Lottery Ticket – Movie Review
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Lottery Ticket – Movie Review

all right we’ll move on to uh… lottery
ticket from executive producer of ice cube in the directed by a guest of the
director farah quite um… the christy aleph living in the projects just got written
by school works at foot locker leads kinda bleak he goes to the day that one day to buy
his grandma thereby limited divine a lottery ticket while he’s there he buys
and sells one what do you know he wins three hundred seventy million dollars
his life might change hemorrhagic cemented uh… probably wonder why my scout
lately is you know at their about third wife
pics disabilities in actually there’s
millions palace justin ordinary gas cable systems
around here i was just wanted to leave has posted a number not guilty paid those numbers should receivers profound above the both of us as you
know we as a limousine financiers forty-two party buried or
injury camarena people below average week-long br all right home nobody young blacks already here you go down the internet fifteen
floats clones of what would you like unreal he’s with was no positive looking around by data lottery tickets out about well formerly allowed lil number he’ll take that i don’t think so much
eaten up by some as a graduate semester b not from that is uh… com jr governors had o so i i
thought he was uh… actually prince charming not yeah he’s one of the better lookin jackie all the cr lab you note there’s there’s a lot of
good actors in this balance find my caps whose always great watch ice cube makes
the parents you’ve gotta find cast ab keith david was always awesome who are at least is always great to see this is the second movie in a week for
two weeks for who we also softening expendable undoubtedly by heroes southeast asia is
a state cherry creek yet on my friend uh… terry terry clear those up
understand you are as you pointed out in europe your roommate you get this great
cast and you know what’s post me could be that’s
really great comedy and it’s just staggeringly not that funny i know for a while that it’s got a
couple of days here and there it spits kind of amusing but they were i’ve never
felt like it was really crossing the line in the whole a ready
its amusing edit something worth trying to watching than sitting through i sat through worst movies history but
absolutely but you know at this point this should and i felt a lot sharper it’s at like thinking about hong long
sequence where where kevin ballard characters trying to get
to work is little footlocker uniform on his best friend played by bringing teed
t jackson intruder gets charming through all the best line he was al pacino in
are under his very funny he’s trying to work everyone stopping him if they want
to das epitomizes chatham up late good crazy guy in the basement was to give
money for beef turkey a cherry coke like if this whole cud monied lucifer
shandling vibe to it and that are some numbers here that the
mike that scene in the trickery straddling get money for the new church
and uh… moments here and there and i get super
sappy x super send mailings really heavy-handed misconduct by uh… i
thought it was uh… really uh… sort of to totally inconsistent started sort of funny and i thought the
beginning actually what i was wolfe’s first worried about what was going to be
because they were like twenty five minutes into it i was the one when do
they get the lottery night and i dont ras go to the store depicted but that but that ended up i think being
that i agree with you being sort of the best part was the funniest part actually
sort of have a uh… at a story that you were interested setup you got a real understanding of what is
life was like this and then that we can add some character wasn’t
uh… it like that that life was not so cliche that was when i get a fair trial
right now though there were interesting people rather charlie murphy are all so but all my guess is seen was great i
felt sort of mike that was really funny and uh… you mentioned uh… just a
moment as we were starting a run of the clip they’re keeping n_r_a_ he only had
a deadline to get the activity was great distressed me around it’s but it went from you know that
comedy and then did got crackpot for painfully an
awkward lee dramatic and then it would have these flashes of
violence andes chase scenes and it seems by inconsistent which i don’t mind if
it’s done well you can change direction that i i
don’t think it was done uh… all that well although i thought it was for a car well and you know one of the things that bothered
me about this movie and you know i will probably and this is probably huge
mistake you know talk about this a little bit politically where’s the
barber shop movies which are great which i think ur funny a good movies have a
decent message about you know somebody standing up for self-serving and you
know there’s some important messages there abouts black business ownership at this one
starts to kinda mentioned some messages that they’ve been completely events you
know this dallas character is you know as opposed to everybody else
seemingly in his neighborhood is trying to go off to work he’s trying to work
and be responsible you know one point as everyone’s
flipping out about the lottery he makes this point about say not to play the
lottery you know how i feel tickets latifa laporan before and then he wins
the lottery so like it’s almost like this would not be damn figures which he
said i was a very human decision to play it like you know like you know i i think
it does but are it up to thirty million opt for the dollar again being hypocrite
but a few minutes yeah i guess i just don’t feel like that
speed of the white house that line of attack but i think you know they have to get back yeah i decide to have said there’s a
massive destruct the more you know deluded are but you know i thought it was pasted
okay and except for the minute again enough inconsistent but uh… i think it would better and i thought it
was going to be of facial all i’ll say that and they were moments where i left
matt will start again a few i’ll start and arun you know not really that it’s over uniform for five so not quite as good at math which you
know i must say i was a little i guess my expectations for this one
were a little bit higher and that’s was part of the problem is
that this one the switch manages to rise above what is
eight god-awful preps advantages in my opinion
to actually e watchable so where is this one i’ve
felt like has a good progress in this could be really funny and just
completely booked i feel like this which drains not bad press you know and open it rises with that
premise was ridiculous i think it failed to meet an okay press chris five ’cause it’s and i thought was going to
be enough individual little performances in moments and nuggets that i didn’t
read it barbera thought i was going to be enough
individual but it’s a performance it was better but honestly like interact with their possibly agree
with your best blurred to india that i a mail solicitation they also
were truly yours is going to be for this which is going to be could learn a lot
of uh… mccay and also i gave it a five it could be if you want to see this
uh… you want to see this movie going to go grin recommended but i don’t really not
recommended but still has hot this weekend arab the future yeah so they couple of fives and one oh four point
five but the overall rating provider ticket just under average at four point


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