Maersk Spot Booking
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Maersk Spot Booking

Hi, and welcome to this short introduction
to Maersk Spot booking, we will show you how to easily book to get
your cargo moving with a loading guarantee and a fixed price up front. First go to and make
sure you are logged in From the top menu choose Quote and click on Find a Price Choose Ocean Prices or Maersk Spot Enter your booking information the route details commodity container type and size and the expected departure date then click on Search You will now see a summary of your request and a choice of departure dates
with corresponding rates You’ll see a Maersk Spot rate when available for your choice of route and commodity Choose your preferred departure date
for you booking Click Show Details and you’ll get a
complete price break down also, you can click to see the
relevant DnD if a Maersk Spot rate is not available
for your search criteria we will show your contract rate
– if you have a contract with us – or a market rate to best
accommodate your needs and then click Book if you’re happy
with the price and departure date now review your booking details add any additional details if needed and click on Continue here you’ll see a booking summary
of your request and schedule details now if everything is as you want it to be review and accept the terms and conditions
and submit your booking finally, you’ll see your booking acknowledgement here you go! Your Maersk Spot booking is completed and soon your cargo is ready to get moving


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