote first There should be lights blinking Yellow light when it’s getting ready It will turn green once it’s ready When the blinking light is gone, it means it’s okay to go For photo they included a manual mode but not for video I’m going to try out the video today We’re shooting in 2.7k (Export in 1080p) I’m going to set it up fist Alright, good job little guy I’ve just got back from flying the mavic mini outdoor I’m quite impressed with the quality for this drone size I can’t wait to the a full review video Thanks for watching !


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